Review: YSL Volume Effect Mascara “The Curler”

I don’t usually use smudgeproof mascaras like this. Reason? I find it difficult to remove the mascara. I’d need hot water and for this particular mascara, I need LOTS of water to remove. I guess it’s a great thing if you have watery eyes. You’d have to cry a bucket before this mascara smudges or flakes on you. This is the YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils “The Curler” smudgeproof mascara. It gives you clean volume and length with curling effect.



It has a floral scent that does not make my eyes tear, but after a couple of hours, I can still catch a whiff of the scent. I don’t mind it, but I don’t think it’s necessary either. I’m a creature of habit, and I’ve been using another mascara for a long time, with a wand that’s of a different shape. So, it took me a while to get used to this wand, which is flat and curved. The inner curve of the brush creates volume while and pink comb on the side lifts and defines lashes.


I’ll be honest here. I get smudges on my lids every single time I use this mascara. I’ve tried curling my lashes and I’ve tried NOT curling my lashes. To be fair, I get smudges on my lids using other mascaras too, but not every single time. And I use regular non waterproof mascaras which can be removed easily. This mascara is so difficult to remove. Again, another point to prove this mascara is indeed smudgeproof.

But you know what? I found that it’s not the mascara’s fault. It’s me. All me. That’s because after I discovered this amazing way to curl my lashes, all my problems went away. I discovered it by chance on YouTube, and here it is. If you’ve had problems curling your lashes, or having your lashes stay curled, DO THIS! I tested this technique with different mascaras, and I swear, my lashes stay curled for 8 hours.


Just turn on subtitles for English.



This mascara doesn’t give too much volume, but the fibres lengthen for sure. It does not gives you spider lashes and the ends of the lashes don’t clump up either. To layer, I find it best to do so before the previous layer of mascara dries. With the lengthening and slightly volumizing effect, this YSL The Curler mascara gives you a pretty day time look. Separated, long clean lashes. You can purchase this mascara on its website. YSL is not available nationwide, so it’s good that they offer online shopping.

What mascara are you using? Oh, and if this technique of lash curling helped you too, you’re welcome.


xoxo Lily