Empties and Random Stuff

Bye bye July and hello August! It’s my birthday soon, and at the time of writing, I don’t know what I want to do that day. I mean, it’s just another day, really, and I’m surrounded by loved ones every day. What can make that one day more special? OK, cake. A good cake and maybe I’ll make it my cheat day – a day I can eat whatever I want. OMG I think I just put on 2 kgs just thinking about it. Hahahaha! In case you didn’t know, I’m on a cutting mission and have been more strict with my nutrition. It’s been going well, and I don’t want to bust it unnecessarily 🙂 Maybe I’ll tell you more about what I ate after the 4th. LOL!

I missed putting up an empties post last month because I was slack, but here they are. Not very impressive, but I’m happy about it. Used up everything here, and the brushes are to throw. They’re so scratchy, they hurt my eyes. I already threw away a few other brushes and didn’t even bother to take a photo of them. LOL!






In this post, I’d like to make a note that I don’t like the Alpha H Liquid Gold. It stung so bad. Definitely not for me. My skin got a little red too. It’s a product that got lots of raves, but gosh, my skin hated it. Also, this Sephora brush. It’s hard and scratchy, and I don’t get the shape. Just… *sigh* Why? I have noticed many brushes with this kind of curved shape. Some are curved like an L shape, even. What the heck is it for? To fit to the contours of the face? Brushes are soft enough to bend to our contours of the face. Trying to be innovative? Just, don’t. These 2 products are sent to me by the way.



keep and chuck



However, there have been some good cheapo finds. I love these blue sponges so much. Usually professional facial salons use this to clean the clients’ face. I bought 7 of these for only RM15 (less than USD4) or something like that. The sponge is soft and smooth and THICK. I usually damp it with hot water before removing the cleanser off my face. Works wonders and so comfy. This Naruko cleanser is good too. It’s like a clay cleanser that can also double as a face mask. I like to apply it on my face, leave it for 5 to 10 minutes before washing it off. Face feels so clean without feeling dry. I use this on alternate mornings. I picked it up on a whim because I was curious.

How’s your July been? Any good finds?



xoxo Lily




My Night Time Routine

I’ve been wanting to write about this for ages. I took the photos last month when I told you about my day time skincare routine, but didn’t get to post it. Yesterday, I told you how I cool down my face during the day, and today, let me tell you how I wind down and call it a night. As usual, I’d cleanse my face, by removing makeup, followed with one of my favourite cleansers. Then, I’d mist my face using the Dior One Essential Mist Lotion* (I’ll tell you about it tomorrow), followed with this CosRX Galactomyces 95 Whitening Power Essence. I bought this from Hermo (a local online site) and have been using it every night for the last few months. It hydrates my face nicely, and is supposed to even out my skin tone too. Then, I’d either use my staple Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum or this Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Serum* before my treatment serums.






I bought these 2 Deciem treatment serums when there was 20% off, and I’ve been really loving the C25 Vitamin C Booster. The White RX Activated Serum is OK. I don’t see anything drastic, but it does help speed up the healing process of my pimple marks, especially when paired with the Vitamin C. I use 4 drops each serum, one after another, instead of mixing them together. After these treatments, I’d apply my moisturizer. I’ve been rotating between 2 Dior moisturizers. One is the very luxurious Dior Prestige* and the other the Capture Totale* moisturizer which I still love very much. Of course, I always apply my eye cream. I bought 2 new eye creams lately, and I’ll tell you all about it in another post.



face oils



Depending on how my skin feels, I’d end my skincare routine with a face oil. The La Mer Renewal Oil* is great to seal in all the goodness and I use it after my moisturizer. Sometimes, I’d add 2 drops to my moisturizer and sometimes, I’d just use one full pump on its own. I purchased the Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil last month, in the Cult Beauty box, and this is a deluxe sample size. I prefer this size, because it takes forever for me to use up a face oil. When I use this oil, I skip my treatment serums. I’d mist, use essence and the ANR serum, then this oil on top of a moisturizer. That’s because this is already a retinol treatment, and I prefer to have this as the only active in my routine. It doesn’t break me out, and I notice that my pores look smaller the next morning. I think to see obvious results, I’d have to use it nightly for a month or two, but I’ve only been using this on alternate nights.



