Pamper Your Senses with Les Eaux de Chanel

I’ve been really stressed lately. Ashton changed school, and we’re thinking of sending the girls private as well. There are lots of things to do, lots of things to prepare, organize, appointments to go to and I hardly had time to think of anything else. When I get stressed, my shoulders feel sore, and I’m just tense all over. I used to take a long bath, with some gorgeous bath salts that smell heavenly, but I don’t have time for that. So, I’m thankful I had some Les Eaux de Chanel toiletries. I have their perfume, shower gel and body lotion.



When I step into the shower, I usually mindlessly squeeze out some shampoo, wash my hair, then with my eyes closed, squeeze out some shower gel and wash my body. The Chanel shower gel requires me to carefully twist open the cap but I actually enjoyed taking the time to do that. Then I pour out some gel onto my palm and apply the silky body wash onto my body. It’s luxurious and decadent, and the beautiful scent also slows me down. I take the time to smell, and to feel my body. And then the relaxing thought stops when I feel my mommy tummy. From “aahhh”, I go “crap, shouldn’t have eaten that extra soft shell crab maki”.



And I digress.

Sometimes, I will apply the body lotion in the evenings, but in the mornings, I usually don’t. I sometimes go out without applying any perfume because the shower gel gives me a subtle scent but if I’m out for a longer time, then I will spray some perfume on. I like that the perfumes are light, and I can layer different perfumes together.

I have a feeling this will result in future purchases, when previously, it seems crazy for me to buy such expensive shower gels for myself. Yes, it’s expensive pampering but for me, it’s a stress reliever so it’s worth it. For now, I’m grateful I’m sent these, and I’m enjoying them so much! If you like such pampering as well, you can find these only at Chanel boutiques 🙂



What is your stress reliever? Do you pamper yourself in the shower or in the bath?


xoxo Lily




Chanel Gabrielle Toiletries

Who needs expensive toiletries? Chanel shower gel? Chanel body lotion? Honestly, I won’t buy it for myself. However, we all have a friend who has everything. Or sometimes, we just don’t know what present to buy for that one or two friends we have. I can’t think of anything better than this. I also have a few friends who love fragrances. So I think this will blend into their collection just nicely. It’s something frivolous, something quite unnecessary, but also something that is luxurious and glamorous to have. I know I would be very happy to receive these as presents. And Christmas is only … how many days away?



The Chanel Gabrielle Toiletries are now available at Chanel boutiques. The deodorant is RM165, shower gel is RM179 and body lotion is RM231. These are all subtly fragranced, and I really love how I smell after shower. It literally changed my showering experience when I twist open the shower gel cap, with my pinky raised. Hahahaha!!



Is this a must have? Of course not! I will never push you to buy a shower gel that costs RM179 when you can buy one at RM17.90!! But as a gift for a dear friend, yes, I will buy it. I think it’s something personal (she’ll definitely think of you when she showers), and if you’re a guy, not knowing what to get a girl friend, I’d say, this is a safe choice.

So tell me, would you like it if someone gifted this to you? Or would you secretly think that you preferred chocolates?


xoxo Lily




Review: Chanel N°5 L’Eau and Gold Fragments

Any strangers to Chanel N°5 here? What about Chanel N°5 L’Eau? To me, it is an understated fragrance that smells citrusy and powdery at the same time. N°5 L’Eau has citrus, ylang-ylang, cedar and white musk notes while N°5 has a more floral bouquet of May Rose and Jasmine. Both are easy on my nose, and that’s saying a lot since my nose acts up quite easily. Then again, fragrances are very personal, so what may be pleasant to me might just be fart bombs to you.


Chanel No5 L'Eau purse spray set


Chanel has purse spray sets available for most of its scents, and it recently launched one for N°5 L’Eau EDT. The set (RM505) contains a 20ml twist and spray and 2 extra refills. In total, you get 60ml of N°5 L’Eau and a really cute travel friendly spray bottle. It has taken a permanent spot in my handbag since I received this, and it’s so convenient to just take it out to spray when I want to.

Another item I think is great for this holiday season is the N°5 gold fragments (RM385, 250ml). It is a shimmering N°5 scented body gel, accented with very delicate gold glitter. Just look at it shine. It is deliciously decadent!


Chanel No5 Gold Fragment


Do you need it? Absolutely not. But would you want it? Oh, so so so tempting. If you are a party girl, then you will love this. Imagine spreading this over your bare shoulders and legs, wearing a sexy LBD. The glitters are not chunky and they glide on beautifully. The best thing is, they don’t stick all over your clothes! The Chanel N°5 Gold Fragments is not whimsical fairy dust or unicorn farts, but is class and elegance in liquid gold.


