About Chloe.Ash



Hello *waves*, my name is Lily and welcome to Chloe.Ash Beauty Blog.

I work full time in the financial industry and I am a makeup enthusiast. I might be a skincare junkie too. OK, I AM a skincare junkie too. I am married to my childhood sweetheart who understands my quirks and we have 2 girls Chloe and Ashlyn (hence the blog name). Edited June 2014: At the point of writing this, I am pregnant with my third child and have quit my full time job. It is a liberating experience, not having to go to work every Monday to Friday, and it’s also a brand new learning curve taking care of both my toddlers full time while being pregnant with the third. Little Pea is due end November 2014 🙂

March 2015: I am now a stay at home mother of 3 children. The youngest baby boy is Ashton and my children keep me busy. When I have the time, I blog. Blogging has been the longest running hobby of mine. I’m surprised I’m still loving it given my fickle nature! 

I am not a makeup artist or guru, nor am I an expert in skincare. This is just a space for me to share my personal experiences with you, and for you to share with me too. If I were to describe myself, I’d say I am self absorbed (why else would I think others would be interested in what I say?), sarcastic, impatient, annoying overachiever (when it’s something I’m passionate about), highly strung, obsessive, possessive, easily bored. I can also be nonchalant, lazy, funny, crazy, charming, whacky, friendly, laid back and zen-like. Yeah. I’m either on one end or the other extreme end.

This blog represents me. It started out as an online makeup / skincare journal dedicated to my daughters. I thought it would be fun for them to go through this blog as they grow older. They are already showing signs of a vainpot, so why not, eh? Then you readers came and more readers joined in, and that changed this blog completely. Now, you are a part of this blog too. I now write not only for myself and my daughters, but also for you awesome people out there who actually like to read my ramblings.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you have an enjoyable time here!


ps: Please read my Beauty Profile page to find out my skin condition and my foundation shades!


Edited March 2015