Review: Chanel N°5 L’Eau and Gold Fragments

Any strangers to Chanel N°5 here? What about Chanel N°5 L’Eau? To me, it is an understated fragrance that smells citrusy and powdery at the same time. N°5 L’Eau has citrus, ylang-ylang, cedar and white musk notes while N°5 has a more floral bouquet of May Rose and Jasmine. Both are easy on my nose, and that’s saying a lot since my nose acts up quite easily. Then again, fragrances are very personal, so what may be pleasant to me might just be fart bombs to you.


Chanel No5 L'Eau purse spray set


Chanel has purse spray sets available for most of its scents, and it recently launched one for N°5 L’Eau EDT. The set (RM505) contains a 20ml twist and spray and 2 extra refills. In total, you get 60ml of N°5 L’Eau and a really cute travel friendly spray bottle. It has taken a permanent spot in my handbag since I received this, and it’s so convenient to just take it out to spray when I want to.

Another item I think is great for this holiday season is the N°5 gold fragments (RM385, 250ml). It is a shimmering N°5 scented body gel, accented with very delicate gold glitter. Just look at it shine. It is deliciously decadent!


Chanel No5 Gold Fragment


Do you need it? Absolutely not. But would you want it? Oh, so so so tempting. If you are a party girl, then you will love this. Imagine spreading this over your bare shoulders and legs, wearing a sexy LBD. The glitters are not chunky and they glide on beautifully. The best thing is, they don’t stick all over your clothes! The Chanel N°5 Gold Fragments is not whimsical fairy dust or unicorn farts, but is class and elegance in liquid gold.


Chanel No5 Gold Fragment


Does any of these 2 tickle your fancy? Chanel fragrances have never been wallet friendly, but they are classics. Now, let me just go get the bottle of N°5 Gold Fragments and lose myself in it. The sparkles are hypnotizing!


xoxo Lily