Review: Dior Spring 2015

I have 3 little things to show you from Dior’s Spring 2015 collection. I have a Dior Addict Lip Maximizer (RM97), a top coat in Ecloision (RM80) and a Cheek & Lip Glow (RM140). These are already available at Dior counters nationwide, I was told, so I got this post out before the collection is gone. I’m not going to talk about the Lip Maximizer because I already wrote a full review on it 2 years ago, and my thoughts remain the same. I used up 2 tubes already, mainly for the “lipgasm” not for the bee stung lips.


Dior Spring 2015


It’s no secret that I’m just not good at nail stuff and I struggle just to get the colours even on my nails. I have always been fascinated by those who can paint their nails beautifully, and those who can do nail art on themselves are from another world. I had my fingers crossed the first time I was trying this top coat, and guess what? Even a moron like me could make it work (sorta). The little bits of tiny pastel confetti add fun to any nail colour. Ecloision is much easier to work with compared to the gold flakes I showed you previously (from their Holiday collection). It also camouflages a not so perfect base which for me is just perfect 😉




From this collection, I was most interested in this Cheek and Lip Glow and their Lip Baumes. I haven’t tried the latter, but this Cheek & Lip Glow caught my eye from far away. Literally. Look at it. It is so neon, it literally glows in the dark! I was curious how it would look on my cheeks and lips because who wants a neon blush right? The texture of it reminds me of Benetint. It is runny and very fluid but this one is more pigmented. The applicator reminds me of that limited edition Clarins liquid blush that I used up, only this is fatter.


Cheek and lip glowlip glow swatch


Pictures above were taken the first time I swatched it. I expected it to be a little creamy and it’s runny. When I blended out that liquid streak, I certainly didn’t expect to see that darker stain in the middle! This alerted me to be careful when applying it on my cheeks. I find that the best way to apply this is to dot some on my fingers and then pat it on. A little goes a VERY long way and it’s best to layer it on slowly. It gives a bright pink flush if applied too much but when applied with a light hand, this Cheek & Lip Glow gives the most youthful and fun blush to the face.

On the lips however, is another story. I don’t like it. I have this fear of eating my makeup and this liquid has the tendency to seep into my mouth. It tastes sweet by the way. It makes my lips look baby pink, and it’s really cute, but no. I freak out every time I use it. Even just a tiny dot of this makes me clamp my lips shut. LOL! I don’t know why because I don’t feel that way with glosses or lipsticks. Weird, I tell you. I will show you guys how this looks on me in the next stash shopping post on Sunday.

Have you seen or tested any of the Kingdom of Colours collection? I haven’t been to a makeup counter for a few months now so I’ve only tested these which were sent to me. I read some mixed reviews on the lip baume but I’m interested to try. I hope it’s still available when I finally have the time to go to a Dior counter. Did anything catch your eye?


xoxo Lily


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