Empties and Final Thoughts

This is the last empties post for the year. When I was pregnant for a good part of the year, I decided to bust out my skincare samples and use them up. I also got a little ruthless and got rid of a few older makeup items. As I’ve done with the previous empties post, I’ll give you my final thoughts of these products (mostly already reviewed) to see if my views have changed. And also to discover whether or not I’d repurchase any of them 🙂


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Sunday Stash Shopping #27: Mixing Foundations

Do you have the urge to do your experiments sometimes? I like my Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Makeup, but I also want more coverage to tone down the redness on my skin. I like my Make Up For Ever HD Foundation, but at times, I’d like for it to feel lighter on my skin. Also, the MUFE HD foundation is 3 years old, and I’m giving it another month before throwing it out. Sometimes I do wonder if I need to. I keep it in my drawer which is cool, dry and dark, the smell remained the same, and so is the texture. My skin doesn’t react badly to it, and basically, everything’s just normal. I know some of you might be freaking out right now, that I’m using an old foundation, but don’t worry. This and the Mat Velvet + foundation will be thrown out after this post. I bought both at the same time, and the Mat Velvet + is too heavy for my skin already. I used to prefer full coverage, but not anymore 🙂




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Sunday Stash Shopping #26: 4 Dior Rouge Samples

So who here doesn’t know Dior Rouge and Dior Addicts are my favourite formula in lipsticks? I’ve had this sample for months, and I didn’t use it. I honestly didn’t know what I was thinking, but I’m glad I opened it for this post. The shades have been out for a while already, so you probably have seen them. The shades are 999, Grege 1947 (169), Darling (567) and Trafalgar (539). I decided to wear them with cooler metallic eyes so I took out my neglected Urban Decay Naked2 palette. For foundation, I used my MUFE HD foundation which still has about half a bottle left.


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Introducing Femme Boulevard. Nude For New Beginnings.

Femme Boulevard. What is that? Let me briefly tell you. We are a group of beauty bloggers who group once in a while to have some fun! We will start off with some themed looks so you can catch our individual interpretation. Who knows what else we might think of, eh? Our girl band group consists of 3 bloggers at the moment…..

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FOTD: Dramatic Smokey Eyes with Wispy Lashes

I did this dramatic makeup look for a formal dinner recently, and here are the details on how I did it. Be warned, I used A LOT of products. Reason: I either stuffed up or changed my mind on what I wanted to do half way through the makeup. Instead of removing it and starting afresh, I just layered different shades over it. I was short of time and I’m lazy like that, but it turned out alright 😉 Warning before you proceed: It might be confusing!


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