My Favourite Way of Applying Lipstick

Everybody has their own way of applying lipsticks. Do you apply lipsticks on your bottom lip first, or the top lip first? Do you use lip liner? Do you apply straight from the bullet, or do you prefer using a lip brush? There is no right or wrong, just a matter of personal preference and what you’re used to.

I am used to apply my lipstick on my top lip first but I do get better results when I apply it on the bottom lip first, then smack my lips together. Either way, I try to apply lipstick on my inner lips first, then rub my lips together to smudge it out. Then, with my ring finger, I’ll smudge the lipstick out further, to trace my lip line. That’s because I have uneven lips, and I find a blurred out effect is more forgiving. This is especially true when I apply bolder colours, which are usually more difficult to apply.

Picture below is taken from her instagram, and my favourite look is bottom right.



I have tried using lip liners before, but I just can’t get my lips to look balanced, so I usually end up just smudging them out. I like it because the look is more worn in and casual, less formal and dated, on me. The crisp line looks great on some and I envy those who can pull it off.

What is your way of wearing lipstick?


xoxo Lily