Inexpensive Sunscreens I’m Enjoying

I ALWAYS apply sunscreen. Every day. I professed my love for Shiseido Perfect UV Protector. It used to be RM135 but now it is priced at RM160 for 50ml. The ones we have here are made in Japan, with Wet Force technology. I have bought a similar one, 100ml but made in France, and the texture is not as weightless. So I usually wait for when there is special 20% promo to stock up on my favourite sunscreen. I still look for something more affordable, but it’s hard to find something as effective and as lightweight… until my good friend S introduced me to Anessa. I was leaving for Hong Kong a few years ago, and she said I have to buy the Anessa sunscreen as it is not available in Malaysia. I bought one for her and one for myself and I have to say, it is VERY similar to the Shiseido Perfect UV Protector. Given, Anessa is under the umbrella of Shiseido company… and for 60ml, it retails for about RM120.



The one I use is called Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Aqua Booster SPF50, the gold bottle. There’s another silver bottle but I haven’t tried that before. I found out recently that this is sold at Watsons in Singapore, and sometimes they have promo of ‘Buy 2 Free 1’. So, I got my friend to keep an eye out and pick it up for me whenever there’s a promo like that. In Singapore, it retails for SGD39.90 (60ml) I think. I’m really thankful this friend of mine travels home quite frequently, so she’s my sunscreen pusher 🙂 This sunscreen is lightweight, effective in blocking out the sun, keeping my skin sun spot free and the only thing missing is the slightly brightening effect that the Shiseido one has. I’m running low on this sunscreen now, but I still have a backup of my Shiseido. At the moment, I’m happy to rotate between these 2 sunscreens.



Another sunscreen that I have been enjoying is the AM+PM RealXpert total defense sunscreen. For a 50ml bottle, it retails for less than RM50 and I bought this because my blogger friend Shireen enjoys this. In this hot and humid weather, this sunscreen is suitable for those with dry skin. I usually hit the gym in the morning after I drop off Ashton at school. I would only go through my entire morning skincare routine after gym. However, I still apply sunscreen before gym. My skin is slightly dry, so after washing my face with just water, I mist my face and slap on this sunscreen. Without any moisturizer underneath, this sunscreen keeps my face comfortable and I get SPF50 protection for a few hours. I’ve tried wearing this on top of other skincare, but my skin is not dry enough to appreciate it. While the texture is light, it stays slightly slippery on my skin.



So that my friends, are the 2 wallet friendly sunscreen I’ve been enjoying. I remember liking some from Biore and Hada Labo but when the days are really hot, I could still feel the burn. When it comes to sunscreen which shields my skin from the harmful effects of UV rays, I’d want one that really works.

What is your holy grail sunscreen?


xoxo Lily