An Evening Routine with Chanel Blue Serum and Hydra Beauty Mask

I was sent these skincare products a few months ago, and I’ve been testing them. Let me first put it out there that Chanel skincare is quite notorious for its fragrance. Yes, they smell beautiful, but some of you might be sensitive to it. It is usually the case with high end brands. Dior, Shiseido, Estee Lauder, Lancome, they are all guilty. Then again, Chanel skincare smells the best.



Here we have Blue Serum for the face, Blue Serum for the eyes, and Hydra Beauty mask. The serums are to be used under moisturizer or eye cream, and the mask is an overnight one which I use to replace my moisturizer. The Blue Serum revitalizes, regenerates and boosts the skin preserving its youthfulness. The Blue Serum has a beautiful texture that melts into the skin, leaving no trace of tackiness. I use it after toner and before another serum then moisturizer. Claimed to be a universal booster that does a lot of things, including firming up the skin and boosting hydration, The Blue Serum alone is not enough for my 40-year-old skin. When used alone, I find that it does keep the hydration level up in the day, but when used alone at night, I wake up with skin that is not as plump as, say, when I use a facial oil. If you’re much younger and have a very minimal routine, then the addition of this serum will surely give you results. That said, for me, this has to be in ADDITION to my routine, and I do notice an increase in plumpness in my skin.

However, when I use the Blue Serum before the Hydra Beauty Overnight Mask, I wake up to beautiful glowy skin. The Hydra Beauty mask is a gel that turns into water droplets when it is massaged into the skin. So, I use the applicator that comes with it, one that resembles a flower petal, to spread the mask all over my face. After 2 minutes, I use my warm fingers to massage it in. I use this immediately after the Blue Serum, replacing my moisturizer. The mask sinks into the skin without leaving any trace, unlike most sleeping / overnight mask. Then, the next morning, I wake up to beautifully hydrated plump skin. That is why I love using these products together, and I do this routine at least twice a week.

The Blue Serum Eye is a question mark for me. I don’t know what to think of it. When I first applied it, it stung the area around my eyes. I wonder if it’s because of the high alcohol content, and the skin around my eyes is drier. I tried again the next day, and it did not sting anymore. I use this serum under my eye cream, and I notice an increase in hydration as well, but I can’t credit it for taking lines away because I don’t see any difference. Then again, compared to using only an eye cream, the additional serum will surely give added benefits. So, I’m on the fence about this Blue Serum Eye.

Perhaps that’s also why it took me a long time to write this review. I couldn’t form a solid opinion on the Blue Serums. I really like the Hydra Beauty mask, because it gives lovely results and I love the super light non sticky texture. However, something less pricey will also give you lovely results, just perhaps more tacky in texture.

I haven’t really tried a lot of Chanel skincare, but honestly speaking, I’d rather put my money on Chanel makeup. I LOVE their makeup line. Speaking of which, I need to pick up their mascara and repurchase the Vitalumiere Aqua. I remember loving the foundation (went through 2 bottles) and I’ve been looking for something lightweight.

Thanks for reading this lengthy ramble! Ingredients are listed below.


xoxo Lily