An Overview of Botany Naturals Skincare

To be honest, I haven’t heard of Botany before. It is established in 1995 in Australia, and initially produced all natural spa products for salons. Botany has a range of natural skincare products and essential oils and today, I’ll share with you what I think about some of their skincare products. I have with me Botany Naturals Hand & Body Wash Lemon Myrtle, Botany Naturals Creme Cleanser, Botany Naturals Hydrating Mist, Botany Naturals Refining Serum and Botany Naturals Refining Night Creme. You can find these products online if there isn’t a TNS Skin Lab store near you. The prices range within the RM100-RM200 range, and I notice there is discount at the moment at their online store.



I am not usually very fussy when it comes to hand and body wash, but I notice that this doesn’t dry out my skin. This hand and body wash has blackwood wattle in the ingredients which is supposed to have anti-inflammatory properties, and is suitable even for sensitive skin. However, this has a strong lemon scent that doesn’t really appeal to me. There are other scents as well, so maybe some of them are more pleasant. To be absolutely open with you though, I probably won’t spend over RM100 for a body wash that to me, works just like any other body wash at a quarter of the price. I have normal skin and I have yet to discover any body wash that works against my skin. Perhaps just some hotel soaps that are particularly drying, and that’s the reason I sometimes (if I remember) just bring a moisturizing Dove bar when I travel.



My favourite of the lot has to be the hydrating mist. The spray is wonderful because the mist comes out soft and I love the subtle rose scent. I like to use this right after cleansing, before my face oil. If I decide to skip my face oil that day, I just follow it with a serum and moisturizer. Talking about cleansing, it took me a few tries to finally enjoy the cream cleanser. I need 5 pumps of the cream cleanser to thoroughly clean my face. I find that it works best on damp skin. If skin is dry, the cream cleanser remains dry and it drags the skin a little. There are manuka honey and ginseng in the ingredients, and I know my skin loves them. There are also rosehip, calendula and witch hazel, all of which are great at soothing and nourishing the most sensitive skin. The only gripe I have is the strong ylang ylang scent which I have never liked. However, because it cleanses my skin so comfortably, I am willing to tolerate it 🙂



The refining serum is a lightweight gel that absorbs into the skin with no fuss. I like that it has stabilised vitamin C in the ingredients as well as rosehip to moisturize the skin. I haven’t noticed any brightening or smoothing of the skin, but I have always used vitamin C in my skincare routine anyway. I’m glad to report that my skin has been behaving well since the inclusion of Vitamin C and I will ensure it is an ingredient I always have in my skincare. Out of the 4 face care products, I have to say I enjoy the night cream the least. It is a thicker cream texture that sits on top of my skin, for a long while. It does not absorb into the skin completely, and the layer sitting on top feels slightly uncomfortable.

Overall, it is a brand I’d recommend. I see there are some essential oils at reasonable prices too, so I might pick up some the next time I’m at TNS. I’ve been enjoying having some lovely scent in my room 🙂 Is any one of you from Australia? Have you heard of this brand before?


xoxo Lily