Lipsticks Currently In My Handbag

How many lip products do you keep in your current handbag? I don’t change my handbags often, because I’m just too lazy to transfer all the things I have to another bag. I carry a larger tote most of the time, because I need to fit in Ashton’s things as well, like his water bottle, change of clothes, wet wipes, etc. So I have smaller bags in my handbag so I can find my things easier. For my lipsticks, I put them in a leather purse I bought in Australia. It’s big enough for 4 lipsticks and more, but I just keep it at 4.



I usually keep lipsticks I want to use up in this purse because these are the lipsticks I reach for to touch up or to reapply. I might apply a matte red lip before I go out of the house, but to touch up, I reach for one of these. From doing this, I used up 2 full sized lipsticks so far, and for me, this strategy works (to use up the many lipsticks I own). At the moment, the 4 lipsticks I have on rotation are Rouge Dior Nude in Charnelle, Urban Dacay Ex Girlfriend, Lancome L’Absolu Rouge in 395 and a mini Burberry Kisses in Sepia.



As you might have guessed, Charnelle and Lancome 395 (don’t know the name) are recently added to replace the two I used up. It looks like I’ll be using up Sepia soon, since it’s a mini and Ex Girlfriend is so comfortable and wearable that I can see myself using this up quite soon too. I’m thinking of adding a tinted lip balm in here, for those dry lip days but these lipsticks are really creamy and they don’t dry out my lips at all, so I’ll just leave it as is.

What lip products do you keep in your handbag? Share with me!


xoxo Lily



Sunday Stash Shopping #89: Super Lemmings

Yes these are super lemmings. The products I’ve been chasing high and low, because I WANT THEM! Products that are hard to get because they’re sold out all the time, but after much hunting and sourcing, I finally got them. They are the Chanel eye quad Candeur et Experience and Burberry Liquid Lip Velvet in Oxblood. Pretty much colours that make me swoon! Truth be told, after so many years of blogging, and after feeling ‘meh’ with a lot of new launches, I’m surprised there are still makeup out there that makes me go stupid. I guess I still am a beauty junkie at heart.



No swatches, since I’m very sure you’ve seen this palette last year. They were everywhere! And here’s a look I created using both these products. The red in the eye palette is actually lighter than I expected. It looks better when layered on top of one of the browns. And the browns here also lean red. Matte and beautiful, but not everyone’s cup of tea. Because, red eye shadows scare people.



But see? It’s not so intimidating when worn right? Just chocolates and browns with hints of red. Not bright red shadow – which in my opinion, can look so beautiful and editorial. No, not for groceries šŸ™‚



I’ve been wearing a lot of the lighter brown on the top right corner, because it’s just an easy natural warm crease shade. In short, I’m happy to say I’m getting good use out of these super lemmings. Not just sitting prettily in one corner, collecting dust.

Have a good weekend everyone!


xoxo Lily



Sunday Stash Shopping #85: Super Easy Smokey Eye

It’s Friday night. I usually write my posts earlier then schedule them to be posted later. That way I stress less, and I can write whenever I’m free. My dad just had a surgery to remove his gallbladder. There are lots of stones in there, and he was in pain, so after getting a second opinion, he decided to get it removed. He’s in the hospital as I’m typing this and the surgery went well. Hope he’ll get to go home in 2 days.





I’ve been skipping eye makeup a lot lately, but when I finally use eye shadows, I try to play with different makeup looks. Thing is, it doesn’t matter what different colours I use, all the eye makeup end up looking the same. I don’t like piling on eye shadows so you can see every stroke and hue 10 meters away and that’s probably the main reason. Anyway, I bought 2 new Burberry eye shadows, Almond and Taupe Brown and they are the perfect colours for a simple smokey eye. Almond is a matte medium beige that is about 3 tones darker than my skin. Taupe Brown is an ashy dark brown that also works well on the brows too.





I apply Taupe Brown on my mobile lid close to my lash line and then blend out using Almond. Since it’s a smokey eye, I use Taupe Brown to smudge my lower lash line as well. I usually keep it tight and not smudge it too low to avoid looking like a panda. However, the panda eye look does suit some people. Then, I used a dark grey pencil liner to line my eyes (top and bottom lash line) and smudged it out using a synthetic pencil brush. At this point, everything should look messy and hazy, nothing defined – Very much like being punched in the eye. So, with the same pencil, I lined close to my waterline and added mascara. Here’s a close up of what it looks like. A smokey eye nearly always looks better with false lashes but meh, I’m just too lazy. And I was going out for groceries, not for anything glitzy. Due to the darkness on my eyes, I had to amp up the brows too, so it’s a little more defined, and much darker than I’d usually wear. I kept the blush light pink and the lips nude with Marc Jacobs New Nudes in Role Play.





Here’s another shot of the entire face.





Most of the time, I’d use a dark eye shadow stick and smudge it all over my eyes but it’s nice to use powder shadows as well. I forget they actually do look better when I invest some time into it. Hope your weekend is lovely. It’ll be the start of a week’s school holidays and while it’s great everyone’s home, it also means there will be more time for them to play AND FIGHT and SCREAM and cry. LOL! Well, I’m just happy I don’t have to drive around in the hot sun for one whole week.

