Monthend Randomness: Feeling Blue

I’ve always known time passes by a little quicker in the beginning of the year. There are so many things to do, and many of us are still pumped and excited to meet our new year resolutions. For me, it’s a little different this year. Family members seem to be unwell a lot lately and my grandma has been in and out of the hospital. Maybe she misses my granddad too much. I can see how hard it is to lose someone you’ve been with for more than 60 years. When the heart is involved, when there are emotions involved, everything changes. People die every day. Why would some matter more than others? I’d die one day. Why would I matter more to some and not others? It’s because I’ve only touched the hearts of some and not all. So, our heart, is a fragile thing. Fragile but powerful.

Where am I going with this? I don’t know. I’ve seen some people shine so brightly during the darkest times, and yet, some people shine because they bring darkness to the world. We’re a confused bunch, yes we are. Just like how I am right now. So if we hang on tight to our true self, will there be less confusion? I know I can only try. There are so many shades of grey. If only things are as clear as black and white.

On another note, what I know for sure is, I’ve used up these skincare products. I love every one of them (well, except for the Biotherm moisturizer) and I’m sad to throw them in the bin. The Estee Lauder ANR serum has become a little too pricey, so I’m looking for alternatives. Luna is great, and I will repurchase.





I have used up and threw out some makeup too, but I post updates on Instagram instead. I think I’m feeling a little blue this Tuesday. I feel bloated, snacking on roasted peanuts (which will just make me bloat more!) and I think the bleeding fest will start soon. That’ll explain my mood too. I should hit the gym later but I feel so lazy. Hope you’re more bubbly than I am!



xoxo Lily




Empties and A Little Sad Update

Is it the end of the month already? I didn’t realize it until I saw the title of this post in the draft. I’ve been postponing all my ‘planned’ posts because I’ve just been really uninspired to talk about skincare and makeup lately. My grandfather is in the hospital now, with a tube down his nose and another tube for IV drip. The tube down his nose is for the nurses to feed milk to him, but even that, his body is rejecting. The doctor with very bad bedside manners told him everything we didn’t, and even more. Maybe it’s a good thing, I don’t know. Now, knowing he has only a minute to a year to live, my granddad wants to try everything possible to prolong his life because either way, he’d die. My granddad, who survived Japanese occupation during the World War II is going to fight with all that he has, even though he knows it’s a battle he can never win. He’s more like wielding a shield instead of a sword, and he’s just holding on until the inevitable. Kinda reminds me of the last scene in the movie 300.

That’s the courageous granddad I admire, albeit a little rough on the edges 🙂

I want to take this opportunity to thank those of you who emailed me, who commented and who are praying for my granddad. It’s been a little gloomy here, and I promise to keep my next post more upbeat. So if I go MIA again, most likely it means I have nothing happy to write about. And if I haven’t been commenting on your blogs, it doesn’t mean I forgot about you. I still love you. Just give me some time 🙂

On another note, here are what I used up the last few months.






I think I reviewed all of them before. Just do a search if you’re interested. So, that’s it. Here’s the little update of what’s been going on this month. The kids are doing just fine, and while keeping our lives as normal as possible, we’re also prepared for any emergencies. I’m also walking on thin ice, because my mom’s been really sensitive and ‘explosive’ lately. All understandable, but also that much more stressful. Hahaha!

Until the next time, keep well, my friends!

Oh, and before I forget, Happy Deepavali to all my Hindu friends!



xoxo Lily




Monthend Randomness Aug2016

To all Malaysians, Selamat Hari Merdeka! It’s our National Day today, so I have a feeling many will be sleeping in. LOL! People from all over the country love to come to my city during the holidays too, so I’ll be avoiding all the famous murals and eateries. I think it’s best to just stay home. Now that it’s going to be September, time will fly just a little bit faster. Some really ambitious businesses might be selling Christmas stuff already!

