Some New Chanel Lipsticks

Chanel released some super intense matte lipsticks for us. Their Rouge Allure Velvet lipsticks are comfortable and semi matte, and these new releases, Rouge Allure Velvet Extreme lipsticks, have a fully matte finish. I find that they drag on when applying, no slip at all, but very pigmented and most importantly, they do not dry out my lips. Note that whenever I apply matte lipsticks, I prep my lips prior – scrub and moisturize.

Less words, more pictures? OK then.


Chanel Rouge Allure Extreme swatches

Chanel Rouge Allure Extreme swatches


Can we just please take a short moment to admire the sleek matte black packaging? We have matte black and gold for the Rouge Allure Velvets and matte/glossy black combo for the Rouge Allure Velvet Extremes. Gasp!


Chanel Rouge Allure Extreme swatches


Before I show you the swatches, I also want to take this opportunity to show you the new Chanel Rouge Allure Liquid Powder. They are liquid lipstick in a squeezy tube, very unlike Chanel might I add. The product squeezes out like little squiggly jelly worms through the sponge applicator, and applies a little strange. They feel very slippery but powdery, and they sit on top of my lips, emphasizing all the flakes I didn’t know I had. I saw some swatches online and they looked very pigmented, but on me, they are sheer. I have no idea how those online swatches look so pigmented because no matter how much I layered the product, I could never get an opaque finish.



Needless to say, I would recommend you getting their sleek matte lipsticks instead of these squeezy little things. I’m not impressed and they’re the same price (RM133) in case you were wondering.

Now, on to swatches!



I absolutely love all the Rouge Allure reds, and the nudes are very wearable. They do not wash me out, but in these photos, when put side by side with reds, they pale in comparison. Red lipsticks are meant for photos, honestly!! But day in day out, these 2 nudes are perfect. Chanel reds and Chanel nudes – what can go wrong?


Well, there you go. These will be available very soon (1 October 2018) so you can go check them out at your nearest Chanel.

I hope these swatches and side by side comparisons are helpful. Which one caught your eye?


xoxo Lily