Chanel No5 Gold Fragment


Does any of these 2 tickle your fancy? Chanel fragrances have never been wallet friendly, but they are classics. Now, let me just go get the bottle of N°5 Gold Fragments and lose myself in it. The sparkles are hypnotizing!


xoxo Lily




Review: Chanel Hand Cream. La Creme Main.

Hold up! Chanel came up with a hand cream the shape of an egg. Well, not really. A flattened egg. Like an ergonomic wireless mouse. Yeah, that’s about right. It took me a while to figure out how to open this edgeless seamless egg. Ah, so you just pop up the cap and then….


Chanel hand cream review


… where does the cream come out from? Hahaha! It did take me another while… then AHA!! I saw a prick of a tiny hole right here


Chanel hand cream review


So you actually just squeeze the bugger. You sneaky little thing. I know I’m not the only one who found this ‘device’ tricky so I know I’m not dumb. And it’s not Lily proof. The Chanel hand cream is fun and comfortable to hold. I’m just easily excited like a kid. It’s something I don’t have! You can easily pop it in your little handbag or even in your clutch but it does play hide and seek with you, so just remember where you chucked it.


Chanel hand cream review


The cream is subtly scented which I appreciate. The obnoxious perfume from some hand creams choke me sometimes. The most important thing is that it keeps my dry hands smooth and comfortable. I don’t have super dry hands, but every time I’m in the car, my hands will suddenly feel like sand paper. Yucks! Immediately after applying, my hands look photoshopped smooth. Not kidding. It has a creamy texture that absorbs quickly, unlike the watery ones that you get sometimes, or the creamy ones that stay greasy.

Chanel gives you what you want in a good hand cream, and I wouldn’t expect less, given the price (RM225). LOL! Then again, you shouldn’t gasp too quickly because I know a lot of you actually buy your hand cream from La Mer!!


Chanel hand cream review


If you love a good hand cream and don’t mind a little splurge, then I say, go for it. It is also a conversation starter when you pull it out. I always get oohs and aahs and the squeaky “so cute!” from some people. And some of my friends told me they’d go to Chanel to buy it. I don’t know if they did, but it just shows this Chanel hand cream has its appeal. Don’t you think? Or do you find this just gimmicky and prefer your good old trusty hand cream you’ve used for years? Personally, I always change up my hand creams, because I just want to try what’s out there. Ah, the little frivolous thrills of life 🙂


xoxo Lily





Fitness Check In #11: Finally, Changes!

Since the last update and huge rant 3 months ago, I have changed my workout and food intake. I mentioned I wanted to be more strict to beat the plateau and I’ve been successful. I messed around with running and confirmed I hate it. I binged a little more then decided enough is enough. I started going on a ketogenic diet little more than 4 weeks ago. Let me just briefly answer some very commonly asked questions, based on what I know, and based on my personal experience. There are many sources online and there’s a whole keto community on Reddit with very useful information.


What is a ketogenic diet?

It’s basically a very low carb diet with moderate protein and high fat to force our body into ketosis, to burn fat as energy source. I’m not qualified to tell you more about the science of it, but there are many articles online that are helpful. Bodybuilding dot com has interviews with experts on this subject so you can watch it if you like. I find that very informative and most importantly, you’re getting the right info from the right people. On YouTube, I go to Jason Wittrock for reliable info and KetoConnect for recipe ideas. Rachel Aust shares her keto journey through her PCOS vlogs as well.

Just a note, there are differing views on how to go about it, and the long term benefits of a keto diet, and the more I read / watch, the more I realize I need to form my own opinion. In other words, it can get confusing. While I enjoy people sharing personal experiences (to get a general idea of what actually happens to our body), I go to experts / academic researches for science. That’s what you should do too. Experiences are very personal so what I go through might not be the same for you.

Do I track macros?

Of course I do. I’m taking only 20g of net carbs every day, and that’s mostly from vegetables. I take about 1g to 1.2g of protein per kg of body weight and I change it as my weight drops. Too much protein might not be good as it can be converted into glucose as well. Then I make up the rest of the calories in fats. I use My Fitness Pal to track so that I don’t exceed my daily carb limit. I want to keep my body in ketosis to burn as much fat as possible.

Why am I doing this?

For the past 2 years, I worked out hard. I lifted heavy to build and develop muscle mass. I portioned my macros in a balanced way. I’ve always managed my caloric intake. I was also slack with my food intake when I fell off the band wagon multiple times. I incorporated HIIT and slow steady cardio into my routine for more fat loss. Undeniably, there was progress, but it’s always been slow. I want to know what makes my body respond faster. In the end, while I’ve always known my body is sensitive to carbs, I’ve given in and just eliminate it from my diet just to see how my body reacts.

