Review: Dior Rouge Liquid

Dior finally joined the other long list of brands that came out with liquid lipsticks, so now we have the Dior Rouge Liquid (RM125). There are 3 different finishes – matte, satin and metal. This formula promises to be comfortable on your lips, lightweight, pigmented and also long wearing. There are 4 It shades in this line up and they are 162 Miss Satin (pinky coral), 614 Jungle Matte (light brown), 979 Poison Metal (red plum) and the classic 999 Matte (red). Dior very generously sent me these 4 shades, and 2 more to try so I’m here to tell you what I think about these Dior Rouge Liquid.


Rouge Dior Liquid review and swatches


The other 2 shades that I have are 585 Shock Matte (magenta) and 895 Fab Satin (reddish black). The packaging of these liquid lipsticks is gorgeous. You can tell the colours of the lipstick by just looking at the tube, it is classy and elegant, and the applicator has a little well in the middle that deposits just the right amount of product on your lips without having to re-dip.



Thoughts on the formula

Out of the 6 shades I was sent, 3 are matte, 2 are satin and 1 is metal. The mattes are very pigmented and they are as comfortable as mattes can be. I am not comparing it to creamy lipsticks because that is not fair. I am comparing it to the other matte liquid lipsticks that I own. Compared to the ever famous Kat Von D, this is like butter on your lips. The KvD lip tattoos sucked my lips dry and made them look drier than the Sahara desert. These mattes do not emphasise my lip lines but they do feel a little drying after 2 hours of wear. Satin on the other hand, is much more comfortable. It is also less pigmented. For this particular formula, I need to apply a first layer, let it set for a few seconds, then apply another layer for a more opaque finish. Even that, I do not get the intensity of the matte or metal finishes. I only have 1 metal to play with, in the shade Poison Metal, the vampy one that you see Natalie Portman wear in the advertisements. It is the most comfortable to wear, very pigmented, and the metallic finish is surprisingly very wearable, even for a 39-year-old.

As for the 12-hour long wearing claim, I can’t prove it, nor can I debunk it. That’s because I never wear my lipsticks that long without reapplying. The mattes will be too drying for me to leave on, and I always wipe off my lipstick after each meal. So the longest I ever wear my lipstick, any lipstick at all, is for about 4 hours. These Dior Rouge Liquid do transfer and your straw or cup or glass will have your lipstick on it. They also leave a strong stain on your lips so after you wipe away the lipstick, you can just leave it as is. I like to wear 999 then wipe it off after a meal and just add a lip balm on top. I’d still have red stained lips after.

Anyway, here are the swatches.


Rouge Dior Liquid review and swatches


As you can see, Fab and Miss look sheerer compared to the rest. Poison does not look metallic at all in the swatch above, but there is a shift in the finish.

Thoughts on the Colours and Wear

Here is how they look on me. I have minimal eye makeup, just a sheer wash of shimmer on my lids and eye liner. On my cheeks is a pink blush.


Rouge Dior Liquid review and swatches


Jungle Matte is a light brown which is a good beige nude. I need to apply more blush for extra colour on my face, and it’ll work better with a stronger eye. If you like brown lipsticks, this is a wearable one. If you’re a fan of Kylie Jenner style makeup, but too pale for a strong brown, then this colour is right up your alley. Miss Satin is a pinky coral that is much lighter than my natural lip colour. It also has a white base, and for some reason, it sits in my lip lines making my lips look flaky and dry, which it isn’t. I have to use my finger to smoothen the texture, and even that didn’t help much. This It shade is not for me. It is too pale for me and the white base clashes with my skin tone. I think this colour will look great on someone with cool and pale skin tone.


Rouge Dior Liquid review and swatches


Dior’s 999 is a classic warm red. This shade is my favourite of the lot and I also have this shade in their Dior Rouge and Double Rouge. How many red lipsticks can one have, eh? If I were to recommend a Dior red to you, it would be 999. Shock Matte is described as magenta, but in real life, it is more bright fuchsia on me. I don’t wear shades like this often. The matte finish makes this shade even bolder. Bright shades like these always photograph better than others. They brighten the complexion and just look happier generally. I guess that’s true in real life too?


Rouge Dior Liquid review and swatches


Now on to the ‘not so wearable’ shades. Fab Satin is a reddish black and it drains me like no other. This is the trickiest shade to apply because it goes on patchy and sheer. I have the same problem with Miss Satin, but Miss Satin is more forgiving because it is light. When Fab Satin wedges itself in my lip lines and looks patchy all over, it is very noticeable. I wonder if this is the same with the other satin shades. Poison Metal is dark and sexy and vampy. I’d say it is wearable with the right outfit on. It also depends on where you’re going because I personally won’t wear it going grocery shopping. As you can see above, the metal finish is noticeable, but not over the top. There is enough red in the colour that it doesn’t take all life away from your face. It is a gorgeous colour, just not your every day shade. Natalie Portman looks great wearing it, but there are not many Natalie Portmans in this world. Then again, I wish I had a glamourous event to go to so I could wear some false lashes and this Poison Metal.


Rouge Dior Liquid review and swatches


When I first tried these, I didn’t like them. I think the 2 Satin shades put me off. They went on sheer and patchy. The mattes are comfortable but they are drying after a while. The metal finish is the most interesting, and quite beautiful even though not as wearable. There are many shades to choose from, and I’d advise you to go to the counter to try on a shade that speaks to you. If you choose matte, do apply and leave it on for a few hours before deciding whether or not to buy. Also, if you’ve always preferred your lipsticks to be creamy and comfortable, just skip these and look at Rouge Dior instead. Those will make you happier 🙂

Have you tried these Dior Rouge Liquid? Do you have any favourite liquid lipsticks?


xoxo Lily