Review and Swatches: Chanel Pierres De Lumiere Makeup Collection

I want to be early and say, hey, this collection will be out in a few days, and here are the swatches, and my thoughts so you can check it out and take your time to decide. I’m sorry guys. I got this 2 weeks ago, and I did my best to get this post up. Been a little busy 🙂 So, here are some swatches, and a short review (as short as I can be) and hopefully, whatever you want to pick up isn’t sold out yet.



I will talk about the Le Blanc Brightening Gentle Touch Foundation Long Lasting Radiance and Comfort SPF30 cushion in a separate post, so that I could be more detailed. For now, I have a blush and a highlighter that I think will be quite popular to show you. There’s a blush in Tweed Beige and a highlighter in White Opal. Both are actually complex colours instead of straight up beige or opal. Here are the swatches, and it is nothing like real life.



Both these cheek products have a shift. The Tweed Beige has a golden sheen that makes it look like light bronze in certain angle and White Opal is like a cool pinky pearl with a complex lilac/fuchsia shift. When I apply it on my cheeks, and when I move, the colour morphed from the lightest pink to lilac to fuchsia. It’s very interesting. If highlighting is your game, you cannot miss out on this. Tweed Beige is my favourite at the moment. It is very warm, and the golden sheen is really something. I thought it’s the leftover gold overspray, but I got rid of the overspray, and still get the gold sheen. It’s stunning! I must warn you that if you have skin texture like bigger pores, they will look more obvious.

Next up are the eye shadows.



They don’t look particularly interesting, especially the neutral quad which looks dupable. I love that there is a matte bone shade, and the darkest colour is a medium golden brown. This shade in particular is made different because of the texture. It applies like any powder, but the finish is wet and glossy. What sorcery is this? I applied this colour all over my lids the other day, on top of foundation, and it is pigmented yet translucent, making it look and feel like gloss. The 2 lighter shades, shimmery champagne and peach aren’t very interesting, but still wearable. It’s a neutral palette, and everyone wears neutral. I suspect this looks better on medium skin because the lighter shades will stand out more. On my lighter skin, the lighter shades just blend in without much contrast.

The 2 Ombre Premiere cream shadows are very reflective and to me, they work best as base shades. That’s mainly because these sort of light reflective colours will make my eyes look puffy and swollen. These are great on their own too, and I wish there is more depth to them. That’s purely personal preference of course.



Last but not least, the lipsticks. I have 2 jumbo lip crayons and 1 Rouge Allure Ink.



I love love love Cornaline. I can wear it full on opaque, or on top of lip balm for a more toned down look. Corail Intense is bright, young and fun while Bois Rose is a pinky nude that does not wash me out.

Below is a look I created using just a few products. I have the brown from the quad on my lids, Tweed Beige on my cheeks, White Opal to highlight and Cornaline on top of lip balm for a softer finish.



I am also wearing the Le Blanc cushion as base, and it makes my skin look flawless here! I didn’t realise it until I saw the photos. I wish the shift in the blush and highlighter show in pictures, but if you follow other accounts, I’m sure somehow or rather, you would have seen it. If not, I highly suggest you go swatch it yourself. The Chanel Pierres De Lumiere makeup collection is already in stores.

Did anything catch your eye?


xoxo Lily




Quick Review and Swatches: Chanel Spring Summer 2019 Makeup

Chanel released their Spring Summer 2019 Makeup early February, but I only just received them not long ago. You must have read the reviews online, and seen some swatches, but I just want to chime in and show you what the lipsticks look like on me. You know, in case you have similar skin colour, so it might be helpful.



I don’t have all the items, especially the coveted eyeshadow palette so you’ll have to go to the counter to have a look. The palette is limited edition, so once it’s gone, it’s gone. Of the items here, the 2 Rouge Allure Velvets (RM138) are limited edition. They are 71 Nuance (beige nude) and 73 Imperial (berry). If you are looking for a matte lipstick that does not dry out the lips, then this is it. The formula is kind to those with dry lips as they are not the super long wearing formula that sucks out all the moisture from your lips. The finish is not fully matte, but more velvety, as the name implies. I love this formula. Easy to apply, comfortable to wear. I can also sheer it out by applying it on top of a lip balm, or go dramatic by applying a few layers.

The Rouge Allure Powder Matte (RM138) lipsticks are not new anymore. We have already seen it launch last year, and I didn’t like them very much. I gave it more chances, but I still don’t fancy the slippery silicone feel. It’s personal preference of course, because I know some really love it. The colour payoff is sheer, and to get the opacity shown in promo photos, you’d have to pile it on or apply it on top of another lipstick. On its own, it’s just a sheer lipstick. I very much prefer the Rouge Coco Shine because while sheerer, they are comfortable on the lips. Shown here are 962 Electric Blossom (bright coral) and 964 Bittersweet (purple berry).

Here are the swatches and how they look on me.



