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Sunday Stash Shopping #82: Simple and Uplifting

I didn’t know what to name this look, but that’s what this look does. It is simple, and it brightens the face almost immediately. I didn’t mean to blog about this, mainly because I didn’t take the photos using my good camera. I thought the look turned out nice, and on a whim, I took… Read more »

Review: Dior Prestige Le Nectar De Teint SPF20 PA++

I love bright luminous skin. I’m your typical Asian who hides from the sun ­čśë Other than taking care of our skin using the right skincare for our individual and unique skin, I also believe that a good foundation makes a whole lot of difference. I am guilty of never being satisfied with what I… Read more »

Quick Thoughts on Chanel Spring 2017

I’m late in posting these. I just received them last week, and there isn’t a Chanel counter in my hometown so I haven’t been able to check out most of Chanel’s things. That said, I tried to take photos and use them as quickly as I could. Furthermore, if you follow a few blogs, you… Read more »

Review: By Terry Terrybly Densiliss Foundation

Wow, I’ve been wanting to talk about this foundation for AGES but didn’t get to. There were either newer limited edition products I had to write about first, or something more interesting. Now that the kids are watching TV, and I have all the photos sitting in the folder, I thought I’d quickly tell you… Read more »

Recent Bobbi Brown Mini Haul

I don’t usually write about ‘hauls’. The word bugs me for some reason, but since many people use it, what the heck, if you can’t beat them, join them ­čÖé I purchased 2 little goodies from Bobbi Brown recently. Firstly, I have to say I was sucked in by the white packaging instead of the… Read more »

Sunday Stash Shopping #81: Dior Spring Look 2017

I promised to create a look for you using the Dior Spring eye shadow palette I featured last week. I was supposed to post it last week, but it’s been a very busy Chinese New Year! I spent the few days visiting family and friends, and even met up with some childhood friends from school…. Read more »

Face Oils I’ve Been Enjoying Lately

I’ve come a long way. If you told me 5 years ago that I’d be putting oils on my face, I’d laugh at you. If you told me 2 years ago that I’d be loving face oils today, I’d be skeptical. It took a while, but I’m now a convert. I used to have oily… Read more »

Dior Spring Look 2017: Swatches

Hey guys, I showed you the lips yesterday, so today will be all the other stuff. I haven’t really had the chance to test them properly yet. I’ve been very busy preparing for Chinese New Year which is tomorrow! It’s been busy since yesterday, and schedule will continue to be packed for the next few… Read more »

Dior Spring Look 2017: Color Gradation Lips

I initially thought I’d show you the entire collection with arm swatches, since these are already in stores, but the lipsticks are so pretty, I wanted to show you how they look on me as well! I didn’t want the post to be picture heavy as it’ll take too long to load, so I’m splitting… Read more »

Dior Addict Lip Glow Berry and Lip Sugar Scrub

If you’ve been reading my blog, you’d know that I love my Dior Lip Glow. I used up a few tubes of the original pink, then fell in love with Coral (used up the whole tube) and was introduced Lilac last year. I only have half a tube left, and now, we’re introduced Berry. My… Read more »

  • Embrace the Fantasy Of Christmas With Dior Grand Bal Collection

    In a swirl of shadows and light, the Dior heroine┬áleads the ball dance. She wears her glamour like a┬ásecond skin. For the Christmas 2012 makeup collection, Tyen reinterprets the spirit of Dior grand balls with┬áa contemporary elegance and a cheeky twist. They were a constant theme beating at the heart of monsieur DiorÔÇÖs fashion and… Read more »

  • Lanc├┤me Holiday Collection That Blings

    This is something that caught my eye. Something that blings gold ­čśë It is┬áLanc├┤me’s Holiday Collection, available in December. These few things caught my attention, especially the Dazzling Beauty Set.

  • FOTD: Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Pulp Fiction

    I was going through my own posts and realised I haven’t explained what I did for the look I did on the Eyes To Kill post. It is a very simple look and the eyes look dimensional solely because of the complexity of these gorgeous ETK. To know what I did and used for this… Read more »

  • FOTD: An Evening Look With A Touch Of Bling

    I did this look for the Dior Fairy Golds Palette. Again, like yesterday’s red lip FOTD, this is mainly for my archives. For those of you who are interested to know how I created the look, please read on.

  • FOTD: Statement Lips

    You would have seen this in my Guerlain L’Extrait Luxure post, but I wanted to update this look for my record ­čśë Sometimes I forget what I actually used for a particular look, so this is more for my archives. For those of you who haven’t seen this yet, or if you wanted to know… Read more »

  • Pixie Dusts And Fairy Golds Anyone? Dior Enlightens Our Eyes

    ** Warning: Picture Heavy ** Dior Couture Colour Eyeshadow Palette in 764 Fairy Golds is what I have. This is part of the limited edition Holiday collection. The other palette launched together is Night Golds and is the darker version of the two.

  • Introducing Femme Boulevard. Nude For New Beginnings.

    Femme Boulevard. What is that? Let me briefly tell you. We are a group of beauty bloggers who group once in a while to have some fun! We will start off with some themed looks so you can catch our individual interpretation. Who knows what else we might think of, eh? Our girl band group… Read more »

  • Yet Another Empties Post

    I’m on a roll, aren’t I? It’s not even the end of the month and I have yet another empties post. I sucked these products dry, to the very last drop… I’m so proud. There’s this weird sense of achievement until the cold hard realisation….Repurchase. This is my most expensive empties post so far.

  • Hide Your Blemishes With MUFE Full Cover Extreme Camouflage Cream

    Now you see it, now you don’t! What are you to do while waiting for your zit to go away? How can you hide some slight discoloration or marks on your face? Some concealers do the trick, some do a half assed job, while others just don’t do much. This one by Make Up For… Read more »