Review and Swatches: Chanel Holiday Collection 2017

I have to say for the past few years, I am most attracted to Chanel Holiday Collections. I had to get my friends to hunt down the limited edition collection for me, because sadly, there is no Chanel counter where I live. This year, Chanel offers us a lot of red. Red lipsticks – which in my opinion, are the stars of this collection. I used to pay more attention to their eye shadow palettes, but this year, the red lips take the show.


Review and swatches of Chanel Holiday Makeup Collection 2017


Let’s save the Chanel Holiday lipsticks for later, and talk about the eye offerings for a while. We have the Trait De Caractere eye shadow palette (RM225), the Ombre Premiere cream eye shadow in Silver Screen 822 (RM140) and the Stylo Yeux Waterproof in Legendary Green 857 (RM100). I raved about the eye liners before, and this is no different. It is creamy and pigmented, doesn’t drag my eyes, and it stays put.


Review and swatches of Chanel Holiday Makeup Collection 2017


The eye shadow palette however, is not as I expected. The jewel toned palette is gorgeous to look at, and I fully expected it to be creamy and pigmented. However, the palette as a whole is quite sheer. The lighter shades are a bit too close in colour. One is a pinky shimmer while the other a light gold shimmer. As you can see in the swatches below, you can barely tell them apart on my skin colour. There is a deep eggplant, a dark greyish brown and an emerald. The 2 darker colours in the middle of the palette perform better on the eye lids, when applied with a brush. You’ll need to use an eye primer, or a cream eye shadow as a base for these colours to stay better too. I had high hopes for the emerald, but it is sheer. Actually, I don’t mind a sheer eye shadow, but this one disappears when you blend it out. So what I need to do after blending, is actually to use my finger to pat it on again, to add some colour back. I love the colour story that this palette brings, but don’t really like the effort needed to make it work.

However, Silver Screen is another story. It is GORGEOUS!! I love the formula of the Ombre Premiere cream shadow. It stays put on my lids without a primer. Does not crease or fade for 5 hours and that’s more than enough for me. Silver Screen is a warm pewter with a tinge of olive green and flecks of silver sheen. It is a colour that I don’t have in my vast collection of eye shadows. The closest I have is the Lancome Erica F but that one is more green and cooler. Silver Screen, when paired with Legendary Green smudged out, makes a beautiful modern green smokey eye. LOVE!


Review and swatches of Chanel Holiday Makeup Collection 2017


Now for the Chanel Holiday red lips. There is a Rouge Coco Gloss in 784 (RM135) and 3 lipsticks numbered 1, 2 and 3. No1 is a Rouge Allure (RM146) lipstick while Nos 2 and 3 are Rouge Allure Velvet (RM146) lipsticks. Rouge Allure has a satin and shiny finish while Rouge Allure Velvet gives a semi matte velvety finish. For this festive season, Chanel changed its signature black lipstick casing to red and gold. You click the gold double Cs to open the lipstick and to put it back, just click it shut. The whole lipstick feels and looks luxurious. The gloss smells slightly fruity (just me?) but the lipsticks are scentless and that just won me over. Lipsticks need to be scentless!


Review and swatches of Chanel Holiday Makeup Collection 2017 Review and swatches of Chanel Holiday Makeup Collection 2017


784 is a red gloss which makes your lips look full and juicy, as if you have jello for lips. It does have a sticky finish which I don’t favour, but I’m not a fan of glosses anyway. The red lipsticks don’t look very different from each other, and even in real life, the difference is subtle. No1 is the brightest of all (looks like tomato red), with No2 being a true red, and No3 the deepest with a hint of berry tone. They are surprisingly easy to wear, even straight out of the bullet. I don’t usually use lip liner because I like to wear my lipsticks with a diffused edge, a worn in look. When I wear the reds like that, I look more casual, less done up and I can even wear it without makeup, with my glasses on. And yes, even when I go grocery shopping with 3 kids and a husband in tow. Red lips are versatile, and I have been wearing lots of reds this year! So seeing this in a collection makes me happy. There are a few more products lined up in this collection but I don’t have them with me.

I want to show you how these different lipsticks look on me, but this post has gotten too long. I’ll come up with a few looks for you in another post, OK? Did anything catch your eye? You need to see Silver Screen in person though. My photos do it no justice! This collection is available starting 1 November, so I still have time to show you how they look like when worn. I’ll get back to you ASAP!


xoxo Lily