Sunday Stash Shopping #110: Final Curtain

It’s been quite a few years since I started this series. It’s the only one I stuck to. Stash shopping has been fun, and I will continue, but not as part of a series. I’ll just post something like FOTD whenever I want. It’s been a long ride with 110 posts!! Looking back, I see my face changing with the seasons (LOL!) and mostly, the looks I posted are similar, just using different products.

Also, my blog is turning 8 years old this month. I want to put an end to some things, and maybe start some different things, unrelated to makeup or skincare, if I want to continue blogging. Chloe Ash is a small blog, and I’m getting a little bored talking about beauty stuff all the time. I still review things, but I don’t see myself buying lots of new stuff just for the blog. I have financial limitations since I’m now a full time mom and I see my passion dwindling. However, there are still some products which get me excited, most recent being the Chanel lip blushes for example.

I will talk more about it in another post, so if you’re interested in reading my ramblings unrelated to beauty, please stick around in the future. For now, here’s a look I created using cream products.



Now that I’m getting older and my skin is getting drier, I appreciate cream products more than powders. However, there are still many powdered products that look good. They have to be of good quality of course. I usually chuck those which are too chalky. Here’s a close up of how the eyes look. I used the darker shade all over my lids, and the light pink only on the inner corner to brighten slightly. This Dior liquid blush is from 2 years ago I think, but it’s so easy to apply. Rivals the Chanel lip blushes, but this Dior one isn’t that comfortable on the lips.



I’m not wearing any lipstick here, just lip balm. I completely forgot about it. LOL! I may have just applied a tinted lip balm when I went out, because the eyes are slightly darker. I still enjoy a good smokey eye, and I do this from time to time to keep my blending skills (LOL!) but when I want to wear a bright lip, I only apply liner and mascara.

I hope you have a good weekend, and sayonara Sunday Stash Shopping.


xoxo Lily



Sunday Stash Shopping #109: Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye Palette

This has been sitting in my draft forever. I wanted to do 4 different complete looks, but you know what? I got lazy. LOL! And it also made me realize I didn’t actually like this palette all that much. If I did, then it wouldn’t be that difficult to take a few photos. I’d rather use other palettes, so that speaks volume. That’s really too bad considering the price of this palette.

I reviewed this palette a while back, so if you’re interested to read what I think, click here. For this look, I used Desk Eye. The trio eye shadow is quite easy to use even though it’s really warm. I paired it with a pink blush and rosy lips.



Here’s a close up of how I did the eyes. I used the mid toned brown all over my lid and dabbed some shimmer on top. Using the darkest shade of the 3, I smudged my lower lash line. I also used a brown liquid liner and black mascara to finish off this look.



Here is how I’d wear the 3 other trios. I think Day Eye is too sheer on me, as it just wouldn’t really show on my eyes. I could still wear it, just to slightly brighten my lids for a bold lip, probably. Date Eye is a cooler version of Desk Eye and Disco Eye is the most fun. The shimmers are actually quite pretty, but they don’t show very well in these photos. I’m just not that good a photographer, sorry 🙂



I still think this palette is quite versatile, and it’s great for those who don’t know how to use a big palette. However, I think the price is too steep for the quality we’re getting. You’re better off with a basic Urban Decay palette, or some fun Anastasia Beverly Hills palette, or even a neutral Bobbi Brown palette. All more affordable and more accessible than this. It’s actually quite disappointing because I really liked her Dolce Vita quad. Oh well…

Have a great weekend guys!


xoxo Lily



Sunday Stash Shopping #108: Warm it Up

Did anyone say makeup rut? Yeah, for me, I am trying to use up a few things, so I tend to use those products more regularly. I don’t want to pin down the few products because I’ll go crazy when I don’t see progress, but consciously, I’m making an effort to use up some stuff.

But when it gets a little boring, I tend to change up the eye or lip colour. It’s easiest to change a lipstick because it certainly sets the mood, but just one eye shadow can make a big difference too. I was getting a little bored with neutral and bare lids, so all I did was to pop on a warm shade from the Naked Heat palette, and use another warmer lipstick. Nothing else changed, but just these 2 simple changes completely changed the look.



I think I used Lumbre on my lid, and the panned transition shade in the MUFE palette. For blush, I used NARS Deep Throat, a very flattering warm pink and on my lips, 3CE 909 Smoked Rose. This lipstick is really dry, so I use a lip balm underneath. I like this colour a lot, so that makes the dryness tolerable.



What do you do to change up your routine?


xoxo Lily



Sunday Stash Shopping #107: Regulars

I don’t have anything exciting to show you at all. So, let me show you my boring every day makeup. Things I’ve been using regularly this month.



Nothing special or different. Except for the messy background. Here are the products used.



I’ve been putting a little more effort into creating a more flawless base lately. I even out my skintone using the NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer. My shade is Finland. It is sheer and gives a natural glowy finish which I really like. Then I just conceal where needed using the Etude House Big Cover concealer. This has a very light texture but covers quite well. Sometimes I’d also use the RMS ‘un’cover up around my nose when it’s particularly red. When I’m feeling fancy, I’d add some RMS Living Luminizer on my cheeks and nose bridge for the extra glow.

