Review: Giorgio Armani Power Fabric Longwear High Cover Foundation SPF25

This foundation is given to me by a lovely friend Linda who blogs at Silverkis’ World. The shade didn’t work for her, so she thought it would work on me. Giorgio Armani is not available where I am, and I’m not sure what shade matches my skin. I have here the Giorgio Armani Power Fabric foundation, and it’s a foundation loved by many. If you didn’t already know, my skin is slightly dry, I have visible pores around my nose and uneven skin tone. My face is slightly darker than the rest of my body so I have to use foundations that match the colour of my neck. I have very warm skin tone but I flush easily.



I read that Giorgio Armani Power Fabric foundation is a full coverage foundation that gives a matte, lightweight second skin finish. I live in a very hot and humid country, so I don’t mind if the finish is matte. Also, I can change the texture of the foundation by adding a drop of oil. The shade I have is number 3, which is slightly lighter and pinker than the rest of my foundations. Comparison swatches are here.



Knowing it is a full coverage matte foundation, I’ve been playing with this foundation by mixing it with different types of primers. I’ve tried using it on its own, but it feels too dry on my skin. So, I’ve added a drop of oil to it, but the foundation became streaky and patchy. I mixed it with an illuminating primer to the ratio 1:1 and still, it didn’t sit right. All my experiments led me to believe that this foundation does not MIX well with others. So, I made sure my skin is moisturized properly, and I apply a thicker layer of Bobbi Brown Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm before I apply this foundation on top. I use less than half a pump of the foundation to my whole face. It works. The foundation did not look too light against my neck and it looked natural.

I think due to the finish of this foundation, that’s supposed to set matte, that it emphasizes pores and lines and dry skin. In no more than 3 minutes, this foundation settles into all my pores, enhances any dry skin I didn’t even notice before, and it also magnifies all the tiny fine lines I have around my eyes. As you see in the before after picture below, my skin tone is evened out, but a sheer tinted moisturizer can do that too. Do you notice some patchiness around my nose?


giorgio armani power fabric foundation before after


Here’s a close up for you to see all those magnified ugly bits – lines around my eyes, dry skin on my nose, patchiness on the crevices, etc. I think if I had more hair on my face (some call it peach fuzz), this foundation will stick to the hairs too.



I’ve used fingers, brushes, sponges. Can I make it work? Yes, sort of, but after a couple of hours, it would become a patchy mess. I’ve read some pretty glowy reviews from many bloggers, even a couple of very famous UK bloggers who are supposed to be very honest with their reviews. I guess it just shows we have different preferences when it comes to foundations and our skin is uniquely individual. I found ONE reviewer who had same experience with me, but her pictures are too blurry (too much bokeh going on in all the wrong places) so there’s no point linking to her post.

Do you like this foundation? What skin type do you have and how do you apply it? I think if you have oily skin, this foundation will sit beautifully on you. For me, it takes too much effort to make it work. There are heaps of other no brainers out there which you can apply effortlessly and give you a beautiful finish. I’ll put my money there 🙂


xoxo Lily