Dior Lip Maximizer Should Be X Rated

I received this a while ago, actually. Probably 2 months ago? Or more? You have probably heard about Dior Lip Maximizer before. Its full name is Dior Addict Lip Maximizer High Volume Lip Plumper. So you’ve heard of it before (or not), but have you tried it? I read somewhere that this is one of the bestsellers in Japan. Do you want sexier lips? Fuller and plumper lips? Smoother and more moisturized lips?


Dior Lip Maximizer

Let me tell you straight up that I have termed this Lip Maximizer “Lip-gasm”. In the tube, it looks no different to other Dior glosses, except for the fact that this is a translucent pale pink with shimmer. Yes, the one I have is shimmery and absolutely gorgeous. Instead of a little brush like the ones that come with the glosses, I get a doe foot applicator. I applied it on my lips, and thought it felt a little sticky. Wait for a few seconds, and my lips started to have a mild throbbing sensation that isn’t unpleasant. A short while later, my lips became all tingly with a cooling sensation that is orgasmic. I am absolutely addicted to that sensation. For something this cool, I had to let the little ones try. Both had the same reaction. Eyes look bored, then eyes pop up wide open, lips turn into a huge grin, then giggles. Ashlyn termed it “spicy” while Chloe just giggled and said “Awesome! Again!!”.


doe foot applicator

lip maximizer shimmer

Picture blurred out to show shimmer


Lip-gasm aside, does the product really work? Yes. It makes my lips smoother, lines less visible and definitely more moisturized. I have been using this every day and while I don’t notice a huge change on my lips (c’mon, this is no Botox), I do notice my lips look and feel more supple. The collagen and hyaluronic filling spheres in the ingredients definitely helped my lips look better. I like to use it right after my skincare, before applying my makeup so that the Lip-gasm in the tube can do its magic on my lips. When I apply my lipstick last, my lips are prepped and ready to go.


hand swatch


When the lipstick on my lips are worn off, I reach for Lip-gasm first. I told you I’m addicted to the sensation, didn’t I? I sometimes leave my lips nude, I sometimes reapply my lipstick. I can see this is something I would continue using on a daily basis and just writing about it now makes me want to reach for it… FYI, it is 1:50AM at the time of writing 😛 Here is an obligatory before after picture.


before after


I have not tried other lip plumpers and have no intention to. Yes, it’s how happy I am with Dior Lip Maximizer. Do try this out because I think it’s no hype. This thing is for real. I really like it! It works wonders on my uneven lips. Ashlyn loves the spicy and tries her luck asking for it frequently, but I have a thing against kids and makeup. Teenagers wear makeup, not toddlers. Period.

Gah… you know what? I’m giving in… I’m gonna apply my lip-gasm now.

Oh, and before I forget, if you’re in KL this Saturday, check out this post. You get a one hour one-to-one private makeup coaching session with Dior’s makeup artists!


xoxo Lily


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