So what happened to my body the last 4 weeks?

I’m a carb addict. I friggin love my rice and noodles. I’m Chinese! So naturally, when I had to eliminate these and all other carb sources from my diet, I felt like shit. I was motivated so I stuck to it but I didn’t feel good the first few days. I had headaches and I felt light headed. They call it the keto flu. I felt symptoms of having fever, but without fever. After about 4 days, those symptoms disappeared. I felt normal again, less hungry but with low energy level for about 2 weeks.

The first few days, my body lost a lot of water weight. Bloating? Gone. It felt good. May I stress, it’s just water weight. When people tell you they lost shite loads of weight in just 7 days, LOL, it’s just water. Please don’t kid anyone. Then again, it’s motivating to see the drop in numbers and to see the bloat disappear.

After 20 days, I went on holiday. I tried to stick to it as much as I could, but I did cheat a little. It was my friend’s birthday, and there were homemade dinners which would be rude of me to refuse, so I ate. Small amounts. When I reintroduced carbs into my diet, rice and noodles, I was fine. But when I had the cake I made for my friend, I literally felt sick. Probably too much refined sugar. I then had migraine which lasted for 2 days.

I’m into my 5th week of keto now, I feel good. No more feeling woozy and I have lost a total of 4kgs. That’s close to 9 pounds. EVERYBODY notices I’ve shrunk. My body responds very well to this way of eating.

Ah, also, due to the shocking change to the body, I only pooped once the first week and once the second week. I panicked and started researching like crazy to find that it’s common. I’m quite regular now so everything’s OK.

How long will I do this for?

I will go full on keto until I reach my goal size. Actually, I don’t have a goal size but you know, I’ll just keep going until I feel that it’s enough… or maybe until I hit a plateau I can’t get over. I don’t plan to do this for life and I plan to introduce carbs back into my life. I will increase the carb intake slowly, eg from 20g to 50g to 70g etc and see how my body responds yet again. Once bloating occurs and once I start putting on weight again, it means I’ve exceeded my level of tolerance (if that makes sense to you?). When I re-introduce carb sources into my diet, I can also check for reactions. Example, I may be able to eat sweet potatoes without bloating, or I might get headache again if I had cake, etc.

How do I work out now?

Due to the low energy levels at first, I rested the first week. I tried circuits again, but boy, I lacked energy. I couldn’t complete the simplest workout and I felt light headed. No joke. So I just did stretches. Then I went on a holiday, walked lots and came back. I have more energy now and I went back to gym last week. I definitely have more stamina and strength compared to when I first started. My stamina suffered from not exercising and lifting for so long, but that’s a given. I guess I’m keto adapted now.

Basically, my weights circuit is done with lower weights, higher reps. Next week, I’ll add HIIT at the end of my circuit session. After about a week or 2, I will try lifting heavier, less reps, to see how my body feels. It’s all about trial and error and reintroducing things I used to do slowly.

I have been losing fat without exercising much, but I miss being strong. I really enjoy lifting (again, hate running!) so I know this has become a lifestyle I enjoy and want to continue for a long time. That’s why I am approaching it again slowly.

So what now?

I continue with what I’m doing of course! I plan to be strict, with no cheat days until my birthday that is 4th August. I’ll have my birthday cake then (hopefully without the headache!). If you’re interested or curious, please ask me questions, and I’ll do my best to answer. Would you want to know what I eat in a day? Or what my circuit looks like?

I’ll update again in a month or two or if there are any changes. Right now, while I sometimes miss my assam laksa, curry noodles, and a bowl of piping hot white rice, I’m really happy with the progress and it’s keeping me motivated.

Low carb for the win, I guess.


xoxo Lily



Fitness Check In #10: Winging It and Full On Rant

Since December last year, I have been just living my life, not being strict with food or calorie intake. I didn’t monitor what I ate, but just followed my gut, literally. Hah! If I ate too much yesterday, then I’d eat less today. If I ate like a pig for a few days, then I’d slave myself at the gym doing cardio. I hate cardio by the way. It’s now a few months down the road and I’m still exercising 2-3 times a week. So what did I gain from eating whatever I want and exercising whenever I want? Is this what some people say doing things in moderation? I FAIL at moderation. I’m always all or nothing.





The result is, I did not put on weight. I’ve just been in maintenance mode. How does that make me feel, not being restrictive about my food intake and my training schedule? Why am I asking questions and answering them myself? Well, it felt ok scoffing down the ramen or that bowl of curry noodles, but it also made me realize, hey, I can do without these too. Perhaps when I couldn’t eat them, they tasted much better in my head. It’s the same for anything, really. An object of desire becomes so much more tempting when I can’t have it. Like the Chanel Candeur et Experience. So, now I can tell myself, ah, this is how much I can eat and this is how much I need to move around to just stay how I look right now.

