Sunday Stash Shopping #101: Naked Heat

I caved. I held out and did not purchase the Urban Decay Naked Heat when it launched a few months back. I was unsure if I wanted a palette that’s full of oranges and reddish browns. Won’t it be way too warm? My taste in eye shadows changed from cool neutrals to neutral earth tones to warm browns and recently, reds and oranges. And yes, even warm pinks that lean red. I found out these colours work well on my skin tone and I like that they are more interesting than browns… though in all honesty, nothing will take my love for browns away. During the Black Friday sale, I went to Sephora and picked up one Naked Heat palette, and that was the only thing I bought there.

I don’t think I’ll post swatches etc, because I’m sure you’ve already seen LOTS of them. What I can tell you is that this is a palette full of very pigmented eye shadows, and if you’re new to applying eye shadows, you might have a hard time. I also find that the palette lacks a more neutral transition shade, and everything’s just in your face warm. So for me to complete a look according to my personal taste which is more understated, I have to reach for other eye shadows not in the palette. Then again, who am I kidding? This palette is anything BUT understated.

Anyhow, this is a look I created, something that isn’t too dark, but played up enough to show the warmth of the colours. I wore this when I went to the mall with the kids the other day, and got a few looks of approval from some young ladies.



I prefer to pair this Naked Heat palette with clean skin and nude lips. Anything more will be too glamorous for a day time look. I struggled a little to find a suitable nude as well, because pink nudes clash with it and beige nudes look too dull. I ended up with the Urban Decay Ex-Girlfriend, which is my fail safe nude. It goes with everything. Because it is on the sheer side, and slightly glossy, it is just a great my lips but better (MLBB) shade that goes with any look at all. I’m glad it is made permanent, because I know I absolutely will repurchase this.

Hope you enjoyed this entry, and happy weekend! Have you finished Christmas shopping?


xoxo Lily