Review and Swatches: Dior Precious Rocks Collection Holiday 2017

I’ll be very quick with this post. I want to get the swatches and initial thoughts out as soon as possible, since this collection is already out in stores. This is the Dior Holiday 2017 makeup collection, called the Dior Precious Rocks Collection.


Dior Precious Rocks Collection 2017 review and swatches


And as you’d see from the design of the eye palettes, they are made to look like little jewels. Named as such too. The main colours that take the theme are ruby and emerald. I am naturally pulled towards the ruby colour. As what you see from rubies, the red is deeper, and slightly warm. The emeralds here are beautiful too. Think deep sea foam, mermaids and sea castle. Hahaha!


Dior Precious Rocks Collection 2017 review and swatches Dior Precious Rocks Collection 2017 review and swatches Dior Precious Rocks Collection 2017 review and swatches


The eye shadows (RM265), when compared to the previous years’, are a bit different. We are not seeing golds anymore, but jewel tones. We have a Ruby palette and an Emerald palette, and again, I am drawn to Ruby. The reds are warmer, and with the addition of brown, this palette is more wearable than many think. The Emerald palette is gorgeous too, but I hardly wear lime green or bright emerald on my lids. I’ll have to experiment with this palette more to find out. The texture of these palettes are a huge improvement from last year’s as well. While still on the sheer side, these eye shadows are easy to apply and they blend beautifully without turning ashy.


Dior Precious Rocks Collection 2017 review and swatches


For nail polishes, Dior usually has an accessory every year in the form of glitter. This year is no different, but instead of having a glitter top coat, we have a glitter liner. The brush you get from this nail polish is a very fine liner brush which you use for nail art. I am still much of a novice in nail arts, and with shaky hands, I can’t do anything fancy. If you’re an enthusiast, I’m sure you’d already have plenty of ideas on what to do with it.


Dior Precious Rocks Collection 2017 review and swatches


The only product that I’m slightly bummed about is the brow gel. It is called the Diorshow Bold Brow (RM97), and it’s in gold colour. I tried this, and it basically adds glittery tips to your brows. I think with a heavy hand, you can definitely tint your brows gold, but seriously, I am NOT into that look. I am still thinking of an alternative use for this product. Any suggestions are welcome 🙂


Dior Precious Rocks Collection 2017 review and swatches Dior Precious Rocks Collection 2017 review and swatches


Dior has one of the most beautiful blushes around, and this is no exception. Here, we have Diorblush Precious Rocks in 864 (RM189) and it’s a peachy pink that is flattering on most skin tones. We also have a glittery loose powder (RM280) this year, which is very festive. I for one, won’t be wearing that all over my face, but perhaps on my shoulders or my legs. Then again, the fine gold glitters do transfer, and I’m not comfortable with having that all over my clothes.


Dior Precious Rocks Collection 2017 review and swatches


Last but not least, some liquid products. I have a Dior Addict Ultra Gloss in 778 Ruby Essence (RM115). It is a warm brownish red with metallic finish. The formula, like all Dior glosses, is comfortable to wear. Some glosses are so sticky they kind of glue your lips together but Dior glosses never do that. It’s something I really appreciate… even though my hair still sticks to my lips. That’s probably why I prefer lipsticks! I have 2 Diorific Matte Fluid (RM155) to try, and they are in 006 and 007. There’s a deep red and a bright coral. One so bright, it can be considered neon. You won’t be able to tell in photos, but in real life, this has to be toned down a notch.


Dior Precious Rocks Collection 2017 review and swatchesDior Precious Rocks Collection 2017 review and swatches


The Diorific Matte Fluids are very pigmented. They can be used on cheeks and lips. Compared to last year’s, this year’s is not as blendable on the cheeks, but definitely more wearable on the lips. It doesn’t feel dry when worn as a lipstick, but on the cheeks, it has to be used VERY sparingly and blended out as quickly as possible or it will set. As a lipstick, they stay put for a long time, and even after food, they leave a strong stain. To remove, I had to use an oil based remover. Then again, no lipstick could ever last through a greasy Asian meal. EVER! I’d be worried if one did, actually. Very worried. Some of you saw how this performed on me when I tried it the first time on Instastories, so you’d know what I’m talking about.

I will be putting up another post soon, wearing these products. If there’s anything that I think is worth a look, and I’m assuming you already have a few basic products in your collection, I’d suggest looking at the Diorific Matte Fluid. I really like the red which is 006. It makes your face look flushed like you sprinted outside when it’s very cold, it can be worn as a stain on top of a lip balm for a kissable strawberry pout, and it looks super chic when worn as a lipstick.

Have you tried or seen the Dior Precious Rocks collection at your nearest Dior?


xoxo Lily