Review: Marc Jacobs Shameless Foundation Y210

When I ordered from Sephora last, I received a sample pack of the Marc Jacobs Shameless Foundation. There are shades Light Y210, Medium Y320 and Tan Y420, and the Under(cover) Perfecting Coconut Face Primer. At one glance, I knew my shade would be Light Y210, and was pretty happy a sample is actually my shade. Usually, they send out medium, and they tend to be too dark for me.

A little searching around the net let me know that this foundation gives medium coverage, semi-sets, oil free, and supposed to last for 24 hours. The description didn’t sound like it’s for combination normal to dry skin. The texture of the Marc Jacobs Shameless Foundation is drier than what I’m used to so I have to make sure I moisturize properly, and even use a glow primer underneath for it to glide on more smoothly. I don’t know if it got drier from the sample pack, so it might be better in the original packaging, I’m not sure.

A little goes a long way, if you like sheerer foundations, but you can also build it up for heavier coverage. Shade Light Y210 goes on lighter on the skin at first, and after about 20 minutes of application, the foundation kind of becomes one with the skin. How shall I describe this? It doesn’t look as light and ashy and instead, it actually matches my skin completely. Many foundations look a little too yellow or pink or ashy on me, but this Marc Jacobs Shameless Foundation is actually a very good match for my skin. So, I decided to swatch it against my other foundations. Also, for reference, the Giorgio Armani Power Fabric foundation in No.3 is way too pink for me.


Marc Jacobs Shameless Foundation swatches


All the other foundations are good shade match, but Y210 is the closest. Here’s a before after to show you the coverage. But do bear in mind I used much less than needed, and it is sheered out slightly.


Marc Jacobs Shameless Foundation before after


The after photo (above) is taken immediately after application, and the close up below is taken about 20 minutes later.


Marc Jacobs Shameless Foundation close up


Can you see the slight glow on my face? I expected it to be really flat and matte, given the texture, but hey, it actually looked decent. I am very tempted to purchase the full sized product just for the shade match! Also, I can always change the texture with an illuminating primer like I mentioned earlier. Close up, you can see my pores are still there, but they are not accentuated in any way. The rest of my skin looks really good, and I am not wearing any concealer here.

As for wear time, the 2 times I tried it (the sample ran out), I could wear it from 11 in the morning until 6pm in the evening when I took it off. I did not powder, and I went out for lunch, groceries, being in the hot sun, and the foundation stayed put. It did not look greasy even though I did not blot, and the foundation did not melt around my nose when the natural oils broke through. When I wear richer foundations, I’d need to powder, if I’m out most of the day, but nowadays, I’m usually only out for 3-4 hours max.

It retails for RM220 at Sephora, and it’s quite pricey. However, if you’ve never been able to find a good shade match, I suggest you go test this out. I read somewhere that this foundation has shades that are great for olive skin tones. And that makes me wonder… do I have fair olive skin? This article especially is convincing me I am olive. I need to do more research.

Do you know what undertone you are? Have you tried any samples lately that made you purchase the full sized product? Have you tried this Marc Jacobs Shameless Foundation? There are many new foundations out lately, and I heard good things about the NARS one. My friend Linda also mentioned about the new Lancome Teint Miracle, so I’m also curious about them. Have you tried any new foundations that you like lately?


xoxo Lily