Review: Sunday Riley C.E.O. Moisturizer

I purchased this Sunday Riley C+E antioxidant protect and repair moisturizer from Cult Beauty a few months back. My skin really likes Vitamin C, so I thought why not. It is a 50ml tub and it retails for GBP60. After tax rebate of 20%, I paid GBP48 for it. It comes in an orange tub, and the cream smells like orange fizz. Why must all Vitamin C skincare smell like citrus? I don’t mind… but there are many other fruits higher in Vitamin C than oranges. And I digress.


Sunday Riley CEO moisturizer review


The cream is heavier than I thought, and it is also not as emolient. For me, I like to use a spatula to scoop it onto my palm, then warm it up between my palms before pressing it onto my face and neck. If I massage it in, I find that I’m dragging my skin around. It also sinks in better if skin is slightly damp so I always use this on top of an essence.


Sunday Riley CEO moisturizer review


This is how much I use for my face and neck and I don’t usually use this much cream. The reason I use this much is because it is best used within 3 months. I think the vitamin C will oxidise and won’t perform as well, so once you opened it, use it within 3 months for best results. That means you have to use this every day and every night for about 2 to 3 months, exclusively. I like to change my moisturizer according to my skin’s needs, so having to consciously use this exclusively doesn’t sit well with me. I know many people don’t have that problem, and many just use the same skin care day in day out, but I’m really fussy with my routine. And I’m spoiled, I guess.


Sunday Riley CEO moisturizer review


There are a few key ingredients in this cream. The Vitamin C (5% THD Ascorbate) used is claimed to be the gold standard because it is powerful, stable and significantly less irritating than other forms of Vitamin C like L-Ascorbic Acid. Vitamin C in skincare promotes natural collagen, brightens the skin while providing anti-oxidant support to fight damages caused by sun exposure.

Exopolysaccharides, derived from French Polunesian Kopara, helps protect the skin from visible effects of pollution exposure, shielding the skin from PM2.5 micropollution particles found in smog. Lime Pearl Extract, the lime pearls extracted from the caviar lime, are a natural source of AHA so skin is exfoliated very gently and subtly. Last but not least, Bisabol, derived from Chamomile, helps to calm the reactive and sensitive skin. It soothes the skin, and is often found in baby products.


Sunday Riley CEO moisturizer review


With all that said, and after using this cream exclusively the last 2 months, I can tell you that it has kept my skin bright and even. I am not using any brightening serum, and have only been depending on this moisturizer. However, after using it day and night for about 6 weeks, I find that the really sensitive parts of my face, such as the area around my nostrils, sting a little. So I just avoid that area when I use this moisturizer. I only have a few uses left of this cream, and would like to repurchase because it is effective, but I will not because of its 3-month usage window. I feel like I’m racing with time to use this cream, having to make sure I use it within the time frame. Given the price, I also want to actually use it up before 3 months is up.

However, if you’re one who can use up a 50ml tub of moisturizer easily within that time, then I suggest you look at this. It has kept my skin bright and even, and even the slight hormonal breakout disappears more quickly than usual. And just to let you know that during this time, my routine has been cleanser – essence – collagen serum – CEO moisturizer – eye cream. That’s it.

Do you like Vitamin C in your skincare? Have you tried any you like? Do you use moisturizer exclusively until you use it up, or are you like me and like to change things up a bit? I also have a habit of using different moisturizers for day and night. What about you?


xoxo Lily