deep sleep



Lastly, before bed, I’d apply my Erborian hand cream* and spray my bed and pillow with This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray*. I love how it smells. It relaxes my body and I feel like I have deeper sleep for sure. I close my eyes and when I open them, voila, it’s 6am! Well, that’s if the baby sleeps well too, of course. I have a 10% discount code at Sephora and I’ll be using it to repurchase the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray 🙂

That, my friends, is my night time routine. Sometimes, I’d throw in a mask, omit a few things, and even add other things, or change it up altogether, but that’s the gist of it. Products may vary, but the steps are there. What’s yours like?



xoxo Lily



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Masks I’ve Been Using Lately

The title says it all, doesn’t it? For me, and for many of my friends, masks and serums play an important part of our skincare. We might skim on cleansers sometimes, and some of us might even skip toner altogether. From personal experience, a good cleanser does give you that extra mile but I’ve used some very basic cleansers too, and they’re ok as long as I mask regularly and use good serums. You might remember me complaining about my skin acting up a while ago. It got dry and bumpy, but thank goodness not angry. I minimized everything. Just used my tried and tested staple serum, lots of mists throughout the day and I used sheet masks every night. I could see my skin getting better after just 2 days. Took at least a week for the bumps to go away, and a little longer for the flakes to completely go away, but the most important thing is, there was improvement.



face masks



Back to masks. I make sure I have a few different ones to target different problems. I have a few leave on masks that are richer and for more mature skin but lately, I’ve only been targeting on basic things like deep cleansing and hydration. For deep cleansing, I use Estelle & Thild Biocleanse Deep Cleansing Detox Mask. I expected this to be in clay form, as most deep cleansing and detox masks are, but I was surprised this is actually in cream form. It goes on smoothly without drying out my skin, and as it dries, it doesn’t tug on my skin nor does it crack. I apply on cleansed face, before toner, because I have to wash it off anyway. I usually keep this on for 15 to 20 minutes. After this, I will then apply my toner or face mists.

I like to double mask because hey, why not. It’s nice to be able to replenish after some detoxing. I either use Bobbi Brown’s Skin Nourish Mask, or sheet masks. I purchase my sheet masks in bulk because I share with my mom. I go through brands from Taiwan and Korea, and so far, my favourite ones have to be from L’Herbaflore. It’s not pictured here because I ran out, but I repurchased and it just arrived today. It’s very pricey for a sheet mask, but there’s a very generous amount of essence in one pack, and I can use the extra for another mask.

Here, you see the odd one out from Boscia (you can purchase it at Sephora). First, it’s not Asian, and second, it’s a hydrogel mask – looks and feels like jelly. I’ve tried masks like this before, and they’re just too delicate for me. I always rip them. So, no more. The Korean sheet masks you see here are a gift from a dear friend, Sukie. I got to know her from blogging, and we’re now good friends in real life. If it’s difficult for you to get your hands on Asian sheet masks, she can help you. In fact, she sells these sheet masks on Carousell as well. I think it’s best you contact her through her Instagram page and tell her Lily sent you.

And there you have it. Some masks I’ve been using regularly lately. Why lately? It’s because I change up my routine once in a while, silly. LOL! What about you? Do you use face masks? Any favourites to share?



xoxo Lily



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My Current Morning Skincare Routine

** Deciem and Biotherm are bought by me. Others are press samples sent for consideration **


I want to show you a few things I’ve been using every morning. If I’m a vlogger, I’d probably make this a get ready with me in the morning kinda thing, but I’m not. Every morning after I get out of bed, the first thing I do is go pee. I’m sure no Youtuber showed you this before eh? HAHAHAHA! After that, I’d wash my hands, brush my teeth and wash my face with my favourite cleanser of the moment. I’ll do a separate post on it, because it’s THAT good. I’ll then go have my morning shower. Before I get dressed, I apply my skincare so that there’s some time for it to sit on my skin before I apply my makeup. Depending on my mood, I might be stark naked, or I might be wrapped in a towel.

