Blog turns 8. Uncertain Future.

When nothing is sure, everything is possible –¬†Margaret Drabble

I never thought I’d still blog, 8 years on. I lost track of time, and 8 years is a LONG time for me to stick to something. I’m a self pronounced fickle schmuck if you didn’t know. I’m nonchalant most of the time. I get bored of things quickly and I NEVER expected this 8th anniversary.

So, in a manner of speaking, I don’t know where Chloe Ash is heading. I never planned for this, and I certainly didn’t plan for what’s to come. My web hosting ends October this year, so I decided to move everything to the free platform instead of letting this blog die completely. That, I know I have decided.

I am not an income earner anymore, so I don’t have that much extra to spend like I used to. It’s hard for me to keep up with new stuff, and because I kept Chloe Ash small, it doesn’t attract the attention of many brands. Then, there’s the issue of me being choosy and saying no to many because I just don’t use their products. Why would I want to tell you something about stuff I don’t even like to use? Why would I want to write about something just for a free cleanser or RM50? Chloe Ash has never been about making money nor is it about being big, and it’ll stay that way. It’s also never been a source about new things or an encyclopedia about beauty brands.

What’s the new direction? I don’t know. I will still blog about beauty related stuff. That’s how Chloe Ash started and that should still be the core of the blog, I think. I would like to introduce some new content, non beauty related. Whatever it is, I promise I will be honest and candid in my writing. Maybe I’ll write about my relationships, with my husband, parents, in laws (let’s not go there?). Maybe I’ll share my frustrations and victories as a mom with you. Maybe I’ll share some stupid stories and find the courage to speak about some controversial topics that will offend shit loads of people with you. Maybe I’ll talk about some of my experiences dealing with nasty colleagues, pregnancy horror stories, and maybe my ridiculous experience using the menstrual cup. Maybe we can even talk about sex. Hubba hubba!

Whatever it is, I hope you will accompany me through the uncertainties so I won’t have to wade the dark waters alone. I can’t be sure the posts will come regularly but who knows? I might like writing about some steamy stuff and start posting every day!

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for reading and commenting. Thank you for your emails and encouragement. For now, let me work on Chloe Ash 2 so we can get a bit more up close and personal. That’s the rough idea anyway. Nothing solid, like baby poop. A bit murky, a bit green but it’s there.


xoxo Lily