MAC Cream Colour Base: Shell, Pearl, Hush

I’ve been writing a lot about cream blushes lately, so I thought I’d also put in some cream highlighters. Well, those that I use anyway. Here, I will talk about MAC Cream Colour Base (CCB) in Shell (shimmery light pink), Pearl (pearly white) and Hush (light peach).

My first ever CCB-cum-highlighter was Shell, thanks to Kandee Johnson, a well known makeup guru on YouTube. This particular CCB is less creamy than the others and it goes on smooth and sheer without depositing glitterry gunk on your face. I usually like to use this as highlight when I’m using pink blushes. Just dab a little on the protruding part of your cheekbones with fingers and you’re done. Never overdo highlighting. Less is more.



Pearl is of a creamier texture than Shell. The colour is true to its name, with a pearly white sheen to it. This is great for highlighting under your brow bones for a pop, or you can swipe a little down the bridge of your nose to make it look higher. I have even tried adding this to my liquid foundation to give my face a subtle luminous glow. I’d put some of this and some liquid foundation on the back of my hand and mix it with a brush before applying. CCBs are multi-taskers. As I usually say, any creativity is only limited by your own imagination!



Hush is a very pretty light peach colour but it doesn’t show up too well on my skin when worn alone. So, what usually do is, I’d apply this on my cheeks first, then dab on my powder blush over this. This will prolong its staying power, making blushes last all day. I also wear this alone on my lids to give it a healthy peachy glow – must use a good eye primer first though. This creases on my lids. I also wear this alone like a subtle highlight when I use only bronzers on the contours of my cheeks. It’s very pretty!



Below are the swatches on my hand, one taken in natural light, the other using flash. All the colours are swatched heavily for you to have a better look. Just imagine applying a sheer coat of it. Aren’t they pretty?
L –> R: Shell, Pearl, Hush


natural light: Shell, Pearl, Hush
flash: Shell, Pearl, Hush


I do not own any other cream or liquid highlighters because after reviewing the CCBs that I have, I think it’s already more than enough. Really, how many highlighters do you need? Ok ok… it’s not really about needs or wants. A girl can’t have too many of anything, right? LOL!

Anyway, I do attest that these CCBs have been working very well on my skin. So, I’ve been happy about this, and temptations aside, I’ve been quite a loyal fan =) What about you? Have you tried CCB before? Do you have any highlighters that you especially love? Do share!