Empties and Updates

Well, it’s nearly half way into 2018 and I thought I’d put up an empties post. More of an update post, actually because I’m not going to talk about these products in detail. I just want to say that out of these, I’ve only repurchased the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel because it’s my favourite and I will continue to purchase it. This is the upsized bottle actually, which contains twice as much as their regular bottle. Saves money and packaging. Win!



Oh wait, I also repurchased the Shiseido sunscreen because it’s also HG status. Yes, I use the Anessa one as well, but there’s still something about this Shiseido Wetforce sunscreen that makes my skin feel extra protected. I’ve talked about the rest of the products before (I think), so as usual, please do a quick search and you’ll find the review. If you can’t find it, please ask in comments below, and I’ll try my best to answer you.

I have been really taking care of my skin, and I’ve been exploring some really wonderful skincare. Sometimes I feel torn because I always want to tell you about them, but the products alone might not be the only contributing factor to better skin. It’s regular exercise, drinking lots of water, getting more sleep and eating less junk. All these are so important! I’ve been working out more regularly, and I’m getting into the groove of it. But I get so hungry after, because I really push myself and I lift heavy. So I haven’t really been watching my calories, but my body seems to like it.

Other than that, what else? I have thinning hair problems. It’s getting really sparse. I saw a doctor before, and he did mention it’s probably my hormones. So fuck you hormones. I’m investing in some good shampoos and hair tonics hoping they will help. Superficial, because you know, hormones. However, it’s pointless having glowing skin and visible scalp! I want shiny hair, not scalp. And that’s why I’m still trying.

Shitty hair aside, I’d say things are going well. Decluttered some makeup, figured out what I really wanted to keep slash toss,¬†organized my skincare cupboard and it’s been rejuvenating. I’d like to tell you what makeup product I hog most, but hahahaha as it turns out, I hog everything. Lately though, I’ve been spending on good skincare. And bra. A good bra makes a difference, ladies.

That’s it from me. If you like some bite sized product review, do follow me on Instagram. It’s easier for me to write up something short, because I just take the photos using my phone, then crop and brighten. So much faster than editing using the computer. And when my web hosting ends in October, I’ll most likely spend more time there anyway. Nowadays when nearly everyone is in a hurry, I think Instagram is a good outlet to just touch and go.

Hope you’ve had a good weekend, and here’s to a great week ahead!


xoxo Lily