The new product that is launched in this collection is their Baume Essentiel (RM171). It is essentially a stick highlighter, and here, you see a transparent one, and a sculpting one which has shimmer. Glossy makeup is trendy nowadays, and these are easily used for glossy lids, and wet highlights. I have to warn you that they stay slightly tacky in case you think they will dry down. I tried the transparent one as a lip balm and it works too. If you like to experiment, then I think you’ll really like this. Or, if you go through tubes of lip balms in a short time, this can act as a giant lip balm. I use this more as a highlighter. Never on my lids. I put some on my 3rd and 4th fingers then gently pat on cheekbones, on top of powder. I do this as the very last step of makeup. I wouldn’t swipe it on my face because that will move all the makeup applied underneath.

I use the RMS Living Luminizer cream highlighter and the sculpting Baume Essentiel (the shimmery one) looks similar except it’s in stick form. I did not swatch that and left it untouched, because I want to share it with you and include it in my 9th blog anniversary giveaway.



The 2 nail polishes (RM103) in this collection are beautiful in colour. I fell in love with the blush nude 646 Bleached Mauve. It is the perfect balance of beige and rose, super easy to apply and very long wearing too. I’m glad it’s a permanent because I know I want to have this colour in my collection forever! I swatched it on my Instagram account, so pop on over to have a look. Le Vernis Neon in Techno Bloom (limited edition) is a deep matte fuchsia that looks surprisingly casual. However, I struggle to paint with this formula. I have to make sure I apply it evenly, or there will be streaks. It doesn’t last as long as Bleached Mauve because it started chipping on the 2nd day. Lovely colour, a bit fussy to wear for a newbie like me.



Last but not least, the Retractable Highlighter Brush 105 (RM137). It is the cutest brush I’ve seen. I put it against the lipsticks for you to see. It’s not that much bigger than a Rouge Allure Velvet. When closed, it is just the size of those mini mascaras you get as samples. The bristles are very soft and gentle on the skin. Instead of using it with the Baume Essentiel, I prefer to use it as a powder brush. It is the perfect size to set my undereyes. If I contour, I would use it for precise contouring as well. Retractable brushes are great for travel – compact and light, and this is no different. I washed it once, and experienced no shedding. A great quality brush!



That’s the end of my “quick review”. Quite lengthy huh? I didn’t expect to write so many words either. Thanks for reading as usual, and if there’s absolutely 1 item I’d pick, I’d go for the Le Vernis in Bleached Mauve. I LOVE it!! What tickles your fancy?


xoxo Lily




Pamper Your Senses with Les Eaux de Chanel

I’ve been really stressed lately. Ashton changed school, and we’re thinking of sending the girls private as well. There are lots of things to do, lots of things to prepare, organize, appointments to go to and I hardly had time to think of anything else. When I get stressed, my shoulders feel sore, and I’m just tense all over. I used to take a long bath, with some gorgeous bath salts that smell heavenly, but I don’t have time for that. So, I’m thankful I had some Les Eaux de Chanel toiletries. I have their perfume, shower gel and body lotion.



When I step into the shower, I usually mindlessly squeeze out some shampoo, wash my hair, then with my eyes closed, squeeze out some shower gel and wash my body. The Chanel shower gel requires me to carefully twist open the cap but I actually enjoyed taking the time to do that. Then I pour out some gel onto my palm and apply the silky body wash onto my body. It’s luxurious and decadent, and the beautiful scent also slows me down. I take the time to smell, and to feel my body. And then the relaxing thought stops when I feel my mommy tummy. From “aahhh”, I go “crap, shouldn’t have eaten that extra soft shell crab maki”.



And I digress.

Sometimes, I will apply the body lotion in the evenings, but in the mornings, I usually don’t. I sometimes go out without applying any perfume because the shower gel gives me a subtle scent but if I’m out for a longer time, then I will spray some perfume on. I like that the perfumes are light, and I can layer different perfumes together.

I have a feeling this will result in future purchases, when previously, it seems crazy for me to buy such expensive shower gels for myself. Yes, it’s expensive pampering but for me, it’s a stress reliever so it’s worth it. For now, I’m grateful I’m sent these, and I’m enjoying them so much! If you like such pampering as well, you can find these only at Chanel boutiques 🙂



What is your stress reliever? Do you pamper yourself in the shower or in the bath?


xoxo Lily




Chanel Gabrielle Toiletries

Who needs expensive toiletries? Chanel shower gel? Chanel body lotion? Honestly, I won’t buy it for myself. However, we all have a friend who has everything. Or sometimes, we just don’t know what present to buy for that one or two friends we have. I can’t think of anything better than this. I also have a few friends who love fragrances. So I think this will blend into their collection just nicely. It’s something frivolous, something quite unnecessary, but also something that is luxurious and glamorous to have. I know I would be very happy to receive these as presents. And Christmas is only … how many days away?



