Some 3CE Lipsticks I’m Enjoying

Free shipping promotions always get me. I’ve been wanting to try the 3CE Velvet Lip Tints, and then I saw that there’s one day free shipping on the Stylenanda website. I think we can all guess what happened next. I only bought 2 of the lip tints though. I didn’t go crazy. So now, I have Daffodil and Taupe. They sent it using normal mail (from Korea), and I got the package within a week, no problems whatsoever.



You can tell the colour from the lipstick tube itself. The applicator is what you’d expect, a sponge applicator like lip glosses. The formula reminds me of the Burberry Velvet Liquid Lipsticks but this one feels more like mousse on the lips. It is actually very easy to apply and control as the velvet lip tint is not wet. It does not feel drying on my lips either.



Daffodil is a warm peachy pink nude and Taupe is a brick red with more brown undertone. Here is how they look on me.



They are quite long lasting because I can wear it out for about 4 hours (with drinks) and the colour does not fade. There is some transfer, but not so much that you can see the lip print from far away. Have I mentioned before I always wipe my cup or straw? I’m slightly OCD like that. Once I remove the lip tint from my lips with tissue, I’m left with a stain on my lips. For USD19 a tube, I think the 3CE Velvet Lip Tints are pretty good. Have you tried them?


xoxo Lily