YSL Fiery Kiss Collection

Sorry I’ve been MIA for a long time, guys. I have no excuse whatsoever, except that I’ve been really enjoying posting little clips on Instagram. I have already featured this YSL lipstick collection there, but I want to put it up here as well, in case some of you missed it. The YSL Fiery Kiss Collection is already in stores so you can go check it out whenever you’re free.



This collection has 4 different lipstick formula, 2 shades each. One is more nude, the other more bold. Let’s start with my favourite formula, which is the Tatouage Couture Matte Stain. There is Nude Undercover and Carmine Encounter. Nude Undercover is a beige nude which does not wash me out, while Carmine Encounter is a more vampy wine shade. For the Vinyl Cream, there is Pink Progressif which is a warm nude pink, and Chili Vibration, a warm chili red.



Of these 4, my picks will be Nude Undercover and Pink Progressif. The other 2 are beautiful as well, especially Chili Vibration, but Pink Progressif is a surprisingly beautiful nude pink that does not look ashy on me.



The Rouge Pur Couture has a beautiful red that I’m in love with. That’s Fiery Kiss. It is more of a burnt orange brick red that I don’t have in my collection. Nude Fougueux is a more pigmented nude pink that I think looks great on those with cooler skin tone. Rouge Volupte Shine presents 2 reddish shades, one lighter while the other, a more intense red. I actually love these 2.



Here is Fiery Kiss on me.



And out of these 2 Volupte Shines, I can’t choose one. They are both very pretty.



Since there are 4 different formula for you to choose from, there sure is one for you. I think the Vinyl Cream is very strongly scented, but some really love it. My favourite is the matte stain, but some find it drying. I also really like the Volupte Shines, but some prefer more pigment. So, here, there’s something for everyone.

Which one do you like more?


xoxo Lily