Les Beiges de Chanel: Quick Thoughts and Swatches

I’m still a relatively newb when it comes to Chanel. It’s appalling, I know, but the nearest Chanel counter is 200km away, and when I do travel, I don’t usually have the time to leisurely look at makeup. One of the things I hate is having someone breathing down my neck while I’m browsing, asking me if I’m done already, or quite possibly having the kids calling Mommy non stop and ruining the makeup on display! So truth be told, I’m still quite excited with Chanel makeup, and Lucia Pica has been doing quite well ever since her first makeup collection last year.




(Beige 10 – 60 and Beige Rose 12 & 22)

Let me first talk about this Gel Touch Foundation. It comes in a familiar compact like many other cushions, but instead of a cushion, it’s a netting with cooling gel foundation in it. This aqueous emulsion is very lightweight and it goes on effortlessly, when applied with the included sponge or with a brush. I personally like to apply using a brush because it’s faster, and save the sponge for touching up later, when needed. The foundation goes on cooling to the skin, which is a welcome when the weather is hot. It doesn’t oxidize on my skin, and on my normal to dry skin, it gives off a dewy finish. I would think those with oily skin might not enjoy it as much. I took it traveling with me, and in a drier weather, I don’t have to powder. However, when I’m home, I do need to powder for it to stay longer. It gives a light coverage, only enough to even out the complexion. For spots and dark circles, I’d need concealer. I like how natural it is, and how it makes my skin look – healthy and dewy. I normal use shade 10, but I have 20 for this, which works as well. If you’re looking for medium to heavy coverage foundation, then this is not for you.




This is an eye palette with subtle shades. If you’re looking for super pigmented shadows, you gotta look elsewhere, my friend. This is a palette which enhances the eyes and at the same time, still gives off a natural fresh look. The shades are sheer and if you’re new to eye makeup, or if you have trouble blending, then this palette will make it very easy for you. The shades are all easy to wear, and even the darkest shade is subtle enough for a day time smokey eye. If you’re in the market for something bolder, then let me point you to their Ombre Premier eye collection which I reviewed earlier. I created some gorgeous smokey eye looks using those shadows. Love them!




I didn’t manage to try this when it came out a couple of years back so I’m glad this is relaunched. I read good things, and I’m not disappointed at all. Compared to cream blushes in pots, I find this blush to be lighter, still creamy but more slippery. It is very easy to apply and blend. I usually blend with my fingers, and the blush just glides without tugging. It is again, sheer, which I appreciate, because it’s not as easy to have clown cheeks. I have the iridescent pink (No 23) and it is very flattering on my warm skin. I’m contemplating getting the coral as well – need to get someone to help me purchase. That’s the downside of not having a Chanel near me. Or maybe it’s a good thing because my wallet doesn’t have to suffer too often.

Here are the swatches of the said products…



Left to right: Gel Touch Foundation in No 20 (which you can see is slightly darker than my arm), the blush in No 23, and the eye palette.

Here’s how these products look on me.



I applied the makeup in a hurry, actually. I was heading out and everyone was waiting for me. I know I needed a few minutes to take the photos, so I just slapped everything on carelessly. You can’t notice the blush in the pictures, which is a shame. I tend to be quite light handed with blush and for it to show on camera, I have to really pack it on (not a good idea since I was going out). I’m sure you get the idea of the shade in the swatch above.

Have you checked out any of these?

Here’s wishing you a great week ahead. Monday blues be gone!


xoxo Lily