Chloe and Ashlyn are growing up so fast, I feel a little melancholy. Ashton is getting more active and more daring in his jumps so I’m never able to sit down and rest. I have to make sure he doesn’t hurt himself! I surprise myself I still have the energy to schedule a few posts late at night. Trust me, I’m THIS tempted to give it all up. Many times! Another reason is also because I find myself streamlining my makeup and skincare without even realizing it. I’m getting more and more reckless in giving away my makeup when I used to be very reluctant and possessive. Because of blogging, I now have a very good understanding of my own skin so I know what works and what doesn’t. If I stopped blogging and didn’t have to test anymore new products, I’d only stick to a few. That said, these are a few products that I used up. I’m still continuing to clear out my cupboard (by using all the products of course) which is looking quite neat and tidy right now.



empties Aug2016



August, for me, is a good month. I got to celebrate my birthday with family and friends instead of being sick like last year, and I saw a lot of progress in my workouts at the gym. When I don’t feel good enough to workout, I like to drink a cup of coffee an hour before hitting the gym. And every time, I swear I have coffee pee. It’s so weird to be peeing and thinking “mmm, smells like coffee”. WTFLOL! Also, talking about bodily functions, my children love this music video! We laughed so hard the first time we saw it. This is a much longer version (different but similar) which we also enjoy. HAHAHA! Yes, we’re a silly bunch 🙂

How was your August?



xoxo Lily




Monthend Randomness

Ah today is the 31st already and I thought I’d put up another post to make it an even 10 for this month. Yeah, just a meagre 10 posts for May >_< I wanted to show you the products I used up, as I usually do every end of the month, but it’s already the evening now, and I didn’t take any photos. I guess I’ll just take one tomorrow morning and show you another day 🙂 Didn’t use up many, but they’re big bottles!






My dad was in the hospital for a few days recently, for an operation to remove the steel plates in his leg and arm. He had a major accident a few years ago, and I nearly lost him. He broke more than 20 bones in his body, and it took a very long time for him to heal. I feel like I talked about this before. Anyway, his bones healed and apparently the screws started poking his flesh and he’s been in pain. The good news is, his surgery went well, and unlike the last time, he can walk after the surgery now. Right after the accident, he was bedridden for 6 months and it took a toll on his soul. My mom lost a bunch of weight taking care of him, and he got to a point so low that he wish he was dead because he didn’t want to burden anyone. We’re way past that now, and everything’s peachy 🙂 He’s resting at home after 4 days in the hospital, and other than waiting for the wound to heal, he’s OK.

It’s school holidays for 2 weeks, so it’s been really noisy having all 3 kids at home. One good thing is I have babysitters, but they’re not willing babysitters. LOL! In a few more years, I think they’ll be going out with friends instead of staying at home. Kids grow up fast. So does my hair. I’m debating whether or not to cut my hair. I can tie it up when I’m at the gym now, and it’s so hot, I just want to tie it up all the time. But I also like to wash my hair every day so it’s more convenient having my hair short. Not to mention my hair is thinning. My hair doesn’t fall like crazy, but I don’t get new hair growth either. And that SUCKS! I want thick luscious hair but I have fine limp ones. Any tips for sustainable new hair growth is appreciated.


I will be sharing some new skincare and makeup discoveries soon, so stay tuned. I don’t want to ramble too much, so I’ll try to keep this short. I hope this month has been great for you. What have you been up to?



xoxo Lily



Monthend Randomness: Let’s Talk About Love

I had a rant on blogging and my addiction to beauty stuff a while back <you can read it here if you’re curious> and I brought up the possibility of not blogging anymore. Friends were encouraging me to continue blogging, but maybe talk about something other than beauty related. I thought that was a really good idea. I went through my blog, and noticed that a large chunk of it is product review. I try to be helpful and as honest as possible, and it’s come to a point where I have to be really selective with what I say yes to. I don’t have enough time to test everything properly, and I’m not one to just use a product once and give you a half assed review. Testing skincare sometimes breaks me out, and when I see those bumps on my face, I start wondering if it’s really what I want. No, I don’t want to break out. And the truth of the matter is, I’m getting bored.


