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cny mandarins

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Happy Chinese New Year of the Fire Monkey!

Today is the eve of Chinese New Year, which means everyone in the family is home for the reunion dinner. It’s when we all gather at an elder’s house (usually parents or grandparents), eat, drink, gamble, eat, play, chat, eat and be merry! LOL! It’s gonna be noisy, it’s gonna be hot, and it’s gonna… Read more »


FOTD: A Look for Hot and Humid Days and I are collaborating again. The weather here has been ridiculously hot. Chinese New Year days are known to be hot, but man, it’s been hotter than usual. However, we must still go visit relatives and look our best. Well, we do our best to look relatively presentable when we’re sweating so bad. The… Read more »

face powders

On Rotation: Face Powders

I mainly use face powders to get rid of some shine. For such face powders, I prefer those without much coverage. That way, I don’t have to worry about looking cakey if I need to touch up. On really hot days, I’d use powder foundation on top of a base / primer, and skip foundation…. Read more »


Sunday Stash Shopping #63: Pink Azalea

On Instagram a week ago, I said I wanted to use my 4 Burberry lipsticks more often. They are Pink Azalea, Bright Poppy, Sepia Pink and Bright Plum. I purchased these a while back. I don’t like the scent but I love the colours. So here I am wearing Pink Azalea, with warm eyes.  … Read more »

empties jan2016

Word Diarrhea. Oh, and January 2016 Empties. And Dreams.

I tend to speak without filter, hence my resolution to be more conscious with my words. I tend to type everything that flashes in my mind as well, and then have a hard time organizing the thoughts in a more graceful manner, so you guys won’t think I’m weird. Right now, literally right at this… Read more »

My fitness journey chloeash

Fitness Check In #6

My first fitness post in 2016! I must say that it’s true. What is? The gym is so packed in the beginning of the year! November and December were so quiet, I could have the whole gym to myself. Now, I gotta wait to use the machine? Crazy. Let’s see how long this lasts. I’m… Read more »

EL Revitalizing Supreme

Review: Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme Mask and Eye Balm

The full name of the products I’m going to talk about are Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging Mask Boost (RM300) and Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging Eye Balm (RM240). I talked about the moisturizer before, so I’m happy to introduce to you another 2 in the Revitalizing Supreme collection. These are not exactly brand new, since they’ve… Read more »


Sunday Stash Shopping #62: Tom Ford x Dior

Guess what? I went to a pub! How ridiculous is it that I had to get excited about it? I don’t think I’ve been to one for more than 2 years already. It was for a gathering, and I thought it would be nice to apply a little more makeup. Furthermore, it was dark, so… Read more »


Some Good Affordable Skincare

I know I know. I don’t talk about drugstore skincare much. I really want my skin to love them, so my wallet is happier, but my skin is a snob when it comes to skincare. However, there are exceptions. I always find ways to keep my skin hydrated, and Hada Labo’s Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating… Read more »


FOTD with some Dior Spring products

Let’s just jump right into it, shall we? The first look is a very natural barely there makeup look. I really dislike pinks on my eyes, but this cream shadow in 841 Rosée is described as a tea rose. It is undoubtedly pink, but warmer with a tinge of beige. It’s also quite sheer, which makes… Read more »

  • Bobbi Brown Luxe Lips_edited

    Review: Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Colors Posh Pink and Your Majesty

    Bobbi Brown just released a new line of lipsticks recently. Luxe Lip Colors (RM107) deliver a comfortable, ultra luxurious feel to the lips while delivering bold colors to the lips in just one swipe. Luxe Lips help reduce the appearance of fine lip lines and the moisture boosting ingredients prevent lips from flaking. The new… Read more »

  • cleansers

    On Rotation: Makeup Removers and Cleansers

    I like to have 2 different cleansers and removers. Other than having something different for day and night use, the main purpose for this is mainly variety. I get bored easily. I have many different cleansers in my cupboard, and I want to use them up before purchasing / opening new ones. I don’t want to… Read more »

  • Linden Leaves

    Review: Linden Leaves Moisture Replenishing Mask and Porcelain Brightening Serum

    Linden Leaves was founded by Brigit Blair in 1995 in Christchurch, New Zealand to help care for two of her children who suffered severe eczema and allergies. It is an all natural brand which started from the home kitchen and now, is available around the world. In Malaysia, you can find it at TNS Skinlab,… Read more »

  • open box

    Review: Benefit Do The Hoola

    I never got into Benefit. I remember liking their mascara, and their box powders looked interesting, but the same powders put me off a little because of the boxes. I find them bulky and sometimes a little too cute. However, I’ve always been curious. You know how it goes… we’re always curious, we always want… Read more »

  • Melvita Nectar Supreme creme

    Review: Melvita Nectar Supreme Cream and The Eye & Lip Contour Cream

    Melvita has created some new products recently, its first ever organic anti ageing products using two nectars prized by bees. We all know that honey is great, manuka honey is even better, but hey, Royal Jelly is the secret to the Queen bee’s longevity. It’s the first time I hear of Kniphofia Nectar, and it… Read more »

  • look1

    Sunday Stash Shopping #56: Mulberry and Smile

    It’s that time again, when I have to pay for this site’s hosting. I just received an email from Hostgator, and they will be charging me US$107.40 for next year’s fees. That’s A LOT! I am not willing to pay so much and am willing to change host. I was recommended Hostnext, Bluehost and Hostmds…. Read more »

  • blushes open

    On Rotation: Cheeks

    There have been many days when I would sit there thinking what I would apply on my face. So, I’ve been pulling out some stuff and put them in my makeup bag so I’d just use them without thinking. Then every once in a while, I’d rotate them out for something else. For the past… Read more »

  • Clinique

    Review: Clinique Sonic System for Cleansing and Sculpting

    Sometimes I wonder when cleansing became a little more complicated. It used to involve just the cleanser and our hands. I remember my mom used to have a face cloth and sometimes she also used disposable sponges. Even until now, it has become a habit that she uses a cloth to clean her face. We… Read more »

  • cushion

    Review: The Face Shop Oil Control Water Cushion SPF50 PA+++ and IOPE Air Cushion

    Today, I’d like to talk about cushion foundations. Cushion foundations are basically liquid foundation in a compact, made easy for portability and also touch ups. This all started in Korea ( as far as I know ), and they now have cushion blusher, and even cushion eye colors. Here, I have 2 Korean brands for… Read more »