Review and Swatches: Chanel Holiday Collection 2017

I have to say for the past few years, I am most attracted to Chanel Holiday Collections. I had to get my friends to hunt down the limited edition collection for me, because sadly, there is no Chanel counter where I live. This year, Chanel offers us a lot of red. Red lipsticks – which in my opinion, are the stars of this collection. I used to pay more attention to their eye shadow palettes, but this year, the red lips take the show.


Review and swatches of Chanel Holiday Makeup Collection 2017


Let’s save the Chanel Holiday lipsticks for later, and talk about the eye offerings for a while. We have the Trait De Caractere eye shadow palette (RM225), the Ombre Premiere cream eye shadow in Silver Screen 822 (RM140) and the Stylo Yeux Waterproof in Legendary Green 857 (RM100). I raved about the eye liners before, and this is no different. It is creamy and pigmented, doesn’t drag my eyes, and it stays put.


Review and swatches of Chanel Holiday Makeup Collection 2017


The eye shadow palette however, is not as I expected. The jewel toned palette is gorgeous to look at, and I fully expected it to be creamy and pigmented. However, the palette as a whole is quite sheer. The lighter shades are a bit too close in colour. One is a pinky shimmer while the other a light gold shimmer. As you can see in the swatches below, you can barely tell them apart on my skin colour. There is a deep eggplant, a dark greyish brown and an emerald. The 2 darker colours in the middle of the palette perform better on the eye lids, when applied with a brush. You’ll need to use an eye primer, or a cream eye shadow as a base for these colours to stay better too. I had high hopes for the emerald, but it is sheer. Actually, I don’t mind a sheer eye shadow, but this one disappears when you blend it out. So what I need to do after blending, is actually to use my finger to pat it on again, to add some colour back. I love the colour story that this palette brings, but don’t really like the effort needed to make it work.

However, Silver Screen is another story. It is GORGEOUS!! I love the formula of the Ombre Premiere cream shadow. It stays put on my lids without a primer. Does not crease or fade for 5 hours and that’s more than enough for me. Silver Screen is a warm pewter with a tinge of olive green and flecks of silver sheen. It is a colour that I don’t have in my vast collection of eye shadows. The closest I have is the Lancome Erica F but that one is more green and cooler. Silver Screen, when paired with Legendary Green smudged out, makes a beautiful modern green smokey eye. LOVE!


Review and swatches of Chanel Holiday Makeup Collection 2017


Now for the Chanel Holiday red lips. There is a Rouge Coco Gloss in 784 (RM135) and 3 lipsticks numbered 1, 2 and 3. No1 is a Rouge Allure (RM146) lipstick while Nos 2 and 3 are Rouge Allure Velvet (RM146) lipsticks. Rouge Allure has a satin and shiny finish while Rouge Allure Velvet gives a semi matte velvety finish. For this festive season, Chanel changed its signature black lipstick casing to red and gold. You click the gold double Cs to open the lipstick and to put it back, just click it shut. The whole lipstick feels and looks luxurious. The gloss smells slightly fruity (just me?) but the lipsticks are scentless and that just won me over. Lipsticks need to be scentless!


Review and swatches of Chanel Holiday Makeup Collection 2017 Review and swatches of Chanel Holiday Makeup Collection 2017


784 is a red gloss which makes your lips look full and juicy, as if you have jello for lips. It does have a sticky finish which I don’t favour, but I’m not a fan of glosses anyway. The red lipsticks don’t look very different from each other, and even in real life, the difference is subtle. No1 is the brightest of all (looks like tomato red), with No2 being a true red, and No3 the deepest with a hint of berry tone. They are surprisingly easy to wear, even straight out of the bullet. I don’t usually use lip liner because I like to wear my lipsticks with a diffused edge, a worn in look. When I wear the reds like that, I look more casual, less done up and I can even wear it without makeup, with my glasses on. And yes, even when I go grocery shopping with 3 kids and a husband in tow. Red lips are versatile, and I have been wearing lots of reds this year! So seeing this in a collection makes me happy. There are a few more products lined up in this collection but I don’t have them with me.

