Review: Rouge Dior Double Rouge

The Rouge Dior Double Rouge is the first Dior Matte Metal Lipstick. What it is, basically, is a lipstick that combines 2 makeup trends – matte and metal. The outer rim of the lipstick is a darker, matte contour shade while the centre of the lipstick is a lighter, pearly metal. The pearly metal heart is supposed to highlight the curve of the lips, thus giving the appearance of volume. Dior created the Double Rouge as an on-the-go product that is easy to wear with professional makeup result.

That’s the idea.


Rouge Dior Double Rouge review


The Double Rouge is supposed to product an ombré effect in a single application. According to Peter Philips, the Creative and Image Director of Dior Makeup,

“The difficulty was finding the right combinations of darker, matte contour and a lighter, pearly metal heart that would highlight the curve of the lips and thus give the appearance of volume. It is an on-the-go product that is easy to wear and yet capable of recreating a professional makeup result.”

I would say, his difficulty is finding the right combination, but OUR DIFFICULTY is actually using the product to create the result that Dior proposes. It is quite difficult to achieve an ombré effect in a single application. I tried. I have 4 shades to show you, and some shades give better contrast than others. But still, the effect I get from a single application is a darkly lined lip, like a lip ring, and guys, I AVOID the lip ring like a plague. I can do it the Korean way, with the deeper shade on the inner part of the lips, and it’s much easier. I’ll tell you how I achieve that in a bit.


Rouge Dior Double Rouge review


There are 4 star shades that set the tone for the collection:
999 MATTE METAL, a true red with a golden heart that subtly plays with the scarlet matte contour.
510 JUNGLE BEIGE, a brown with a pearly beige centre.


Rouge Dior Double Rouge review


992 POISON PURPLE, a deep purple with a metallic heart of gold and purply shimmer.
288 MISS CRUSH, a girly pink with a pearly heart

The 2 shades that give the most contrast are Poison Purple and Jungle Beige. 999 Matte Metal and Miss Crush just apply like red and pink. Here are the swatches to show you what I mean.


Rouge Dior Double Rouge review


As you can see from Jungle Beige and Poison Purple, the centre of the swatch is lighter in colour. That’s the pearly metal heart. You can’t really see it in the pink and red, but if you really scrutinise, it is there. So when applied on the lips, the pink and red are just that. Pink and red.


Rouge Dior Double Rouge review Rouge Dior Double Rouge review


For the purple and beige, I apply them on my lips, as I would any other lipsticks, smack my lips together to blend out the darker edges, then go in again with ONLY the contour shade on my inner lips. Here’s what you’ll get.


Rouge Dior Double Rouge review


A subtle ombré effect.


Rouge Dior Double Rouge review Rouge Dior Double Rouge review


Is it pretty? Yeah, I think it can be, with the right colour combination. Does it work in one swipe? Heck no. But it does work, using another technique. How I used it is just one of the ways, but for me, it’s the easiest and most flattering way. I think the INTENTION is there, but personally, I’d prefer it if it’s a dual ended lipstick with one matte end and another metal end. That will solve all application issues. You can then apply the matte lipstick first, and dab the metal at the centre of the lips to add volume. You can mix and match even with other lipsticks. It becomes more user friendly, and more fun. Or maybe just take it from the Koreans and have a clear cut two toned lipstick, but that wouldn’t be original anymore would it?

I still think changing it to dual ended will be great. Once I’ve used the lipstick, the heart of the lipstick is all stained and dirty anyway. It bothers me so I use a cotton bud to clean it. I think I have strong OCD tendencies.


Long review. But I hope you enjoyed it because this is something different from Dior, which I think is fun, but can definitely improved.

Have you seen these Dior Double Rouge? Which one do you like?


xoxo Lily