Viseart Neutral Matte Eye Palette

I bought this from Cult Beauty when they finally carried Viseart. Viseart is a French brand, which I think is gaining a cult following. It’s not a mainstream brand, I don’t think, and for the price, I expected a lot. I bought Neutral Matte because it’s one of the easiest colour palette to work with and I know I’ll get a lot of use out of it. Let me just tell you that, it was not love at first sight.


viseart neutral matte review and swatches


I expected a larger palette, but it’s actually about the size of my open hand. I have long fingers, but still, it fits comfortably. I was surprised at first, but I didn’t look at the details like how big it would be. It is no longer than a smartphone, let’s put it that way. Not against my Huawei P10 Plus anyway. The packaging is a no fuss one. Clear cover so you can see what’s inside, and I appreciate the pans all tightly packed into a handy palette instead of getting a huge palette with all the useless frills. Apologies if you like whimsical packaging. I don’t. I find them a waste of my storage space, and I know I’d end up depotting them.

Texture wise, these eye shadows feel dry to touch. However they are very pigmented. When applied with a brush, they go on smoothly on the lids, and blend beautifully without turning ashy. In fact, on the lids, they do not look dry at all. The finish is what I get when I use a cream shadow. They stay on beautifully without looking like powder. That’s what I appreciate. Because I’m used to working with something with less of a punch, there was a learning curve. But once I got used to using it, I really like how it looks, how it wears and how it stays.


viseart neutral matte palette swatches


This Neutral Matte palette can be all you need if you’re not into fancy looks. It has all the colours you’d use in every day wear. I like to mix and match with other palettes and sometimes I’d just use a single colour from this palette and call it a day. I heard that their satin palettes give less of a punch pigment wise, but I’m eyeing the warm matte and dark matte palettes. I don’t have good mattes and Viseart, my friends, gives you amazing mattes.

If you like your eye shadows sheer, and mistake proof in a way, so you can just carelessly swipe on with a fluffy brush then this will NOT be your friend. It took me a while to truly appreciate this palette and I’m glad 🙂


xoxo Lily