I want to show you how these different lipsticks look on me, but this post has gotten too long. I’ll come up with a few looks for you in another post, OK? Did anything catch your eye? You need to see Silver Screen in person though. My photos do it no justice! This collection is available starting 1 November, so I still have time to show you how they look like when worn. I’ll get back to you ASAP!


xoxo Lily




Quick Swatch: Chanel Cruise 2017 Summer Makeup Collection

I just want to post some pictures and swatches here because this collection launched yesterday nationwide. I’ve been posting the nail colours on my Instagram account, so you can hop on there to have a look. There are 4 colours in total, and I have 3 of them. The Chanel Le Vernis (RM95) are easy to apply, and it seems like they even out themselves for a perfect application, except for 560 Coquillage which is thicker in texture, which makes it streaky and uneven.



For the lips, you can choose a soft sheer glossy touch with Rouge Coco Shine (RM120), with shades like sunny peach and warm nude, or go statement with Rouge Coco Stylo (RM120) in Sepia. Sepia is a pigmented warm reddish chocolate which gives off a dark sexy mood.



For this collection, Chanel released 2 shades for Stylo Yeux Waterproof (RM100) and for Inimitable Waterproof Mascara (RM130). The one I have to show you are Horizon, a very dark olive brown and Vert Profond, a deep green. The eyeliner is super pigmented and soft. You only need to use very light pressure to apply, or you’d end up with either a broken tip or a thick line. For a more precise cat eye using this eyeliner, I’d suggest using a brush for that flick. Makes life easier 😉



Here are the swatches



Last but not least, Le Beige Poudre Glow (RM200). No Summer collection is complete without a bronzer of some sort. There are 5 shades to choose, from subtle pinky beige to deep chocolate bronze. I have Medium Light and it’s just enough to give me that slight glow without looking a few shades darker. As you can see on my arm, it is more of an all over powder for a subtle warmth rather than making me look tanned. I don’t like to wear bronzers because some make me look muddy and dirty, but Medium Light suits me just right. I tried to capture it in photos, but it just won’t show. It’s quite annoying, really. That’s the problem with using sunlight. If you’re interested, you’ll just have to try it on yourself and find the right shade for you.



That’s it for today. I’ll put up some photos of me wearing these product in a later post. Watch out for my Sunday Stash Shopping series!



xoxo Lily





Quick Thoughts on Chanel Spring 2017

I’m late in posting these. I just received them last week, and there isn’t a Chanel counter in my hometown so I haven’t been able to check out most of Chanel’s things. That said, I tried to take photos and use them as quickly as I could. Furthermore, if you follow a few blogs, you would have seen these already. I’m not sure of their availability now, maybe most palettes are sold out, but if you bought any of these, I created a look which you can wear for Valentine’s Day tomorrow.





Ever since Chanel reformulated their eye quads, I’m in love again. Their baked quads used to be so bad, I’d walk the other way as soon as I saw them. These are sublime. The Codes Elegants is very warm. It has a pale gold beige, pale gold, antique gold and a brown. All of them have a beautiful finish and none of them powdery. I would say the most pigmented one is the antique gold (bottom left) and the dark brown is beautiful on its own as a simple day time smokey look.





It’s the first time I tried the Chanel Long Lasting Eyeliner. I know. What kind of blogger am I? I find it very soft and pigmented. It might be difficult to create a sharp line without the help of a tiny brush but I just love how easy it is to glide on the lash line. It is also waterproof and it doesn’t smudge on me. Noir Petrole is a shade I would describe as blackened brown with hints of khaki with flecks of gold. It is not shimmery by any means, just a little more complex than your regular black brown liner.

Rouge Coco Shine in 128 Noir Moderne is a very sheer berry which is closer to plum, I would say. It goes on like a lip balm, very slippery and due to the shade and texture combination, I find I need a little more effort to get an even application. It’s not too difficult though. Just smack the lips together, blot with tissue and apply again.





Finally, the Coco Codes. Truth be told, I wasn’t too taken by this blush when I first saw it online. I think it’s pretty and different, but I have so many blushes I can’t bring myself to buy it. It’s different when I swatched it though. There are so many possibilities! With a smaller highlight brush, I could pick and choose which shade I want to use, which shade combo I want. Alternatively, with a larger brush, I can just swirl and pick up all the shades and create a really warm blush.