With some of my bits hanging out, or not, I spritz some of the June Jacobs Neroli Hydrating Mist on my face and on my neck. It isn’t the bright fresh citrusy scent you’d expect. Rather, it is more mellow, and a little musky. I quite like that it’s different. The neroli oil extracted from the blossoms of the bitter orange tree has the ability to stimulate cell regeneration. Other ingredients such as goji berry, pomegranate and grape seed extracts add the extra dose of anti-oxidants which is a welcome.



daytime skincare routine 060616



While my skin is still wet, I apply a pump of Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Serum. It absorbs into skin very quickly, and for me, in the day time, I always use a hydrating serum. This serum smells of both roses and cucumber. There’s hyaluronic acid in the ingredient to attract and maintain moisture while Angelica leaf extract is known to help retain that moisture. Rosewater and cucumber extract both help to sooth the skin while rose flower oil helps to nourish from within. I like that this helps lock in moisture in my skin without the weight. Once fully absorbed, it feels like nothing on the skin.

Right after this serum, I use the Deciem Hylamide C25, a Vitamin C booster all over my face. I bought this when there was a 20% discount sitewide, and it reached me about 2 weeks after ordering. I use about 5 to 6 drops, rub the light oil between my palms and then press it all over my face, avoiding my eyes. There’s a slight warmth as soon as the oil touches my skin, and so far, my skin is loving it. It helped my pimple marks heal so much faster, and my skin looks more evened out. Since my morning skincare consists of mostly hydrating products, this Vitamin C treatment adds the extra benefit and antioxidant which will also boost the efficacy of my sunscreen.

I then finish off with a light moisturizer, which is the Caudalie Vinosource moisturizing sorbet. This pink tube is for sensitive skin, and it is very lightweight, perfect for makeup days. I can’t use this at night because I don’t find it rich enough, but for the day, especially when it’s hot and humid, this certainly takes the weight off the richer moisturizers.

As usual, after moisturizing, I always use a sunscreen. I’ve been using this Biotherm UV Supreme on days without makeup and my trusty Shiseido Wet Force on days I wear makeup, or on days I’ll be out and about. I don’t really like this Biotherm sunscreen. I bought it on a whim last year, because I was curious, and I had a good run with Biotherm products back then. However, with makeup, I find this sunscreen to be a little heavy. It’s so much more expensive than the Shiseido too! Safe to say, I won’t be repurchasing.

Other than the cleanser that I did not show, I also left out my eye cream. I’ll talk about it another day. I never miss my eye cream every morning and night! In all, I have at least 7 products lined up. Sometimes, when my skin feels dry, I’ll add a hydrating essence right after cleansing, before all these treatment products. After I’ve taken care of my skin, I’d leisurely put on my clothes, and then apply my makeup before going out.

(Aside from the Vitamin C treatment, all products can be purchased at Sephora. You can also purchase them at Sephora online for added convenience.)

What’s your morning like?



xoxo Lily



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Review: Foreo Luna Mini 2 – Petal Pink

The Foreo Luna Mini 2 (RM659) was sent to me a while back, and I’ve had a few months to play with it. I’ve been using Clarisonic Plus for a while now, something I bought a few years back from Sephora and it has served me well. I think many want to know what the difference is, so I’ll talk a little about that too. I found that there are many in depth reviews about the Luna Mini 2 out there, so I won’t talk too much about the technicalities of it. I mean, I really can’t do any better than the manual (you can read it here) which has all that you need to know.