The Chanel Gabrielle Toiletries are now available at Chanel boutiques. The deodorant is RM165, shower gel is RM179 and body lotion is RM231. These are all subtly fragranced, and I really love how I smell after shower. It literally changed my showering experience when I twist open the shower gel cap, with my pinky raised. Hahahaha!!



Is this a must have? Of course not! I will never push you to buy a shower gel that costs RM179 when you can buy one at RM17.90!! But as a gift for a dear friend, yes, I will buy it. I think it’s something personal (she’ll definitely think of you when she showers), and if you’re a guy, not knowing what to get a girl friend, I’d say, this is a safe choice.

So tell me, would you like it if someone gifted this to you? Or would you secretly think that you preferred chocolates?


xoxo Lily




Some New Chanel Lipsticks

Chanel released some super intense matte lipsticks for us. Their Rouge Allure Velvet lipsticks are comfortable and semi matte, and these new releases, Rouge Allure Velvet Extreme lipsticks, have a fully matte finish. I find that they drag on when applying, no slip at all, but very pigmented and most importantly, they do not dry out my lips. Note that whenever I apply matte lipsticks, I prep my lips prior – scrub and moisturize.

Less words, more pictures? OK then.


Chanel Rouge Allure Extreme swatches

Chanel Rouge Allure Extreme swatches


Can we just please take a short moment to admire the sleek matte black packaging? We have matte black and gold for the Rouge Allure Velvets and matte/glossy black combo for the Rouge Allure Velvet Extremes. Gasp!


Chanel Rouge Allure Extreme swatches


Before I show you the swatches, I also want to take this opportunity to show you the new Chanel Rouge Allure Liquid Powder. They are liquid lipstick in a squeezy tube, very unlike Chanel might I add. The product squeezes out like little squiggly jelly worms through the sponge applicator, and applies a little strange. They feel very slippery but powdery, and they sit on top of my lips, emphasizing all the flakes I didn’t know I had. I saw some swatches online and they looked very pigmented, but on me, they are sheer. I have no idea how those online swatches look so pigmented because no matter how much I layered the product, I could never get an opaque finish.



Needless to say, I would recommend you getting their sleek matte lipsticks instead of these squeezy little things. I’m not impressed and they’re the same price (RM133) in case you were wondering.

Now, on to swatches!



I absolutely love all the Rouge Allure reds, and the nudes are very wearable. They do not wash me out, but in these photos, when put side by side with reds, they pale in comparison. Red lipsticks are meant for photos, honestly!! But day in day out, these 2 nudes are perfect. Chanel reds and Chanel nudes – what can go wrong?


Well, there you go. These will be available very soon (1 October 2018) so you can go check them out at your nearest Chanel.

I hope these swatches and side by side comparisons are helpful. Which one caught your eye?


xoxo Lily





Chanel Fall Makeup 2018

How late am I? These were sent to me just recently, so I thought I’d show you some swatches anyway. Maybe you’re debating whether or not to purchase something, and if your skin tone is similar to mine, then you’ll be able to see how some of these look on me.


Chanel Fall Makeup 2018


Chanel Fall Makeup 2018 is very wearable, and the eye shadow palette in 308 Clair-Obscur especially, is a neutral lover’s dream. It’s fully matte, and you guys know I love a good matte. They are not powdery nor chalky, and is a cool companion of my lovely warm Candeur et Experience. They also came out with Stylo Ombre Et Contour, an eyeshadow-liner-khol in one, and these stay put on my eyes like a champ. The colour I have is 12 Contour Clair and it’s great as a base, or just as a subtle shadow.



The matte nail polishes that the Fall Collection offers are very elegant and chic. I posted them on Instagram and you guys agree that the deep eggplant 638 Profondeur looks best.



Here, I paired the nail polishes with the 2 Rouge Allure Inks I have. If you’re not familiar with Rouge Allure Ink, it’s a comfortable liquid lipstick that dries semi matte. I have tried so many liquid lipsticks, and if they are matte, they do get uncomfortable. These Rouge Allure Inks are one of the most comfortable ones in the market. Try it and you’ll know what I mean.



For me, I am most excited about the Jumbo Longwear Matte Lip Crayons.



These are pigmented and opaque. They remain blendable for a minute or so and then they stay put. I like to apply following the shape of my lips, then smudge out the lip line using my pinky. You can use a brush, but I’m lazy like that. Furthermore, I like the worn in look, not so much for a clean crisp red lip, which I think looks dated. Here are the swatches.



I like all of them except Discretion which is a milky beige nude. It just makes me look tired and sickly. I tried mixing it with the deeper reds, but the white base does not complement my skin tone. However, I love mixing the 2 Rouge Allure Inks I have.



The photos above are taken on different days using different light source. That’s why they don’t look consistent (time constraint and unpredictable weather lately). I wanted to get this out ASAP before they’re sold out.

Did anything catch your eye? Did you buy something already?


xoxo Lily