Chanel Spring 2018 and Individual Swatches of Lip Blush

Spring makeup collection used to be my least favourite. They were all milky pastel that looked really bad on me. I looked forward to Summer brights and Autumn deeps, and Winter reds. Now it seems like those colours are all jumbled up. For Spring, Chanel has pinks, reds, oranges and they are anything but pastel. Let me show you some of the things I have, and I am most excited about the Chanel Lip Blush (RM135). If you read somewhere else that they are amazing, well, I’d put my feet up in agreement!


Chanel Spring 2018 makeup


Let me first show you the lip products I have. There are Rouge Coco (RM142) Rouge Intimiste 484 which is a beautiful berry red, Rouge Coco Shine (RM142) Poppy Orange 138, a warm orange red and Rouge Coco Gloss (RM135) Rose Naif 804, a sheer light pink. I have absolutely nothing to complain about these lip products. They are comfortable on the lips, and I adore the colours. C’mon. You know I love reds and oranges. I’m not so much of a gloss girl, but I see its value in making a matte lipstick shine.



There are a few nail polishes as well, and surprisingly for Spring, we get quite a few deeper shades. I have 4 colours.



Brun Contraste 618 – a deep brown that applies opaque in 2 coats

Violet Piquant 622 – a blue based deep purple that applies opaque in 3 coats

Prune Dramatique 628 – very similar to Brun Contraste but with a hint of reddish eggplant

Rose Neon 596 – a matte neon pink that I may not be attracted to (heh!)

I realized I forgot to take swatches of the Chanel Le Vernis (RM105) but I’ll update it on Instagram.



Now onto Chanel Lip Blush. These are absolutely stunning. I expected it to be either more of a blush or a gloss, but these lip blushes are actually great blushes and comfortable on the lips. They are not opaque on the lips of course. That would mean opaque colour on your cheeks, and we don’t want that. The colours look sheer on the lips, something more pigmented than a gloss but not as striking as a liquid lipstick. It dries down semi matte, and if you have dry patches on your lips, then it will show once the lip blush sets. On the cheeks, these are amazing. They are like gel blushes. Just make 2 dots on each cheek and pat away. It blends easily, and applies effortlessly with fingers or brush. If you’re unsure, I suggest you apply as little as possible and build up from there. They stay on me until I remove my makeup and given the packaging that looks like a lip gloss, they are very travel friendly. I always have one in my handbag. Here are the swatches of the 6 shades available.



410 Corail Naturel shows up least on me. It is a pale milky coral and I think it will look lovely on those with very fair ivory skin. Think Galadriel. And I’m not. So don’t compare, but you get the point. Photo below shows me wearing Corail Naturel on my cheeks and lips. It is very sheer because of the depth of the shade, and it makes a pretty blush more than a lipstick on me.



412 Orange Explosif is my absolute favourite of the 6. It’s orange. Need I say more?



414 Tender Rose is a pale milky rose which is slightly more pigmented than 410 Coral Naturel, but still sheer and pale nonetheless. Again, on my skin, it doesn’t look like much. As a blush, it looks very natural, but as a lipstick, it is too pale on me.



416 Teasing Pink is a brighter bolder blue based pink which looks great on many. I think it looks especially good on those with cooler skin tones.



418 Rouge Captivant is my second favourite of the lot. Because it’s red. And this red does not stamp a pair of baboon’s ass on my face.



Last but not least, 420 Burning Berry. This is the first colour I tried on because I found it interesting. It looks so dark in the tube but it’s a sheer deep berry. I have to be careful where I place the product on my cheeks. I like to use it only on the apple of my cheeks, higher up closer to my eyes. On lighter skin, this looks quite vampy, but I imagine it to look stunning on darker skin.



There you go. A picture heavy post, but I wanted to show you all the 6 lip blushes, worn on both cheeks and lips so you can decide. Apologies for the inconsistent lighting for the pictures, because I only depend on natural light. I hope you get an idea of how these lip blushes look anyway.

Do you see anything that catches your eye here?


xoxo Lily