To sum things up about this device, it is a very portable lightweight cleansing tool that you only need to charge once, for a good 300 usages. For me, that’s a year’s worth of use. No replacement of brush head needed because erm, no brush head is used and hence, no costly spending every few months. I’m looking at you Clarisonic. One brush head costs more than RM100 so if I replace the brush every 3 months, that’ll be more than RM400 a year just to maintain you. Not happy.

You charge the Foreo Luna Mini 2 through a USB port. I didn’t read the instructions prior to using and was scratching my head – if I wet this thing to cleanse my face, won’t it get into the port? Then, I read the manual and ah, this thing is waterproof.



Foreo mini luna handheld Foreo back



You press the button in the middle (photo below) and change the setting of the pulse by pressing the – or + sign. So if it’s too strong for you, press – and if you want it stronger, press +. I think that’s easy to understand, yeah?



Foreo control



There are also 3 cleansing zones on this Luna Mini 2. On this flat side, you have the smaller sized silicones which is called the “general cleansing zone”. That’s for mostly everyone, and I use it all over my face. The little part you see at the tip here is called the “precision cleansing zone” and I use it to clean the sides of my nose, those small crevices that can’t be reached.



Foreo mini luna flat side



At the back, where the silicone beads / teeth are bigger and harder, is the “deep cleansing zone”. It’s for those with oily skin, or for me, I use it on my T zone and on my chin because it’s supposed to unblock pores.



Foreo mini luna side profile Foreo mini luna curved side



Performance wise, I’d say this is very much gentler than Clarisonic. I use the sensitive brush head, and it FEELS much more abrasive than this Luna. Not that the Clarisonic is abrasive to begin with. It’s just that this Foreo Luna Mini 2 is very gentle. If you tried the Clarisonic before, and it broke you out, or your face got red, and you still wanted to use a cleansing device to clean your face, then this is a safe bet. I remember buying the Clarisonic Plus for more than RM800 so this is definitely more affordable too. That was about 5 years ago, and the Plus might be discontinued? I’m not sure, but I don’t see it on the Sephora website. I used to use the Clarisonic very regularly, but now I only use it a few days every month to exfoliate. I used this Foreo Luna Mini 2 every day and evening for a month, and it did not break me out nor did I see any sensitivity on my skin. HOWEVER, bear in mind that my skin can take the Clarisonic without averse reaction either.

On another note, I don’t know how well this device cleanses, because it feels so gentle, my mind tells me it’s not doing much. For the Clarisonic, I can feel the brush working and after cleansing, my face looks brighter, but with this, I couldn’t tell. Perhaps I have thicker skin (pun intended!) so a gentle rub won’t do. HAHAHA!

Have you tried this? Do you like it? I really want to know YOUR opinion if you have. Do you use any tool to cleanse your face? I do feel that these devices assist in a deeper cleanse, but whether or not you NEED it is very subjective. I saw somewhere that Clarisonic has a new device! I don’t see it here locally yet, and it’s not on Sephora’s website either, but that’ll be interesting to compare against my Clarisonic Plus. And FYI, even though the Clarisonic Plus works on the body, I hardly use that function. Why? One use and I’d have to recharge the damn thing. Probably because there’s a lot of surface to cover, given my size, but meh. I’ll use a bathing brush and scrub myself 😀 Also, that thing is heavy! I won’t take it to travel with me that’s for sure.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments OK? I want to know!



xoxo Lily



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Sephora Malaysia Now Online. And A Few Products To Look At.

I think most of us know by now that Sephora Malaysia is now online. It’s actually quite exciting news for me, since the nearest Sephora used to be 200km away. That is, until 2 days ago because Sephora actually opened here and it’s only a 20-min drive away! I still haven’t gone to check it out because I want to wait until the hype is over. I know for sure the store will be packed, probably for a couple of weeks, and then I can go and check out what they have when it’s less crowded. Also, if you’ve been a customer of Luxola, I’m sure you’ve noticed that it has been rebranded to Sephora. I have read many feedbacks on this rebranding, and there are many of you who are not happy with the price increase in some of the products. When I brought this up to get some feedback directly from their marketing team, I was also provided the standard noncommittal answer that most of you got.