Now, let’s talk about something different today. Let’s talk about love. How lucky are most of us, to be able to love freely and openly? And now, more people can 🙂 Let me tell you about my love story with Mr ChloeAsh. It started when we were about 13 years old. We were friends then. My brother and he were in the national swimming team and I met him during their training sessions. We went to different schools but we had some extra classes together, and we had music lessons with the same teacher. He was pretty awkward and shy. He had to ask his cousin to call me to go out for a movie! We went on a few dates, but he had to leave for the States to continue his training for the Olympics. We were 16 then. He’d come back now and then, and we’d hang out, but we never officially ‘dated’, you know? He’d compile songs in a cassette for me, and then he’d burn it on a CD and now, he just puts the songs in a pen drive for me. How fast does technology change? My kids don’t know what a cassette is. LOL!


So anyway, it was time for me to go study abroad in Australia. I think we made a verbal promise that we wouldn’t see other people, but I was seeing other people and broke up with him on the phone. It’s really funny because it was just so innocent. We went about our own lives but still continued to call each other. Well, he’d call me more often because ahem, I was playing hard to get. You know, teenagers. I came home after a few years, started working, and he was still in the States. I went to visit him in Minnesota during winter the year he was supposed to come home. It was a confusing time, because we’d do things a couple would, but we weren’t dating. I was completely mindfucked and I’m pretty sure he was too. LOL! We went to New Orleans for Mardi Gras and man! I haven’t seen so many boobies in my entire life!


One day, after he came home for good and after a few get togethers that were not dates, we just somehow started seeing each other exclusively. It was just the most natural transition. Of course, there was that first kiss, somewhere BEFORE we officially dated (naughty!) and after a few years of officially dating, we got married. He’s still very much a gentleman. He’d cook for me because I’m lazy, he’d learn to cook dishes I love, and I’d bake cakes and cookies for him because he has a sweet tooth. We’re really open with each other, and we have literally seen each other do everything we would only do in private. Whatever you’re thinking now, I’m pretty sure the answer is Yes, I’ve seen him do that. Or, yes, he’s seen me do that. Doesn’t make any of us less attractive. He shaved my pubes once. It was more scary than it was awkward. I may have been screaming for him to be careful the whole time. I might have been pregnant with our second child then, can’t remember. Hehe! I still can’t stand it when he eats with his mouth open though. And he can’t stand it when I just happen to block his way all the time. Hahahaha!


Does it mean this is true love? I don’t know what that is. I know that, it takes understanding, patience, trust, selflessness, acceptance and openness from both of us. And lots of communication. I guess we only do these things for people we love. If we could do all these for strangers, would you think we would be spared from arguments, fights, riots, wars? Love comes in all sorts of forms. There is no definition of who or what we could love. I love good skincare, while some will say I’m wasting money that could be used for bags. So, let’s just all embrace our hearts, be happy for others, be accepting of differences and just love.


If you read everything, I LOVE YOU! Now your turn. Tell me about your love story. It can be with your pet, your high school crush that no one knew, or maybe your fetish with… ribbons? Anything. Let’s talk about love, and let us all soak in all the feel good factor. Well, it could be something that didn’t end up well, but the point of the matter is, we loved 🙂




xoxo Lily



Public Announcement: Makeup Ban until Fall Collection 2013

I want to make it public. I want to make a commitment. I WILL NOT PURCHASE ANY MAKEUP ITEMS UNTIL THE LAUNCH OF FALL COLLECTION 2013 (which is around August, I think). So, that is about a 5-6-month period from now to then. Any makeup item is not allowed. Foundations, concealers, brows, eye colours, mascaras, lip colours, cheek colours, nail colours, anything at all, because I have enough to last me through this half a year and many more months. As for skincare products, purchases are only allowed if I have run out, but I’ve always been good with this.


makeup ban

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