Shutting down Twitter

Hey guys, Just a little announcement today. I will be deleting my Twitter account today. I’ve been hardly updating it, and interaction is quite minimal there. It takes a toll to maintain a few social media platforms and I don’t feel the need to maintain Twitter anymore. I’m much more active on Instagram, and I […]

Empties and Purchases

Let’s get to the point. Empties first. I’ve reviewed all of them except for the Naruko cleanser. Erm, not my fave, won’t be repurchasing. I repurchased the Oskia Rennaisance Cleansing Gel yet again, in a jumbo size!     Here’s my recent Cult Beauty purchase, because I was running out of some stuff, and because […]

Hair Is Fabric

This is long overdue. I purchased this during Deciem’s Black Friday sale last year, so it’s been well over 6 months. I bought the HIF (Hair Is Fabric) set of 3 shampoos – one for volumizing, another for hair growth and another for detox. I gave the volumizing one to my mom, and have been […]