Sunday Stash Shopping #105: RMS stuff

I’ve been really enjoying the dewy skin look ever since my skin got drier. I used to prefer very matte skin, because the weather here is hot and my skin used to be combination normal/oily. As I age, my skin is now normal/dry and I can enjoy more glowy skin without looking like an oily frying pan. My skin doesn’t give me much problem now, so nowadays, I only apply some concealer where needed and leave the rest of my skin as is. I’d powder to set my concealer, and I’d add some highlight on my cheeks and slightly on my brow bone. I can say that now, with slightly drier skin, I appreciate some highlighter at the right places, and my skin looks extra healthy.

I’ve always enjoyed the RMS ‘un’cover up, and I decided to repurchase it. I hit pan on it a while back, and discarded it as it was getting old. I bought the same one, shade 11, and added the Living Luminizer to my cart. The RMS Living Luminizer is the one I’ve been looking for the whole time! Its cream formula makes it look ultra natural, and instead of being glittery, it just adds that amazing lit from within glow. I kid you not. You’d really have to layer it to make it look obvious, so if you like to look like you had a good facial, then this is it. I’ve been wanting to try this for years, literally! Then again, if I bought it sooner, I might not have enjoyed it as much, because my preference in skin finishes is different.



Here, on my skin, is just ‘un’ cover up in number 11, under my eyes and around my nose, set with a little bit of powder. On my cheeks, I applied the Living Luminizer and with whatever’s left on my fingers, I dabbed some on my brow bone. In natural light, my skin looks like this.



It’s highlighted but not too obvious. Just how I like it. The RMS ‘un’cover up does not oxidize on me which is a rare feat. I usually buy foundations a shade lighter because my face is darker than my neck and chest, and most foundations oxidize half a shade darker on me.

So there you have it. That’s what I’ve been wearing lately and on my lips is 3CE Velvet Lip Tint in Daffodil. You can read more about the lip tints in the previous post.

What’s your go to base product? Do you like matte skin or dewy skin?


xoxo Lily