Sunday Stash Shopping #108: Warm it Up

Did anyone say makeup rut? Yeah, for me, I am trying to use up a few things, so I tend to use those products more regularly. I don’t want to pin down the few products because I’ll go crazy when I don’t see progress, but consciously, I’m making an effort to use up some stuff.

But when it gets a little boring, I tend to change up the eye or lip colour. It’s easiest to change a lipstick because it certainly sets the mood, but just one eye shadow can make a big difference too. I was getting a little bored with neutral and bare lids, so all I did was to pop on a warm shade from the Naked Heat palette, and use another warmer lipstick. Nothing else changed, but just these 2 simple changes completely changed the look.



I think I used Lumbre on my lid, and the panned transition shade in the MUFE palette. For blush, I used NARS Deep Throat, a very flattering warm pink and on my lips, 3CE 909 Smoked Rose. This lipstick is really dry, so I use a lip balm underneath. I like this colour a lot, so that makes the dryness tolerable.



What do you do to change up your routine?


xoxo Lily