I just used up my Shu Uemura brow pencil, a product I’ve been using and repurchasing for many years. However, I really enjoy using the Laneige brow cushion. It’s easier and faster, and shade 01 is great for dark hair. I’m going to use this exclusively until it dries out. It is also something I’d repurchase.

For my eyes, I’ve been tight lining using a black pencil liner, then diffuse the line using either grey or brown powder eye shadow. The Chanel eye palette is a limited edition from a few years back, and I forgot about it. I took it out recently to use it again, and am reminded how user friendly this palette is. I have only been using this palette the last couple of weeks, and I aim to put a dent in it in the coming couple of months.

Here’s a close up of the eyes. Nothing groundbreaking. Just something natural. Oh, my camera was on timer and my husband called just after I pressed the shutter. But this is the only photo which shows the eye makeup best. So, you see me on the phone here, discussing our day’s schedule. LOL!



When it comes to mascaras, my HG has to be the Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir. I don’t like to use high end mascaras because I’d have to repurchase every 3 to 6 months, but I have yet to find one to replace this. Pictured above is the Diorshow Pump ‘n’ Volume mascara. Initially, the formula is quite wet and clumpy but it volumizes like no other. Now that the product has dried up a bit, I think it makes my lashes look even better than the Velvet Noir. The only thing I don’t like is how difficult it is to remove this mascara. Other than that, it’s all love.

Tom Ford Cheek Color in Love Lust is a beautiful warm blush. I can’t say the formula is life changing and hence, this will remain my only overpriced blush from Tom Ford until the day I go nuts and impulsively decide to purchase another. When it comes to blushes, I think Clinique’s cheek pops are amazing for the price. They’re cute and I love the formula. No powder kick ups and goes on like cream.

Last but not least, the lipstick. I’ve been wearing different shades of the YSL Tatouage matte stains. I love how lightweight they are. Hardly transfers, long wearing and comfortable. Here, I’m wearing #23 Singular Taupe. I won’t talk too much about it since I’ve already reviewed it, but if you like matte lips, you have to try this.

There you go. A lengthier stash shopping post talking about the individual products I used. Do you prefer this, or do you just want the names of the products without too many words?


xoxo Lily



Sunday Stash Shopping #106: Happy Lunar New Year!

Hi everyone! I didn’t realize it’s been 2 weeks since I updated the blog. I’ve been really busy preparing for Lunar New Year (here, everyone calls it Chinese New Year) and today is the 3rd day of the 15-day celebration. To all who are celebrating, Gong Xi Fa Cai!!

I am actually preparing this post right now, after I got ready, and about to go out. I like this Topshop top I’m wearing, and I also like the makeup I put on. So, why not show you? I’m in a hurry, so please excuse if there are any typos.



Here are the products I’m wearing on my face, for reference.

Face: RMK Liquid Foundation with A’pieu Dark Circle Brightener, set with some Lunasol loose powder at the centre of my face.

Brows: Laneige brow cushion

Eyes: Chanel Ombres Matelassees De Chanel eye shadow with black pencil liner and Diorshow Pump ‘n’ Volume mascara

Cheeks: Diorblush in 886 Rose Sublime

Lips: YSL Tatouage Matte Stain in 9 Grenat No Rules mixed with 1 Rouge Tatouage at the centre of my lips.

That’s all folks. I gotta rush now because everyone’s waiting. Hope you’re having a great weekend!


xoxo Lily



Sunday Stash Shopping #105: RMS stuff

I’ve been really enjoying the dewy skin look ever since my skin got drier. I used to prefer very matte skin, because the weather here is hot and my skin used to be combination normal/oily. As I age, my skin is now normal/dry and I can enjoy more glowy skin without looking like an oily frying pan. My skin doesn’t give me much problem now, so nowadays, I only apply some concealer where needed and leave the rest of my skin as is. I’d powder to set my concealer, and I’d add some highlight on my cheeks and slightly on my brow bone. I can say that now, with slightly drier skin, I appreciate some highlighter at the right places, and my skin looks extra healthy.

I’ve always enjoyed the RMS ‘un’cover up, and I decided to repurchase it. I hit pan on it a while back, and discarded it as it was getting old. I bought the same one, shade 11, and added the Living Luminizer to my cart. The RMS Living Luminizer is the one I’ve been looking for the whole time! Its cream formula makes it look ultra natural, and instead of being glittery, it just adds that amazing lit from within glow. I kid you not. You’d really have to layer it to make it look obvious, so if you like to look like you had a good facial, then this is it. I’ve been wanting to try this for years, literally! Then again, if I bought it sooner, I might not have enjoyed it as much, because my preference in skin finishes is different.



Here, on my skin, is just ‘un’ cover up in number 11, under my eyes and around my nose, set with a little bit of powder. On my cheeks, I applied the Living Luminizer and with whatever’s left on my fingers, I dabbed some on my brow bone. In natural light, my skin looks like this.



It’s highlighted but not too obvious. Just how I like it. The RMS ‘un’cover up does not oxidize on me which is a rare feat. I usually buy foundations a shade lighter because my face is darker than my neck and chest, and most foundations oxidize half a shade darker on me.

So there you have it. That’s what I’ve been wearing lately and on my lips is 3CE Velvet Lip Tint in Daffodil. You can read more about the lip tints in the previous post.

What’s your go to base product? Do you like matte skin or dewy skin?


xoxo Lily