The Herb Farm Experience

I usually keep my expectations in check when I try new brands, especially skincare. I am also impartial when it comes to whether the brand is organic or natural or not. As long as the product works, as long as the company is ethical, as long as the founder does not go on a crazy rant on social media, I’m good. And yes, about that, I guess I will not be restocking the Hylamide C25 booster anymore. Oh well, plenty of vitamin Cs around. I just don’t want to support someone who belittles the customers. Or fires a staff on Instagram (WTF!).


The Herb Farm is a family business in New Zealand, and as I was reading up their story and philosophy on their website, this small phrase struck a chord – “… a business that works in harmony with the environment.” Their whole story from how they started small, to having the children grow up and becoming part of the business, to respecting nature, nurturing while sowing, somehow touches my heart. Maybe they have a good writer but if this is a business that stays true to their words, then I want to support it.

Thank you to TNS Skinlab for giving me this opportunity to try, because guys, from the few new skincare products and brands I’ve been testing, The Herb Farm takes the crown!


The Herb Farm Normal Skincare Minis


If you just want to try out the brand, I suggest getting the skincare minis (RM139). They have 2 sets – one for normal/dry skin and another for combination oily skin. I have here the normal / dry kit and in it there is a softening rose cream cleanser, rejuvenating facial toning mist, smoothing exfoliating powder and nourishing rose face cream. All these are sold full sized individually of course, but these deluxe sample size is enough for you to trial for about 2-4 weeks. The cream cleanser cleans thoroughly without drying out my skin while the toning mist smells subtly of roses. It doesn’t smart my eyes even though I sprayed with my eyes open (don’t ask, just happened). I like to use the rose face cream during the day because it is quite light in texture even though it looks like a paste when I scoop it out. It sinks into the skin rather well, unlike some other moisturizers I’ve tried that just sits atop my skin, making me feel uncomfortable. This keeps my skin feeling comfortable the whole day, without being too rich.


The Herb Farm Normal Skincare Mini


My favourite in this set has to be the exfoliating powder. You need to scoop it out, place it on your palm, then mix it with 2 squirts of cream cleanser before massaging it on your face. The powder looks gritty but it actually feels really fine on the skin. After exfoliating, my skin immediately looks brighter and oh so smooth! All these products have a very subtle natural scent – not overpowering or offensive in any way.


The Herb Farm Radiant Face Cream


Next up are 2 anti ageing products: Radiance Boost Facial Serum (RM159, 20ml) and Echinacea & Blackcurrant Radiant Face Cream (RM159, 50ml).

Usually for a serum, we get 30ml or 50ml, but I noticed that The Herb Farm only offers 20ml serums. The Radiance Boost Facial Serum is a brownish thick liquid that smells a little smoky and musky at the same time. It is recommended to use this serum around the eyes, face and neck as well, and I’m all for serums that can be used around the eyes! This serum is not greasy, and is absorbed almost immediately without leaving much of a trace on the skin. It is rich in antioxidants to fight against free radicals, high in bioflavonoids to defend the skin against stress and pollution, hydrates, evens out skin tone and brightens as well. I’ve been using this serum daily and nightly for a couple of weeks now, and my skin did not act up.

However, let’s be fair. You guys know I’ve always taken care of my skin, using multiple serums, face oils etc. So, when I stopped my routine to try this out, I do notice my skin is not as plump. To counter that, I re-introduced my face oil at night, and all is well.


The Herb Farm face cream


That said, I really like the Echinacea & Blackcurrant Radiant Face Cream. It is a thick cream that melts in your palms, feels rich but not greasy. It makes my skin look so soft and yes, I like this better than the Rose Face Cream. I sometimes add my face oil to this cream and I sometimes use the oil alone, but either way, mixing this cream with oil makes it so much more luxurious! That’s because I have drier skin, and I sleep with the air conditioning on. I’ve used this face cream in the day under my makeup as well, and it does not affect the wear of my foundation. In fact, it primes my skin for the foundation to follow. Did I mention I really like this?


The Herb Farm Skincare review


After I used up the Radiant Boost Facial Serum, I might pick up the Renewal Advance Facial Serum to try. It is pricier, RM179 for only 20ml but it’s supposed to help promote the formation of collagen and improve skin’s elasticity and texture. Sounds like the help I need!

I know this is a wordy post, and if you read every word, you’re a champ. I haven’t been excited about a new brand for a while so this has been a pleasant surprise. I want to explore more of this brand, which means I need to make a trip to my TNS Skinlab soon. I noticed from TNS Skinlab’s website that they didn’t bring in all the products available (compared to The Herb Farm’s official website), so I hope that’ll change soon! From what I’ve tested, I’d be interested to look at their Hand and Body care products too.

Have you heard of this brand? Oh I hope you will try it!


xoxo Lily




*left Echinacea & Blackcurrant Radiant Face cream, right Radiance Boost Facial Serum