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Dior Eye Reviver 002

Review: Dior Backstage Pros Eye Reviver Palette 002

Well, Dior Backstage Pros Eye Reviver Palette now has a 002 (RM260) version. Last year about this time, I posted about the 001. It’s more neutral, and I did mention the palette needed more contrast to the shades provided. I think that was one of the major concerns by the majority – well, from the… Read more »

La Mer Gennaisance dropper

Review: La Mer Genaissance De La Mer The Serum Essence

I did not buy this serum. And let me just put it out there, that even if this serum works fantastically, I will not be able to afford this serum. Rather, given my budget and lifestyle, I will not pay RM2,415 for a 30ml serum. I just can’t bring myself to! That is probably why… Read more »


Review: Foreo Luna Mini 2 – Petal Pink

The Foreo Luna Mini 2 (RM659) was sent to me a while back, and I’ve had a few months to play with it. I’ve been using Clarisonic Plus for a while now, something I bought a few years back from Sephora and it has served me well. I think many want to know what the… Read more »

look MAC

Sunday Stash Shopping #67: Recent lipstick haul

So I went crazy a couple of months ago. There’s a reason I’m a Lipstick Bandit, but I’ve been pretty good at not buying anything… and then BAM!! This is what happened. And these are not all of it.         And you’d know I got out of my mind when you saw… Read more »

Dior Prestige Blemish Balm

Review: Dior Prestige White Collection The UV Protector Youth and Radiance Blemish Balm SPF50+ PA+++

Specifically developed for Asian skin, Dior Prestige White Collection combines the extraordinary age-defying power of Rose de Granville with the unique brightening properties of White Rose. A rare alchemy for an exceptional performance on skin’s youthfulness and radiance. This is the UV Protector Youth and Radiance Blemish Balm SPF 50 PA+++. And I’m afraid this… Read more »

Suntegrity sunscreens

Review: Suntegrity Sunscreens. Cruelty Free and Vegan.

Suntegrity is now available in Malaysia thanks to TNS Skinlab. At this moment of publication, it offers only the sunscreen range instead of the full range of Suntegrity products. There are 3 tinted sunscreens (Suntegrity 5 in 1 Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen, Broad Spectrum SPF30), in Light, Golden Light and Medium. There is actually a lightest… Read more »

Dior summer 2016

Dior Milky Dots Summer 2016. Swatches.

Less words, more pictures! This collection is available since 1st of this month so you might have tried them yourself already. If you’re not in Malaysia, you might already have this since last month. Oh before you continue to swatches and mini reviews, please note… picture heavy!         Here are some of… Read more »

empty skincare

April Empties and Updates

Sooooooo….. I wanted to post this on the last day of April, but life got in the way. It’s been like that for a while now, ever since Ashton is born. It’s a perfectly valid excuse! I mean, I try to keep up with at least 1 post a week, at best 3 posts, but… Read more »

My fitness journey chloeash

Fitness Check In #7: It’s All About The Food

It’s been a year since I started this journey and you know what? I progressed and got stuck, then progressed again and now I’m half stuck. It’s like 2 steps forward, 1 step back. Is this only normal? Can’t we just march on without slumps? Guess I’m a weak human after all. I’ve been maintaining… Read more »

diamond flat iron

My First Ever Flat Iron

I never style my hair myself. I don’t know how to! That’s why I either keep my hair long (pulled into a high bun) or short. The most I’d do with my hair is to blow dry it. In this heat though, I’d want to keep my hair wet to keep cool! And it doesn’t… Read more »

  • pmad3 after

    Project Make A Dent #3 Follow Up

    Time for an update! Project MAD forced me out of my makeup rut and I managed to create some looks with colours. But in my day to day makeup, if I wear any, I stick mainly to sometimes just lining my eyes with MAC Phone Number on my upper lash line and Underground on my… Read more »

  • Diorific Golden Shock

    Review: Dior Christmas Look 2014 Diorific Golden Shock

    I am late in posting a brief review on a few products from this line, but I’ve only just received the products a couple of weeks ago. I’m pretty sure you’ve seen these products at Dior counters by now. What do you think of them? Today I’m showing you 3 products (and an eye palette which… Read more »

  • black beauty blender

    Review: Pro Double Blenders from Beautyblender

    I tried the original Beautyblender in pink before, a few years back actually, and while it was a novelty to use it the first time ever, with all the wet bouncing action, I wasn’t too impressed. In fact, the pink Beautyblender RIPPED after a few washes. I promise I’m not a She Hulk, even though… Read more »

  • look1

    Sunday Stash Shopping #33: Burberry Bright Plum for Day

    You have seen me wear Burberry Bright Plum as opaque as it could go. But do you know how wearable it can actually be? I kept the makeup as simple as possible – barely there, actually. I kept the eye shadows neutral and closer to my lash lines, used a very light pink peach blush… Read more »

  • Bright Plum Burberry

    Review: Burberry Lip Shaping Pencil and Lip Cover in Bright Plum

    I remember not liking my first Burberry Lip Cover very much due to the scent. I really hated the scent, but somehow, as the lipstick grew a little older, the scent wasn’t as strong and I could stomach it! Also, my love for berry shades just vetoed my decision to purchase a few more. Let… Read more »

  • Vice3 palette

    Vice3 Look: Pinks and Purples

    Here are 2 more looks I promised you! If you haven’t checked out the previous 2 looks I created, click here. For the review and swatches of the Urban Decay Vice3 palette, click here. So for these 2 looks, I’ll be using the 3rd and 4th columns of the palette. One is a purple among… Read more »

  • drawer

    The Makeup Addict Tag

    Ah, a tag on makeup stash. I haven’t posted anything about my stash before, so here’s a glimpse to satisfy your voyeuristic nature. Truth be told, I love to read posts like these, because I’m nosy. Thanks to Larie for tagging me, so be sure to check out her post. Oh yeah, I just saw… Read more »

  • Canmake CL01 CL02

    Review: Canmake Cream Blushes

    Canmake is a Japanese brand sold at Sasa here. It’s so accessible for me, but took me a long time to actually try anything from this brand! I decided to give the blushes a try first and the reason I chose the cream blushes is because they look like jelly and I was hungry. HAHAHA!… Read more »

  • Lou Ling

    Review: Guerlain Shine Automatique 760 Lou Ling

    Can anyone please tell me if this is still available or if this is limited edition? I know this Shine Automatique is part of the Holiday collection 2012, but I’m not sure if it’s made limited edition or permanent. If it’s an LE item, please don’t shoot me. I actually really like this shade and… Read more »