Review: Gaston Luga Backpack Pråper Olive and Black

About 2 months ago, I was approached by Gaston Luga to try out one of their backpacks. My husband always travels with a backpack, so I thought why not try it. I’ve been using my own backpack recently too. After browsing their site, I decided to choose the Pråper in Olive and Black. I love the deep olive colour and when paired with the black leather, it is very aesthetically pleasing.

Gaston Luga is created with the vision of creating stylish and classy backpacks while keeping in line with Scandinavian minimalism. The bags are made of a mixture of leather, thick cotton and metal details. If you like your backpacks basic yet elegant, then you’re in for a treat.


Gaston Luga Praper Olive & Black


The Pråper has thick canvas body with leather detailing. The flap closes with strong metal hooks with 4 adjustable levels. Let me just say that it’s not easy to release the hook. It can be a bit tedious when you’re in a hurry, but it also means it can fend away some unwanted prying.


Gaston Luga Praper Olive & Black


Talking about security, Gaston Luga created a back inner pocket to store your passport so it’s reachable yet safe. It’s big enough for a smartphone as well, but I think it can be a hassle when the phone rings and you’re on the go. It means you have to shrug off your backpack just to get to your phone.


Gaston Luga Praper Olive & Black


When you’re strapped in nice and snug, it will be a little hard to get bag out because the shoulder straps are adjusted using hooks. I’m used to elongating and shortening the strap with just a pull, so this took some getting used to. It didn’t strike well with my impatient nature.


Gaston Luga Praper Olive & Black


If you were expecting a zip closure to get to the insides of the bag, you’re in for a surprise. This is a feature I’m not fond of. I could get used to the shoulder strap, and lack of easily accessible pockets. The backpacks are supposed to be minimalistic in the first place. But this, to me, might be a flaw in the design. This is taken into consideration the way I like to use my backpacks, my personal preference.


Gaston Luga Praper Olive & Black


There are 2 compartments in the bag, and being black, you’d have to feel your way to find the pocket. The inner compartment is supposed to fit a 13-15″ laptop, but the opening of this bag is so small that I find it hard to put things into the bag. As you can see in the photo below, that’s the widest I could get the bag to open. It’s OK if I wanted to put in small things, but even just a lightweight jumper proves difficult for me to fit in. If mouth of the bag opens up wider, then it’ll be easier to fit things into the bag. As it is, while it looks streamline and structured, it is functionally frustrating.


Gaston Luga Praper Olive & Black


I would use this bag as I would my handbag. I put in my wallet, my notebook, phone, and other accessories but I find it lacking if I were to travel with it. It lacks the convenience to easily reach for necessities like your travel card, or coins. I would prefer it if there is some padding with convenient pockets on the shoulder straps instead of just a strap of canvas which can dig into the shoulders if I carried more things in my bag. It does get heavy! I would also propose making the mouth of the bag much wider to make it easier to pack things into the bag. A hidden zip opening is, I find, more convenient and just as secure. The Gaston Luga Pråper Olive & Black is (cm) 30 x 42 x 15, priced at RM949. For reference, here is how big it is. My husband kindly modeled for me, and he is 5’10”.


Gaston Luga Praper Olive & Black


In short, if you love your bags minimalistic and basic, then this is a beauty. But if you like your gadgets and tech, with a backpack that is super lightweight with lots of pockets for your stuff, then look elsewhere. At the moment, there is free gift packaging and a free Plånkan cardholder with every bag purchase. The bags are all delivered with DHL express shipping (at no cost to you) and I received mine in ONLY 2 working days. That was very impressive.

This is a bag I use when I want to carry more things when I go out, but even for only a weekend away, I still prefer my duffel. If you’re interested, you can purchase this with 15% off your price with the code lilychloeash. If you’re not in the EU countries, you will not be charged tax. So, you take 20% off RM949 and then take another 15% off. So your final price is about RM645. You save RM304 which is about a third of the retail price. Pretty cool huh?

I don’t get any commission from this. It’s just a special deal for you guys. If you do end up buying something, let me know!


xoxo Lily




Getting Rid of Clothes

Remember my post about wanting to get on board the Capsule Wardrobe ship? Well, the hardest part, for me, is saying goodbye. I thought it would be easy, because I’m not sentimental. It’s always been out with the old, in with the new. Out of sight, out of mind. Well, in most cases. I’ve never had a problem donating clothes (still in mint condition) I don’t wear anymore so hey, what’s so difficult in getting rid of more clothes?



311015 capsule wardrobe



Well, my problem is, MOST of my clothes are office wear. I gave quite a few suits to my sister in law, but I don’t know if I should get rid of all of them. I’m not working now, but who’s to say I’ll be staying at home forever? What if I decided to get into the work force when Ashton is, say, 3 years old? He just turned 1 yesterday by the way, and time flies! Do I get rid of all of them, THEN purchase new ones when I decide to go back to work? Wouldn’t that be wasting good clothes? These suits are timeless anyway, and they don’t really go out of style, unless shoulder pads make a huge comeback (please God no!). Shall I save some favourites in vacuum storage bags for future use? HUGE question mark here. Thoughts?

