Review: Chanel Les Beiges 2018

The Chanel Les Beiges is back and it is available first of May. I could wait until closer to the launch date, but I really want to show you. Chanel Les Beiges is about enhancing your natural look so expect some sheer and glowy goodness. My personal makeup style always leans toward natural. I like sheer foundations, eye shadows that are buildable instead of those super pigmented ones. You would have guessed if you’ve been following this blog 🙂

So I’m happy to say that this Les Beiges collection is right up my alley. I have a few items here, so let me show you. Oh also, isn’t this neoprene bag beautiful?


Chanel Les Beiges 2018


First, let me talk about face products, the Les Beiges Sheer Healthy Glow Tinted Moisturizer (RM220) and Les Beiges Harmonie Multi Colour Healthy Glow (RM220). I have both of these in the shade Medium. The other 2 shades of the tinted moisturizer are Light and Medium Light. Medium is actually way too dark for me, but because it is sheer, it still works. What I do is apply a thin layer on my face then brighten the center of my face using a light concealer. Due to the darker colour, I have to also pull it down to my super pale neck to even out my overall complexion. For reference, I’d say Medium is more suited for those with MAC NC25 or NC30 or Chanel 30 skin tones. The texture is very light and it has slight light reflective properties that make your skin look super healthy. It only evens out your skin, so you have to have good skin, or you’d need to spot conceal.

The Harmonie Multi Colour Healthy Glow in Medium is a bronzer on me. The other 2 shades are Light and Deep. I have a Medium Light from last year, and that one is more subtle of course. These bronzers are buildable and have a luminous finish. I prefer to use a light fluffy brush to apply for just a hint of warmth because on my skin, it looks a bit orange. It comes with a brush, and it is a pinched flat brush that is surprisingly soft. It works for me because I only apply in small areas, but if you like to warm up your whole face, you might need a bigger brush or it’ll take forever.


Les Beiges tinted moisturizer swatch


Next up, the Les Beiges Eyeshadow Palette (RM285). There are 2 variations, Light and Deep, and I have the Light version. It is a palette with 5 glowy colours, from light beige, taupe, lilac to deep purple. It is supposed to be sheer, so if you like something that packs a punch, then this is not for you. I like that these purples are not in your face, and the sheerness of it makes it very wearable on most light skin tones.



To match this eyeshadow palette is a lip balm. The Les Beiges Lip Balm (RM142) comes in 3 different colours, Light, Medium and Deep. Light is a rosy pink that enhance the lips. It evens out my lips and is comfortable on. It is not slippery nor is it too greasy.



Last but not least, my favourite of the lot, the Les Beiges Stick Blush (RM175). This time, they launched a No.25 which is a coral pink. Last year’s No.23 was a lighter coral and one of my go to. I think they had a pink as well, but I didn’t pick it up because I own way too many pink blushes already. The Stick Blush is not tacky or wet, and it goes on smooth and powdery but with a luminous finish. What I like about it is I can use this even after I’ve set my foundation with powder. It does not move the foundation underneath, unless of course, you rub your face with more force than needed. I personally like to just pat it on with my fingers. Very light taps for a beautiful light flush.

So there you go. I think there’s this new Gel Touch Foundation that will be launched with this collection, but I don’t have it. I read some good reviews online, so I might check it out after it is launched in May. I’ll come up with a look or two with these products. My husband kidnapped my camera for a week now, and I need to get it back to take more photos.

I’ll be back with FOTDs soon. Have you tried anything from Chanel Les Beiges before? Anything you like?


xoxo Lily