Hope you enjoyed today’s look and if you give it a try, let me know how it works for you!



xoxo Lily




Review: Burberry Liquid Lip Velvet Bright Plum

I’ve never been crazy about liquid lipsticks. I always thought they’d go bad much quicker, but after seeing the promo ad of Iris Law wearing Oxblood, I really wanted it.





It’s been sold out in the Burberry site for a month now, and to fill the lust, I bought Bright Plum a few weeks back from the site for RM115. Then just today (1 March at the point of writing), I saw Oxblood in stock! I quickly added it to cart, only to find out these liquid lip velvetsĀ cannot be shipped to Malaysia due to strict international trade agreements. I think this is just a recent change because I bought Bright Plum a month ago from the site with no problems.Ā It is also priced at RM143 at Sephora’s website but when I checked them out in stores in KL, they were priced at RM115. I wrote to Sephora to inquire, and they amendedĀ the price. You’re welcome. They shouldn’t make this mistake in the first place. So, do the customers who bought these at RM143 get a refund for the extra they paid? I couldn’t get my Oxblood unfortunately. These Liquid Lip Velvets are all sold out, everywhere *sad face*.

NOTE: I checked the Burberry site again (today is 13 March 2017), and Oxblood is sold out, of course, but just to check, I added others to cart and now they decided to ship to Malaysia again. MAKE UP YOUR BLOODY MIND, BURBERRY!





Anyway, back to Burberry Liquid Lip Velvets. They are not drying on the lips nor do they feel wet like your traditional liquid lipsticks. They feel like a light mousse, like whipped cream but not wet. They go on smoothly on the lips and don’t emphasize lines. They wear well and they stain the lips. They do not set and transfer quite easily too. What I do is to apply and blot a few times, and I find that this way, they don’t transfer as much. Either way, I don’t really mind. They fade gently without the hideous lip ring and it’s a liquid lipstick I don’t mind keeping. However, the Eye Colour Contour Pens dried up in 9 months so I wonder if these liquid lip velvets will dry out or go bad much faster than other brands. As you can see, the applicator is a wand and it is surprisingly easy to apply! It also gives quite a soft edge which I prefer. For more precision, I recommend using a lip brush.

And just for comparison, here is Bright Plum swatched alongside a few other lipsticks.





Here’s how I wear it for this post. Midnight Brown on my eyes and Bright Plum on my lips.





Have you tried these? I think they’re worth a try. You can shop it at Burberry online. They deliver worldwide, for free! And of course, you can get them at SephoraĀ (affiliate links. If you purchase from here, I’ll get a small amount of commission).



xoxo Lily




Sunday Stash Shopping #74: Barely There

I posted this look on Snapchat a couple of weeks ago, and I thought it would be nice to put it up here on the blog too. My makeup style has always geared toward the more natural, and not those in your face kapow look at my makeup style. Granted, some love VERY defined makeup but I prefer mine to be a little blurred, a little imperfect. At times, I like to just look polished, with some subtle light colours.



products used


For my features, I notice that I really need eye liner and mascara or I’d look tired. Of course there are days I just feel lazy and just go out bare faced, but every time I have the time to put on makeup, I’d be sure to concentrate on my eyes. Here, I used Burberry eye contour stick in Almond all over my lid and Dior Pro liner to line my eyes. I’m still loving the Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir mascara which gives A LOT of volume. The rest of the products used are shown in the picture above, (lipstick is Rouge Dior Nude in Charnelle) and here’s the finished look.



look1 look2



I hope you enjoyed today’s short post. I hope you’re having a lovely weekend!



xoxo Lily



Burberry Full Kisses English Rose, Rosewood and Oxblood

I bought these from Sephora. I saw these on sale at Burberry’s website, but they didn’t ship to Malaysia. So when I saw these available online at Sephora, I grabbed a few of them when I had the 10% discount voucher. I bought these sight unseen, but I’m very happy with the shades I picked. I wanted English Rose for an understated pink, Rosewood for a little more rosy blush on the lips, and Oxblood, a deep red with brown undertones. I’ve wanted it forever and this seems to be the exact formula I wanted.



Burberry Full Kisses Oxblood English Rose Rosewood



They are like the fatter version of the eye colour contour sticks I love. The lipsticks are creamy and emolient, with a little shine to boot. They are very easy to wear, Oxblood an exception. It’s common for darker shades but because this lipstick is creamy, it’s a little difficult to get the edges neat. A lip liner is needed for the job. All the shades apply beautifully without settling in lip lines. None of these 3 were patchy either. They are not especially moisturizing, but they do not dry out my lips.






I find that I need to be careful when applying these lipsticks because they are on the soft side. I can’t press the lipstick hard or the bullet will get a little mushed. Maybe it’s the hot weather here, but my room is nice and cool so that shouldn’t be the case. Either way, here is how they look on me.



English Rose Rosewood Oxblood



Have you tried these full kisses? Also, can I shout THESE LIPSTICKS DON’T STINK???!!!! They are unscented. Hallelujah!!! They are priced at RM100 online. Ah, by the way, the eye colour contour pens are reduced in price, to RM115 instead of RM143 which I complained a while back. Maybe it’s time to pick up some? I love these eye pens!! **not affiliated or sponsored, I just really love them**



xoxo Lily