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Review: Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme + Global Anti-Aging Cell Power Creme

Hello beautiful people! I’m back! Well, for this post that is. I plan to write a few more posts for this month so I’ll be around for a little while. I wanted to be back earlier, but kids took turn to get sick. Ashton just had a bout of fever, and he’s only starting to… Read more »

Unexpected Break Update

It’s been 3 weeks since my last post. I’m still getting emails from you guys and you have no idea how touched I am. My grandfather passed away a few days after that last post. There was one day when he was very alert, so close to being normal, but 2 days later, he left… Read more »

Empties and A Little Sad Update

Is it the end of the month already? I didn’t realize it until I saw the title of this post in the draft. I’ve been postponing all my ‘planned’ posts because I’ve just been really uninspired to talk about skincare and makeup lately. My grandfather is in the hospital now, with a tube down his… Read more »

Fitness Check In #9: Progress

Remember I talked about my struggle with food in the last post? Thanks to all your comments and encouragement, I sucked it up, counted my calories, tracked my macros and logged into My Fitness Pal every day since July. Took me a couple of months after I wrote the post to finally commit to it,… Read more »

Reiew: Biotherm Blue Therapy Accelerated Cream and Serum

While I’ve been MIA here on the blog, I’ve been testing these 2 products exclusively. I’ve been using them every morning and evening, after cleanser and toner, for more than a month so I thought it’s about time I tell you about it. They are Biotherm Blue Therapy Accelerated Cream (50ml, RM295) and Biotherm Blue… Read more »

Sunday Stash Shopping #77: Feeling Blue

Hello, it’s been a while! I have no better reason but to say, my life took over. I’ve been taking care of my kids, being a wife, working out, and sleeping when I can. Most of the time, I even forgot to go online. I get on Twitter sometimes, and Instagram but I always miss most… Read more »

Sunday Stash Shopping #76: My Boring Go To Look

I’m not very adventurous when it comes to applying my daily makeup. I have 3 kids to juggle so I always end up with similar looks. I can be using different products, but my technique is most of the time the same. I’d use a brown shadow on my lids, sometimes with liner, sometimes with… Read more »

Review: Dior Capture Totale Dreamskin Perfect Skin Cushion

Dior Capture Totale Dreamskin Perfect Skin Cushion (RM280) is the second cushion launched here in Asia, but the first ever worldwide. This cushion promises to refine skin texture, reduce spots and redness, and smooth, unify and firm the skin. It is lightweight yet long lasting, protects (SPF50) and hydrates. Marketed for everyone, for all ages and… Read more »

Trialing Edible Beauty

With a name like Edible Beauty, you’d have guessed that they use ingredients good enough to eat. They use non toxic herbs, teas and plants, and stay away from unnecessary chemicals. This brand is also vegan and cruelty free. I was curious at one point – should I taste it? Erm, I chickened out. If… Read more »

How I Wear The New Dior Rouge 999 Matte and 047 Miss

I owed you guys and here it is. I know a review on lipsticks is incomplete without a lip swatch. Talking about this, what do you find helpful in showing the lipstick’s color? For me, I need at least an arm swatch, and also knowing the person’s foundation shade. Personally, I dislike lip swatches that… Read more »

  • Want Eye Shadows To Die For? Giorgio Armani Helps With Eyes To Kill

    Where have I been? I must be blind and deaf to have missed these gems. I got my hands on a couple of Armani Eyes To Kill Eye Shadows a few months back and they are awesomeness jam packed into a glass jar. I’m late in discovering these, but hey, better late than never.

  • Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Shadow Pencils don’t glide much

    24/7 Glide On Shadow Pencils. From the name, I expect these pencils to be long lasting and apply smoothly. I have 3 pencils here, which I picked up when there was a 10% discount on HQHair a while ago. Do I think they are aptly named? Read on to find out!

  • My Skincare Staple: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

    Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, or as many people affectionately call it as ANR has been part of my skincare routine for a long time. I’ve always wanted to talk about this, and my delay is caused by the believe that many people should already know the ANR by now. So why should I talk… Read more »

  • Monthend Randomness: Guilty Pleasure!

    I re-wrote the introduction a few times and I couldn’t get it right. I give up. So, I’m just going to jump right in and confess. I will share my guilty pleasures with you, so don’t judge 😉 I indulge in these once in a while, so I guess it’s still ok. Haha!

  • September Empties!

    This is such a cop out of a post…LOL! But hey, I want to show you I used up some stuff again… I’m on a roll! They are mostly skincare, well, they are all skincare, but I finished them nonetheless.

  • How Do You Take Care Of Your Nails?

    Yes, I just wanted to ask that. It would be funny if I ended the post just like this, eh? LOL! I would like to know how you take care of your nails. That would include your fingernails and your toenails. Why would I like to know? It’s because I don’t know how to. That’s… Read more »

  • Sunday Sharing: Eye Brushes I Use Most Frequently

    I love makeup brushes. I experimented with a few brands, and I’ve also tried brushes of different shapes and sizes. I am always looking for better ones, and some older ones just don’t feel good enough anymore. Yes, I’m fickle like that. However, these are the few brushes that withstood time and until I find… Read more »

  • Bring the Galaxy to Your Eyes with Bobbi Brown

    I realised I haven’t talked about Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow before. Well, I have, just briefly, when I talked about cream bases for eyes, but not a proper post dedicated to this eye shadow. Bobbi Brown is the first higher end makeup I obsessed with. It was all Bobbi Brown until I discovered the… Read more »

  • Red Lips Are For…..

    I don’t usually do discussions unless it’s a Sunday but since I missed the last Sunday and I’m impatient, let’s just discuss it today. We in Malaysia had a long weekend recently and we took the opportunity to visit my brother in Kuala Lumpur. I was naturally gravitated towards cosmetics department and I finally picked… Read more »