Here’s a look I created. I used the dark brown close to my lash line, antique gold to blend, pale gold at the centre and the pale gold beige as highlight at the inner corner. Noir Petrole to line and create a wing by using an angled brush for a sharper flick and Noir Moderne on the lips. As blush, I picked up the 2 shades on the left of Coco Codes and left out the warmer shades. Here’s the results.





I hope you like this look I created. If I were to pick one thing, I’d go for the eye liner! And the nail colour in Beige Beige. I wore it just for 3 days and got so many compliments!! I’ll show you another day. Happy Valentine’s Day for tomorrow. My husband and I don’t celebrate by going to restaurants or him buying me overpriced flowers. We just wish each other, tell each other I love you and seal it with a kiss. That’s good enough for me.

Did you pick out anything from this Chanel Spring 2017 Collection? I still have the Le Blanc collection to show you. I need a few more days to test out all the products.



xoxo Lily






Dior Spring Look 2017: Swatches

Hey guys, I showed you the lips yesterday, so today will be all the other stuff. I haven’t really had the chance to test them properly yet. I’ve been very busy preparing for Chinese New Year which is tomorrow! It’s been busy since yesterday, and schedule will continue to be packed for the next few days. I have already taken the photos though, so I finally edited them and here are the swatches because these products are already in store.





I was sent the corals this time, and I’m glad. I saw the promo photos for the blue palette and erm, it just reminded me of the 80s and I don’t do well with those colours. First impression, the eye shadows all feel creamy and smooth. They are pigmented and the swatches on my arm are done in one swipe, on my dry arm.





Then there’s this bright lime green mono eye shadow that looks yellow in the swatch above. In real life, there’s a tad more green. I have an idea of how to wear it while still looking natural, but this has to wait until I’m all settled with the CNY celebrations.





I’m really glad we’re not getting all pinks and pastels for Spring this time. That’s one of the main reasons I never liked Spring collections. This year, Spring looks more enticing for me. Did you pick up anything? And to all of you celebrating, Gong Xi Fa Cai!



xoxo Lily






What’s In My Travel Vanity Bag

I came back from a short holiday a couple of weeks ago, and thought I’d show you what I took with me. We spent one week away from home, 5 days in Hong Kong. The weather there was mildly cool, not too dry, not too humid. In other words, it was the perfect weather. I knew we’d be out the whole day and there wouldn’t be time to touch up, so I kept my makeup minimal. We spent 2 whole days in Disneyland and the others just exploring. The next time we go back there, we’d want to visit the Ocean Park instead.

For skincare, I decanted some things into smaller travel sized bottles. I got them at Guardian pharmacy, but you can get them anywhere. They’re just little plastic tubs and bottles and even spray bottles. I decanted the cleanser and moisturizer, but brought the rest with me. As you can see, I brought the absolute minimal. Skipped serums but brought 2 sheet masks (and used just 1). Oh, I also transferred some of my shampoo into a smaller bottle because I can’t stand hotel shampoos. I thought I’d need a dry shampoo as well, and I saw this Percy & Reed 50ml bottle at Sephora. One word – FAIL. I should have just brought my Batiste even though it’s 200ml. This Percy & Reed dry shampoo does absolutely NOTHING to my greasy scalp. A waste of money and it cost more than the 200ml Batiste. Let me say it again do not buy the Percy & Reed dry shampoo. It sucks.





For makeup, I wanted to bring something that’s easy to apply, without having to bring my brushes. I’m lazy like that. I hate to spend too much time in the morning putting on makeup when I want to be out the door and start exploring. The It Cosmetics CC Cream is really good. It does live up to the hype after all. I bought the shade Fair (hoping it wouldn’t be too light on my skin) and I’m glad. Light is a little too pink for me. ‘Fair’ tones down the redness on my skin and while it goes on lighter initially, it sinks into my skin and blends in beautifully. For blush, I’ve been loving this Canmake Cream Cheek. The one I have is a clear pink which goes on the skin translucent, making it look very natural. And of course, brow pencil is a must. I brought a pencil liner as well, but didn’t use it. For the lips, I have Bobbi Brown Nourishing Lip Color in Desert Rose which I bought at the airport duty free shop. It kept my lips moisturized and looking rosy at the same time. Bonus.