Hi Lily,

Thanks for your feedback. We have realigned our prices between Sephora in-stores and Sephora Online so that we can provide you with a seamless shopping experience. Providing a seamless shopping experience also means that consumers can now enjoy brands like Marc Jacobs Beauty, Becca Cosmetics and Tarte delivered to your door!
We appreciate your support and understanding during this transition!
Anyway, I’m not here to talk about this. Paris B of My Women Stuff seems to have addressed lots of your concerns, so you can head over there to have a look. Personally, honestly and truthfully, I’m actually really excited that Sephora is now online. I’m sure this is the case with all of us who never had the luxury of having Sephora within reach. Now, I can even purchase Burberry Beauty online, which had only 1 store in the whole country before it was sold in Sephora. So for those of you who are not in Penang or KL, or now Ipoh, you can purchase your goodies online! While not all brands are available just yet, the more popular ones are already at your fingertips. I do notice some price discrepancies online, and I hope this will be ironed out asap. While some of us understand there are hiccups along the way, not many are as forgiving.


Today, I want to share with you some things that were sent to me. This turns out to be quite a wordy post, so I’m going to keep the rest short and sweet. I will be reviewing more stuff in the future, mostly skincare, so they will be more in depth. These products featured today are all brand new to me. I have not tried them before. Winky Lux is something I haven’t heard of, and LAQA & Co is something I only see on Instagram (that shows you that I never really stepped into Sephora, because they’re so far away!). The Winky Lux cream blush is a little too emollient on my skin that it just doesn’t set. It moves around a little too much, but it might be good on someone with very dry skin. LAQA & Co tinted lip balm goes on tingly and it’s very comfortable to wear. Some of you might not like the tingling sensation though!






I’ve always wanted to try Marc Jacobs, and I’m glad I was sent these. The Twinkle Pop Stick Eyeshadow in Au Revoir is a sparkly taupe which goes on quite light on my eyes. I like to use it like I would a liner because if I applied all over the lid, I find that it balls up into chunks of glittery mess. While the base taupe colour stays on, the glitters to move around after a while. The Kiss Pop lipstick in 602 Heartbreaker is a gorgeous coral, and it is demi matte. Most matte lipsticks are on the dry side, and this is no exception. I do need some relief (lip balm please!) after using this so I prefer to prep my lips with a soothing balm before applying this.






The winner of today is actually the Balance Me cleanser. I never thought I’d like it so much! It’s creamy and moisturizing at the same time, and since my skin has been drier than usual, this cream cleanser has been godsent. It cleanses thoroughly but keeps skin dewy. My skin has been dehydrated from fever and cough, and even my legs feel coarse. This Works Energy Bank Hand Makeover actually made my hands AND feet cheat death. They looked so dry and crepey but after applying this, they instantly look more plump. I know it’s a hand cream, but trust me, works on my feet too!



cleanser, hand cream
Ingredients for cream cleanser
ingredients cleanser
Ingredients for hand cream
ingredients hand cream


I am now testing a few other products, including some Alpha H and Foreo Luna and I’ll post my thoughts on them once I’ve had my verdict. I also finally tried the Sephora brand blush, and it’s true. It’s GREAT! Amazing pigmentation, easily blended, and lots of colours to choose from. In my next FOTD post, I’ll be sure to use these products (and the Marc Jacob ones) to show you. I have a few planned, but let me look like a human again before I show you my face, OK?

I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend. I’m still nursing my fever / cough of death and I’m really hoping it’ll go away before I cough my lungs out. All the kids are also coughing, so if me coughing my lungs out means having the kids get better, then take my lungs!!!!!

You guys stay well and healthy. No fun being sick 🙁



xoxo Lily



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