So moving on?

I’d want to go back into a stricter regime with food and workout. It’s like starting all over again, but to break this plateau, this comfort zone. I’m sure I’ve lost some strength and some muscles from lifting less so I think it’s time to pick it up again. I have a good idea of how the new schedule works now so I can try to fit things in. I have poor stamina, unfit endurance wise, so I might want to train that up. It’s not something I’m happy to do, but if I can conquer something I hate, then it makes me stronger, right? It’s all good in theory, but when I’m huffing and puffing and my lungs feel like they’ll burst, I might not follow through!

We’ll see. I’m writing this at 1 in the morning, so I might be delusional. Let’s see how things turn out a few months down the road when I write the next update.

How are you guys doing? Do you move around enough to keep your body healthy?

Before I go, I want to rant.

** Warning, strong language. Do not proceed if you’re easily offended. Full on bitchiness and 1am unfiltered thoughts ahead **

Some people say, hey I’m skinny, I don’t need to exercise. I think they miss the point completely. Skinny is NOT fit. Hey, the reason I breastfeed is to lose weight. I don’t want to exercise. Yup, another point missed. You breastfeed because it’s good for the baby. But hey, it’s their life, right? They can walk around eating junk food, skipping meals saying OMG I’m so full from that one fucking spoonful of rice. They can maintain a caloric intake of less than 1000 kcals a day, boast about having a skinny body while not exercising… and when they get older, they start complaining of all sorts of bodily malfunction here and there. It’s not my problem right? Or am I the one missing the point here? Is it really better to be skinny and not exercise and not be healthy and strong? Is it OK to fit a size small, but not being able to lift your own groceries? I don’t know.

Then there are those who will ask, hey Lily, why aren’t you skinny when you exercise regularly? Sure, I’m not. Skinny is never my goal. But I’m heck of a lot stronger than I have been my entire life. I squat and deadlift heavier than the men in the gym. I do the right form of push ups easily and I can piggy back my 28kg 8 year old uphill for 1km when she hurt her legs. And also, the main reason is, I’m not strict with my diet. That’s the truth, and I’m sometimes OK with that. When I have mood swings, I won’t be OK with it, but you know how that works. Fickle is Lily.

Then you get those cardio queens who will say, hey, why waste your time at the gym when you can just run and lose all the weight you want? Look, you can see my muscle definition just by running. I have 5 kids you know. Look at me. I’m so disgustingly skinny. Let me teach you how. I started running 2 weeks after I had my kid. Don’t worry. Everything is intact inside. My shocked uterus which is still recovering won’t fall out through my vagina. Why don’t people understand that you need to rest after delivering a baby???!!!? Also, when you’re lean, when you have less body fat, your muscles show. No you didn’t just grow your biceps just by doing house chores. It’s always been there. If it’s possible, guys will be fighting to do all the house work and they’d be buff as fuck.

So I say no to all these. I will not eat steamed broccoli and broiled chicken breast for the rest of my life. I’d kill myself first. I will take care of my body and I will have my cake with ice cream on top if I want to. I will never be skinny and I do not want to be skinny. I want to be strong and fit and all the other benefits that come with it. I know it is a lifestyle change, and I have been changing, slowly, at my own pace. There will be ups and downs and I can live with that. I have been living with that. I am struggling with my inner demons but who isn’t? So just get off my life and let me live my own, and don’t make me kick your flat bony droopy ass where it hurts most.

Rant over.

Hope you have less judgmental people around you and that I didn’t scare you off with my rude and obnoxious unfiltered rant! *muacks*

Edited: Now that this post is published and I’m less emotional, let me just clarify that I’m referring to the few people specifically, based on my personal experience. A friend pointed out that it’s OK with whatever you do, as long as you’re happy and healthy, and I agree with her. Do bear in mind that I live in Asia, and you might not fully understand how it is if you’re in the West (where a lot of you readers are).

Feminism is moot here, really. There are the few who try to beat the system, and you’re lucky if they’re your circle of friends, but it will take a LONG time before women are accepted as who they are. At the moment, we are EXPECTED to be thin and waif, soft spoken, married by 30, have kids and take care of them. Being a stay at home mom (or some refer to it as tai tai life) is an achievement to unlock, and if you’re 40 and single, even if you’re successful in your career, people will look at you a little differently.

Disclaimer: In no way is this post referring to you, so just take it with a pinch of salt 🙂



xoxo Lily