Dior Lip Glow, the Backstage Star Colour Reviver Lip Balm

I have been using the Dior Lip Glow for years. I know it is a tinted lip balm. Some of you call it a super overpriced lip balm. But to me, this has become a staple in my wallet. I must have a Dior Lip Glow in my purse, be it the original pink or Coral, Lilac, Berry or now, the new Raspberry. I love it so much that I have been purchasing it over and over again. It has gone from under RM100 to now, RM120. And yes, I will always restock without another thought. Why? Because it is easy to apply even without a mirror. It is very comfortable on my lips. It is not too slippery, my lips don’t feel like they are drenched in oil (I dislike the feel of the traditional lip balm) and it gives my lips a natural glow with a slight tint.



I am a fan of the original formula, and now there are 2 new finishes – matte glow and holo glow. The holo glow has an iridescent texture with shimmery holographic finish. Yes, there are very fine glitters in this balm. I kissed Ashton and left lots of tiny sparkles on his lips and face. I am surprised I actually like holo glow. I wear it over some drier lipsticks, and some matte lipsticks to give it dimension. On its own, I’m afraid I feel I’m over the age of wearing glittery lips.



As for the matte glow, I’m afraid I can’t get on the bandwagon. I like to wear some matte lipsticks, those that are not too dry anyway, but these matte glows do not look flattering on the lips. I find that they go on patchy, and they emphasize any flakes on the lips. Initially, I only noticed the dry patchiness. I have been swatching different lipsticks in a short amount of time, and my lips flaked from the constant rubbing. When I apply the Matte Glow after, all the flakes looked more obvious on the lips. Here, to show you, I am wearing Matte Pink.



It is a shade that barely shows up on my lips, and it tones down my natural lip colour. Can you see the flakes on my bottom lips? You might detect some glitters but that’s because I was playing with the Holo Glow before applying this. Matte Raspberry is a darker pink, but it has the same dry finish. Dior Lip Glow is a lip balm after all, so having it matte defeats the purpose, I think. Anyway, here’s a photo of me wearing Holo Pink. I am wearing it on top of a matte light pink lipstick, and I actually quite like it. In natural light, you can’t really see the glitters, just a wet shimmery finish.



I took these photos using fluorescent light because it is harsher, less forgiving, and also, because you can see the textures more clearly. For matte glow, you can see the flakes and for holo glow, you can see all the glittery shimmer. You can also see all the texture of my skin, slightly exaggerated.



I scrubbed my lips before applying Matte Raspberry so you don’t see the flakes anymore, but do you see some patchiness? Here, I wear Holo Purple on its own. You can see that it is sheer and the glitters definitely give a holographic effect. If you like glitters, you will love this. I applied Holo Purple on top of a deep red matte lipstick and the multi coloured glitters look even more glittery. It actually looked gorgeous. I forgot to take a photo though. Sorry!

Last but not least, here is the original formula, in the colour Raspberry. I took this photo using my phone in natural sunlight, and everything looks more flattering in good light. It makes my lips look smoother and healthier.



Here are the arm swatches, but it doesn’t really show much. Dior Lip Glows are meant to look different on everyone, depending on your natural lip colour.



However, no matter how different they look, they are still tinted lip balm. They do not give you an opaque pigmented finish. For that, you’ll need to use lipsticks. The different colours of these Lip Glows only give you slight difference on your lips. On me, it’s hard to tell Raspberry and Berry apart except that maybe Berry is ever so slightly more red. The mattes are more pigmented, but they don’t feel comfortable on my lips.

I notice that those who like Dior Lip Glow will always repurchase it while others might look at us as if we’re a little nuts to spend so much on a tinted lip balm. I have tried using other wallet friendly ones, trust me… but I ALWAYS go back to Dior Lip Glow. Everything about it just fits my requirements and there must be a reason why it is one of Dior’s bestselling products.

Anyway, rambling over. Are you part of the #diorglowsquad? I’d recommend sticking to the original formula, but if you like glittery lips, the holo glows are pretty.


xoxo Lily