Then, the next thing is, my warmer outerwear and boots. Man, it’s hard to say goodbye even though I know I won’t be wearing them. I might travel to a colder country one day, but I don’t see that happening any time soon. So, I should keep a good pair of leather boots and a good warm coat and sell the rest? Oh, my heart. Ouch!

And of course, the old clothes that don’t quite fit yet. Most of you know I’m on a journey to a better self. It’s not a hurried or rushed journey where I want to lose 2 dress sizes in a few months. I’m just trying to eat healthier, working out more regularly, and you know, there’s no end to this. It’s a change of lifestyle. Shall I store these clothes away until I can fit into them one day, or shall I just get rid of them mercilessly, and then buy new ones when the time comes? I know I’ll be delighted to buy new clothes (who isn’t?) but you know, waste not, want not. Trying to be thrift and all that jazz. Darn it!

So help me! What do you think? What would you do? Are these just excuses for myself? I’ve been going back and forth with this for a while now, so I need your advice!



xoxo Lily



Playing With The Idea of Capsule Wardrobe

I’ve been seeing the term Capsule Wardrobe thrown around quite a bit. Initially, I wasn’t curious enough to find out what it really is, but now that I know, I am tempted to try it. I am no longer working, and as a stay at home mom, I find that I’ve been reaching only for that few pieces. I have plenty of clothes, but I find that I want something that’s easy to wear, and one that would endure pulling and excessive tugging without plopping out one boob or just showing my entire bra to everyone (Ashton is strong!). So I’ve been reaching for that few t-shirts and jeans. And I look BORING!! I want something that meet the criteria mentioned just now yet still look fashionable (or at least presentable) and, I want to keep it minimal. There are plenty of clothes I don’t wear anymore, and it’s high time I got rid of them. Hence the idea of…



311015 capsule wardrobe



I landed on Un-Fancy one day, and she’s totally my style. I think Caroline is taking a blog break for a few months, but her content is still inspiring to read. The ever lovely Jen from Procrastinating Pretty also has her own capsule wardrobe, and her fancy video editing style makes her already chic wardrobe even more desirable. I mean, about 38 pieces of clothing + shoes for a few months look sustainable. It’s even easier for me because I live in the tropics. No weather change, so I don’t even need to change my capsule every 3 months. I’ve already been getting rid of clothes I don’t wear in batches, because it’s overwhelming to take ALL OF THEM OUT at the same time (which is required in this process). So, I figured, once I get my shite down to a more manageable level, I’ll start organizing my clothes, picking out clothes I love, like, can’t wear it now, wear it later, and just never wear. Something like that. I need to read my notes again.

If I decide to embark on this journey, would you want to be included in the process and updates? I don’t dare to throw in how I style because I’m just not that fashionable 😉


xoxo Lily



Some Non Makeup Items I’ve Been Loving Lately

I am an accessories person. I love my shoes, my rings, my earrings, my bangles, my watches and my necklaces. However, since I have to carry Ashton around, I’ve minimized wearing necklaces (he has a very strong grip and pull!) and dangling earrings to avoid unwanted accidents. I’ve been working out regularly as well, and shoes are the most important. I have a pair of old Adidas, and it’s very well worn. I wore it to the recent Viper Challenge, and I think it’s time to say goodbye after that obstacle course. Say hello to my new Nike! I’ve had this for a couple of months, and I love it! I love that it’s bright and airy, no smelly feet, but stable enough for heavier lifting in the gym and light enough for a run. This is a gift from my parents in law, and I think I need another pair. This is my only pair of good shoes at the moment.






And… watches. I love my watches. I usually buy based on looks and not functionality. Hahaha! I especially love these chunky type watches because they look cool and they double as a bangle. I also have a more delicate one, which is in rose gold, and I’ll show you another time. This one though, I bought it about 6 years ago, and it’s still going strong. And the best thing is it only cost me RM80 – which is less than US20 at the current exchange rate. It’s a steal, I think!



bangle watch



Another watch I’ve been wearing is a wooden watch. Is it a trend now, wooden watches? I was approached by Jord wooden watches to try this out, and after reading Tracy’s write up on it, I said yes. I picked a unisex one, and I think I picked it right. It’s a Fieldcrest Green Sandalwood which in my opinion, isn’t too bulky and isn’t too feminine either. The color green is actually a murky beige, which I think will darken over time. I’ve been wearing it regularly, but there are no changes to the color just yet. Also, just to show you what it looks like on men, I got my husband to hand model it for you. See? Works just fine 🙂



Jord men Jord woman



What accessories have you been wearing lots of lately? What is the one accessory that you must have on your body before leaving the house, well, other than shoes of course?



xoxo Lily



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