As always, I have the Biore makeup wipes with me because it’s small and compact. AND most importantly, it does its job well. Removes makeup without tugging. There are 10 sheets in this little travel size. I get air sick so I need my Novomin 30 minutes before boarding. I pop 2 pills and I’d be able to enjoy the flight. Otherwise, I’d feel nauseated and cranky and how can I take care of the kids if I couldn’t even take care of myself? Ah, not pictured here is a strip of Zyrtec which I keep in my wallet. My sensitive nose is unpredictable. It’s an antihistamine anyway and the kids can also have it if there’s any allergic reaction. Chloe gets rashes if she accidentally ate some shelled seafood and Ashlyn has a sensitive nose like me.

What about you? What do you pack for holidays? Are you a minimalist like me or do you grab everything?


Also, you guys know I’m a Kdrama addict, don’t you? You didn’t? Well, now you do. If you like it too, you gotta watch Goblin. It made me smile, cry and laugh out loud in one single episode. Now listening to the soundtrack as well.






xoxo Lily




Quick Review and Swatches: Skyline Dior Fall Makeup Collection 2016

I don’t seem to see much hype on the Dior Fall collection this year. I see some Instagram pictures here and there, and reviews are far and few between. That said, I just want to give you guys a quick run down on the things I have. You have already seen the mono eye shadow and nail colour in Obscure that are released in conjunction with this collection, so let’s go through the other products.



Dior Fall 2016 Skyline



It is going to be picture heavy, and that’s the reason I will keep it short and sweet. First up is the eye palette. It is 806 Capital of Lights (RM265) and the detailing is so pretty. The pattern is reminiscent of the structure of the Eiffel Tower and it is so delicate that a swipe from the brush will move the design. I was hesitant to use this palette, but I braced myself for the initial pain, and I was not disappointed by the quality of the shadow either. They are all smooth and pigmented, with no frost or glitter.



Dior eye palette 806 Capital of Light



Next up is the highlighting powder. This is the Diorskin Nude Air Luminizing Powder (RM248) in 001. Again, intricate in design, but aesthetics wise, I do prefer the previous Spring edition.



Diorskin Nude Air Luminizing Powder 001

highlighters compare



I swatched these 2 side by side, and they look pretty much the same. Unless you’re a collector, you’ll probably only need either one of these. Here are the swatches of the powder products. You’d also notice the stain from the eye liner on my arm. All of Dior’s Proliners (RM94) are amazingly pigmented. A touch of the liner on my lash line will give me intense colour. To remove, an oil based remover is a must.



swatch powder

Dior brow chalk



One thing I don’t get from this collection is the brow chalk (RM98). It is quite big and chunky, nearly 5 times the size of the Proliner! It is impossible to fill in my brows straight from this brow chalk! So what I do is I use a separate brush to pick up the product, and then fill in my brows like I would a brow gel. The texture of this brow chalk is like dry wax, and it does stay on very well. I have no complaints about the performance, but the shape of the chalk is weird. Way too big!



Diorblush Light & Contour Medium



Another new product from Dior is this duo stick (Diorblush Light & Contour RM182). One side is the highlighter and the other side is for contouring. I have the shade 002 Medium and it’s a tad bit too dark for me. The highlighter side is not light enough, and a little peachy while the contour is quite warm and creamy. So on my skin tone, the contour is best used as a bronzer while the highlighter to be used on top of a blush for a subtle glow. Both light and sculpt blend easily but due to the creaminess, those with oily skin will definitely want to finish off with powder. Again, if it is a little more dainty, it would offer more precision.



Dior Fall lips



As usual, Dior always releases lip products with their seasonal collections. There are 4 Dior Addict lipsticks (RM115) and 4 Dior Addict Ultra-glosses (RM113) for you to choose from and Dior lip products have not disappointed me before. Here are the swatches.



swatch creams



I will create a look using these products for my Sunday’s post so stay tuned. It’s way too picture heavy as it is, so I’ll leave it at that. Did anything capture your attention?



xoxo Lily



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