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Dior summer 2016

Dior Milky Dots Summer 2016. Swatches.

Less words, more pictures! This collection is available since 1st of this month so you might have tried them yourself already. If you’re not in Malaysia, you might already have this since last month. Oh before you continue to swatches and mini reviews, please note… picture heavy!         Here are some of… Read more »

empty skincare

April Empties and Updates

Sooooooo….. I wanted to post this on the last day of April, but life got in the way. It’s been like that for a while now, ever since Ashton is born. It’s a perfectly valid excuse! I mean, I try to keep up with at least 1 post a week, at best 3 posts, but… Read more »

My fitness journey chloeash

Fitness Check In #7: It’s All About The Food

It’s been a year since I started this journey and you know what? I progressed and got stuck, then progressed again and now I’m half stuck. It’s like 2 steps forward, 1 step back. Is this only normal? Can’t we just march on without slumps? Guess I’m a weak human after all. I’ve been maintaining… Read more »

diamond flat iron

My First Ever Flat Iron

I never style my hair myself. I don’t know how to! That’s why I either keep my hair long (pulled into a high bun) or short. The most I’d do with my hair is to blow dry it. In this heat though, I’d want to keep my hair wet to keep cool! And it doesn’t… Read more »


Random Thoughts and Surprise!

    I have been binge watching mukbangs. What are they? Go to YouTube and search. They’re eating channels, with a twist. I watch mainly for the different types of food. I’ve been watching those from Korea because I like to see what types of foods there are (I love Korean food). I sometimes read… Read more »

Burberry eye colour contour pens

Review: Burberry Eye Colour Contour Pens (Almond, Pale Copper, Rosewood)

I love eye shadow sticks. They’re so convenient. And fast! My favourite so far is Laura Mercier Caviar Stick, followed by Bobbi Brown cream shadow sticks. By Terry ones, I find are WAY overpriced and the quality I find is inconsistent. Misty Rock underperforms compared to Brown Perfection, which is awesome. For the price, I… Read more »


Review: Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Cushion Compact SPF50 PA+++

Yes, another cushion. But this will be the last for quite a while, trust me. I don’t have any other cushions in my backlog now 🙂 I personally really like cushions. Most of them give me skin like finish, and now that my skin is a little drier, I appreciate a little glow in my… Read more »


Sunday Stash Shopping #66: Bobbi Brown Lips

I went a little nuts lately. What am I talking about? I’m always nuts. Then again, what’s normal? Ah, certainly not buying a bunch of new lipsticks but hey, I’m a blogger. That’s my excuse anyway. These are a few Bobbi Brown ones that I purchased (yes, there’s more) and I’m just so in love… Read more »


20 Things That Make Me Happy

It’s been a little difficult to get on a regular blogging schedule. I’ve been so busy! I can set aside one night to write a few posts to be scheduled throughout the next 2 weeks, but after that night, I’d be offline for 3 weeks. Hahaha! I still do blogging things offline like taking photos… Read more »


Face Primers for Drier Skin / Base

My skin has been going through some changes lately, and I notice that my skin is getting drier. I’m sure this has got to do with aging as well, and I’m also not sure if it’s because of the heatwave and I’m just dehydrated. I try to drink more water, but there’s only this much… Read more »

  • drawer

    The Makeup Addict Tag

    Ah, a tag on makeup stash. I haven’t posted anything about my stash before, so here’s a glimpse to satisfy your voyeuristic nature. Truth be told, I love to read posts like these, because I’m nosy. Thanks to Larie for tagging me, so be sure to check out her post. Oh yeah, I just saw… Read more »

  • Canmake CL01 CL02

    Review: Canmake Cream Blushes

    Canmake is a Japanese brand sold at Sasa here. It’s so accessible for me, but took me a long time to actually try anything from this brand! I decided to give the blushes a try first and the reason I chose the cream blushes is because they look like jelly and I was hungry. HAHAHA!… Read more »

  • Lou Ling

    Review: Guerlain Shine Automatique 760 Lou Ling

    Can anyone please tell me if this is still available or if this is limited edition? I know this Shine Automatique is part of the Holiday collection 2012, but I’m not sure if it’s made limited edition or permanent. If it’s an LE item, please don’t shoot me. I actually really like this shade and… Read more »

  • Vice3 palette

    Vice3 Look: Colours and Neutrals

    I have created 2 looks using the Vice 3 palette. There will be 2 more, but first, I want to show you something neutral and basic using the far right column of the palette (taupes and neutrals), and also another more colourful look using the second column from the left (blue, green, navy and dirty… Read more »

  • Naked2 Basics and Black Magic

    Review: Urban Decay Naked2 Basics and Black Magic 24/7 Glide-On Double-Ended Eye Pencil Set

    I have here a basic eye palette and an eye pencil set that you might be interested in. If you have the Naked 2 palette, the Naked 2 Basics is a great supplementary palette with all matte shades. The Black Magic pencil set is all love! I love my black pencil liners, and these dual… Read more »

  • look

    Sunday Stash Shopping #34: Elongating The Eyes

    Now that my face is getting puffier already so puffed up, you know, the last stretch of the pregnancy and all (literally!), I find that my eye makeup is more flattering if I drew my eyes longer. Not too long, but natural enough to be believable. If you have round or smaller eyes, this might… Read more »

  • Vice3

    Review: Urban Decay Vice 3 Eye Shadow Palette

    Truthfully, I never got into Vice palettes. The first 2 looked good, but I was never tempted to do more than just look at online swatches. However, when I saw Vice 3 swatches in US and Singapore blogs I follow, I really wanted it! It might be due to the way the colours are coordinated,… Read more »

  • Lunasol Water Gel Foundation

    Review: Lunasol Water Gel Foundation in Y002

    I always prefer lighter coverage foundations. I love the weightlessness of the foundation, and I only need some coverage to even out my complexion. Sometimes though, we need some heavier coverage foundation for a more flawless finish for that special occasion. The Lunasol Water Gel Foundation is one of them.  

  • Dior Pore Minimizer

    Review: Dior Pore Minimizer: Skin Refining Matte Primer

    I never thought face primers are a must. I believe you must moisturize your skin before applying foundation, but primers… I’m on the fence. I can do with it, I can do without it. However, I do have some enlarged pores around my nose, and there are times when I attend special functions that I… Read more »